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Yes, it’s that time of the year, spring retreat with the Skrappies.  I have decided to work on UFO’s this time instead of starting a new project, so I packed the Tennessee Waltz from several retreats ago and everything to finish a block of the month from 2004.

Yesterday I was making my packing list and gathering everything together.  We are supposed to bring a doorprize in a brown paper bag,  I laid the bag on the table in front of me while I worked on my list and listened to NPR radio.  Lately nothing is safe from my doodling, and the bag was no exception.

Doodles on paper bag


I have promised to take lots of pictures at retreat, hope I remember, and post them to the blog.  Hoping to see some wildflowers along the road on the drive to camp.

Back to packing, I want to get the car loaded today and not have to worry about it tomorrow.

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