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I normally don’t make it to Gourmet Yarn Co. very often.  It’s way on the other side of town and there are 2 other shops that are closer to home.  So usually I will just stop in if I happen to be on that side of town, like when I have a Drs. appointment.

Saturday, I met friend Ann for lunch close to GYC so we stopped in to pick yarn for projects we had planned.  I didn’t have the pattern for the Celtic Tote with me, but was sure I could get what I needed.  That’s where my trouble began.  There was some Plymouth Tweed in a charcoal color that I really liked.

Plymouth Tweed

I think the tweed will look really good when it is felted.  It was about the right guage and there was 109 yds per skein, which sounded right.  So I bought 3 skeins.  Also found some di.ve Autunno in a pink/orange colorway that would go with the reddish brown one I already have, and a set of HiyaHiya stainless double points.

di.ve Autunno

When I got home I went in to check the tote pattern and discovered that the yarn they used had 190 yards, not 109.  So I got on the phone real fast and asked if they would please hold 2 more skeins for me.  Needless to say I made another trip across town on Sunday to pick up the yarn that was being held and an extra skein for good measure.  So I went to Gourmet Yarn Co. twice in two days.  A new record for me.

Sunday afternoon I cast on for the Celtic Tote, from the winter issue of Interweave Knits.  It took a couple of tries before I got it right, but the third time was the charm.  Here is my progress so far.  I’m a slow knitter and the cables are pretty intricate which makes for a slow knit also.  Lots of counting.

Celtic Tote

I really need to get some quilt work done, but since Thanksgiving, my back has been in spasms.  For the most part it is just annoying, but I can’t sit at the sewing machine and use the foot pedal.  I’m supposed to be passing Ann’s blocks on to Colleen.  Hopefully I can finish them soon.

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I posted a while back about some of the unusual things that were being turned into yarn.  Like Chitin (shrimp and crab shells), soy, bamboo, corn, etc….  
The newest is a yarn distributed by Needful Yarns, called “Ceramic“, because of course it is 5% ceramic and 95% viscose.  “Engineered to drop your surface skin temperature at least 5 degrees, “Ceramic” also protects you from harmful UVA & UVB rays. Add to that it’s anti-static and washable.”

What will they think of next?

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Today is the 16th consecutive day that we have received rain.  Only lack 4″ of receiving the average yearly total.  I’m beginning to think it might be a good idea to turn the back raised garden bed into a Koi pond.   
Bill added 12 bags of topsoil last week and it still flooded.  The cantaloupe plants were swimming.  We are having a cookout on the 4th of July.  It would be nice if the sun came out and dried things up a bit.

Haven’t been doing much.  Friend Ann was on call last weekend so she stayed in the city.  Saturday we checked out the new yarn shop in Norman, it’s called Yarn & Loops.  They have a lot of really nice yarn, but sock and lace yarns were limited.  I did find some mottled grey sock yarn that pleaded to come home with me.  Then we went to Patchwork Place where I found the perfect fabric for the snowball blocks of my Tennessee Waltz quilt.  We checked out a scrapbook store and then to a nursery/landscape place.  I finally found some Rosemary to replace the one that drowned.  Oh, we fit Hobby Lobby in there somewhere too.

Yesterday I made a tablecloth for the 4th cookout.  Mindless sewing, just serged the edges and then topstitched.  Haven’t knit much in the past few days, joint pain in my fingers and wrists.  Also why I haven’t posted much either. 

I’m off to put the new Rosemary plant in a pot.  There’s no way I’m going to put it in the “swampy” herb garden.  At least, not for a while.


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Here is the beginning of the Tidal Wave Socks, the pattern is on the SWTC website.  I’m using Tofutsies in color 731 – Ten Foot Tall.  The picture doesn’t show the knit pattern very well.   I enjoy knitting with this yarn, it is smooth and soft, unlike a lot of cotton blend yarns.  Haven’t had a problem with it being splitty, as other knitters have reported.


In Germany we lived on the second floor of a 4 stairwell building.  So for pets my husband got the kids hamsters, no taking them for walks.  I was not overly fond of Sean and ?? (can’t remember the other one’s name), but I have to say, that the video of 13 day old Mocha eating broccoli is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while.  Watch his feet.  Too cute!  I tried to embed the video onto my blog, but Xanga isn’t cooperating.  So here is the link.


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I still have “Duh?” moments.  Sometimes when Bill is talking to me, it’s like he’s speaking another language, my brain just can’t comprehend what he’s saying.  Still tired all the time, but that’s getting better too. 

This week you can really tell that Spring is coming.  The pansies are blooming like crazy, the hostas that I thought hadn’t survived are about 2 inches tall, the dianthus, mums and hydrangea are really greening up.  Since we were apartment dwellers last year, all my herbs were in pots.  I left them outside all winter, figuring that if they didn’t make it I would just buy new plants to put in my new herb bed.  The rosemary didn’t survive, which surprised me, the italian parsley didn’t make it either.  I did start more parsley seed and it’s already sprouted.  The chives died down and I wasn’t sure if they would come back or not.  But come back they have.  They are already a good 10 inches tall.  The herb plants I ordered, should be coming in a couple of weeks. 

During my blogging break I did manage to work on a few things.  The neverending chain link socks are almost done.  I have an inch or so to go before the last chain and then the toes.  I started the Tidal Wave socks pattern in my Tofutsies yarn.  I was following the pattern as written and had worked through one repeat then decided that I wanted them to be a tighter knit and a tad larger.  So I frogged what I had done, added more stitches and went down to size 0 needles.  I’ve knit the ribbing and half of the pattern repeat, I think I will be happier with these socks now. 

Also on the knitting front.  Cookie has the store site set up for her sock patterns.  I bought the Twisted Flower and the German Stocking patterns.  I don’t know when I’ll get around to knitting knee socks, but I think the German Stocking pattern is gorgeous.  As soon as I find the perfect green yarn, it has to be green, I’ll knit the Twisted Flower socks.

I have some Easter decorations that I bought when we lived in Germany, and I haven’t set them out in years.  So this year I decided I’m going to decorate for Easter.  I’m making little felt, mostly wool, figures to hang on a painted branch.  Thanks go out to Donna for dragging dead tree branches back from Eufaula.  What a friend.

Since my last post we have also added a new member to the household.  Bill has a brand new truck.  He’s happy, and I sure like riding in this truck much better than the old one.  The old one was like riding in a tank, you had to hold on to the seat, the hand rest and brace your legs on the floorboard so you didn’t slide all over the vinyl bench seat.  It was a real workout.

Don’t have any pictures today, but maybe I’ll get ambitious and take pics to post tomorrow.


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After reading the post mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I wanted more information.  So I googled – nanofibers, knitting yarn.  I came across this site for a conference held last fall in Atlanta by The International Association For Textile Professionals.  Just reading the lecture descriptions is very interesting.  After reading information on this site and several others it seems that in the future we will possibly be wearing clothes that can automatically adapt to temperature changes, store energy, and be ultra violet as well as antibacterial resistant.  Chitin (fiber from crab and shrimp shells) is a nanofiber found in TOFUtsies yarn and has antibacterial properties.

They have even come up with a fabric that remains soft and flexible under normal conditions. But, under high-impact force, it instantly becomes rigid to both absorb and distribute energy. When the force is removed, the fabric immediately returns to a flexible state.  Tests showed that this fabric outperformed standard, hard armor. Because its performance is unaffected by heat, humidity, or moisture this fabric offers virtually unlimited application opportunities far beyond apparel.

The medical applications of nanofibers is even more varied and interesting.

Now you know more than you ever wanted to about nanofibers. 


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Not really.  But I was reading an interesting post on this blog, about a new fiber being made out of carrots.  The carrot fiber is good for the environment because it is carbon neutral and a renewable resource.  Initially the fiber will be used in fly fishing rods, but with other sources such as soy, bamboo, crab and shrimp shells already being made into sock yarn, can carrots be far behind?

What’s next?  Turnips?  Rutabagas?

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