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We had planned on going to the Medieval Fair in Norman today.  The weather isn’t cooperating.  Just keeps raining and raining.  Bill works Sat and Sun so I guess we will have to wait for next years fair.  On the bright side, we have Kerry’s visit on Tues. to look forward to.  She’s bringing Girl Scout cookies.    She also mentioned something about a “goodie” box.

Since the weather is keeping me housebound, I’ll spend the time cutting more strips for the string quilt project.  I can’t believe that Skrappy Spring Retreat is only 3 weeks away.  I am nowhere near being prepared. 

The Tidal Wave socks gain a few rows every evening, so they are progressing slowly.  I’ll charge the camera batteries and take pics soon.


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I left the house at 9:00 to go to the grocery store.  I arrived back at 11:15.  The store is less than 10 minutes away and that’s the only place I went.  I stood in line to check out 3 times longer than it took to gather up what little bit I needed.  The roads are getting slick and the crazy drivers are out in force.  Sleet and freezing rain kept building up on the windshield wipers making them almost useless.  I didn’t even attempt the yarn shop, just came straight home.  So I’ll be home for the duration, that is, until Monday when we have to drive all the way across OKC for my Pulmonologist’s appointment.  The weather man is predicting temperatures in the 20’s for Monday, but hopefully the ice won’t be so bad.


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