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 The Village of Turtle Bay

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Work on the little village of Turtle Bay is finished.  Decided I didn’t care for the first tree I stitched, next to the white cottage, so it was replaced.  Then greenery was added to the village on the hill and the addition of clouds in the sky.  The two little cottages and the silo are stitched using several different woven and needle lace stitches.  For size reference, the little white cottage is approximately ½” tall.

Now to decide whether my next visit in A Crazy World will be to the jungle or the great plains.

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Yesterday in “A Crazy World” was spent by the seashore.  There is a lighthouse to warn those at sea of the perilous coastline and a small little cottage for the lighthouse keeper and his family.  The thatched roof on the cottage is my first attempt at Hollie Point needlelace and I’m happy with it.  Still needs a few finishing details such as trees, bushes and maybe smoke from the chimney.


Click on the image for a larger view.

For size reference, the cottage is approx. ½” tall.

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I wasn’t totaly happy with the turtle from my last post.  With all of the detail of the leather shell, the simply stitched head and feet just looked wrong.  Wasn’t sure how to go about fixing it and then I remembered I had some extremely soft beige leather, but it was the wrong color.  How do I go about altering the color without changing the hand of the leather?  Oil pastels?  Maybe.  Then I remembered the clearanced sample pack of Shiva Paintsticks that I snagged ridiculously cheap.  Please let there be a suitable green in the package.  Sure enough there was a celadon color in the pack so I cut a small piece off of the leather to test.  First I applied color from the paintstick and rubbed it into the leather with my finger.  Then removed the excess using a scrap of cotton cloth.  Voila!  The perfect shade to use for turtle skin. 

The picture below shows the original color of the leather with a scrap from the paintstick tinted piece on top.

leather- turtle body

The leather is really soft and flexible which is what made it perfect for cutting such small pieces for the head, feet and tail (the feet are only about ¼” wide), but the flexibility is also what made it so frustrating to stitch.  Using the tiniest, sharpest needle I own and one strand of floss, the stitches going down through the leather from the top weren’t too bad, but coming up from the bottom the leather wanted to stretch without the needle piercing it.  After a lot of cursing and perseverance all of the turtle’s extremities were attached.

There is a noticeable improvement in the turtles’s looks and I’m happy now with how he turned out.  His eyes are a little large but they were the smallest seed beads I had, that weren’t black.

turtle - modified

Oh and I’ve decided that the name of this piece is “A Crazy World”.

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