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Yesterday, instead of finishing the cleaning out of the guest room, I decided to spend the day in the den of good intentions doing some stitching.  Six hours later I emerged, never having picked up a needle. 

I started out looking for a certain thread and ended up sorting ALL of my threads.  All of the silks, overdyes, buttonhole twists, metallics, etc….. are grouped and stored together.  The only ones that are sorted, but still homeless, are the DMC cotton flosses and the hanks of perle cotton.  I’m going to look into getting a multi-drawered rolling cart or carts for storing them.  Due to my purchases and the kindness of friends, family, and strangers, I have enough cotton floss to last several lifetimes.

Hopefully there will be stitching over the weekend.

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Where’s the thread?

Last night while I was watching TV and knitting on Steven’s hat, the thought crossed my mind that I hadn’t unpacked my sewing thread.  Where is it?  I have unpacked all the boxes marked sewing room, hall closet, nick knacks and misc.  Also, I haven’t seen my stash of terrycloth. 
There are still a lot of boxes in the guest room, but they are all marked “Master Closet”.  Except for one that’s marked Hutch Closet.  I wonder.  Sure enough.  There’s the thread, my dyes, paints, ribbon, sewing machine feet and assorted other sewing/craft items.  I have to re-sort and arrange things to accommodate these items. 

Now, where is the terrycloth?

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Yesterday I dragged Bill to the quilt show.  I don’t think he was totally bored.  He took a lot of quilt pics.  I saw some very nice quilts but none that really knocked my socks off, except for an antique crazy quilt.  I can’t remember the date, but probably mid to late 1800’s.  You could look at it for days and still find things you didn’t notice before.  Lots of detailed embroidery.


The quilt show was very crowded.  I think a lot of people went yesterday in anticipation of the coming “Big Chill”.  It was hard to get in and out of the vendor booths.  Since I haven’t finished unpacking all of my fabric and really don’t have a new project in mind, I wasn’t looking for fabric.  So all I bought yesterday was some giant spools of thread in neutral colors for piecing and some beads.  I found the cutest little dolphin made from abalone shell that will find a home on my ocean crazy quilt.

I finally finished the 4×2 ribbed socks last night.  Glad that project if finished.  Now I have to decide which socks to knit next.  I have a request for a hat, but that won’t take any time at all.  That’s if I ever get around to going and buying the right size needles and some more yarn.  Which may be today.

I’m going to venture out in just a little while.  Need milk and bread.  May make a quick stop by yarn shop, since it’s only a few blocks from the grocery store.  Get gas for the car.  Then come home and hibernate.  They are predicting some extremely cold, icy weather for a while.  Sounds like a knitting and movie kind of weekend to me.  Although, since I don’t think the sewing room boxes will unpack themselves, I guess I need to unpack a few more of those, too.

Keep warm!


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