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Tea anyone?

 I have the sweetest daughter.  See what she sent me?  Isn’t it beautiful?
I had mentioned that I would like to collect a few assorted teacup and saucer sets, then I could hold a sort of shabby chic tea party.  Already have a couple of tea pots I can use.  

For Christmas last year my son and his wife gave me a bamboo tea chest and a clear teapot to use with the tea posies I received from a friend.  I’ve been promising to show a picture of the teapot with a tea posy and never got around to it.  So today I had my own little tea party with tea posy tea drank from my new teacup set.


It’s hard to get a good picture of the posy inside the teapot.

I’m still sorting through and editing the 47 pictures I took at retreat, hope to post them soon. 

Dad was put back on the ventilator but his white count is still going down.  So even though there has been a setback he is still showing improvement.  Now I need to get rid of this crappy cough so I can go up to the hospital for a visit.  They frown on visitors coughing in ICU.


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