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This time of year is not only for the holidays.  It’s also time to make tamales.  So on this cold, gloomy, drizzly day I have a pork roast slow cooking with onions and garlic.  Depending on my energy levels it will take me another day or so to complete the tamale making process.  It’s easier and goes a lot faster if you have extra hands to help in the preparation.

I’ve been knitting on the project mentioned in a previous post.  Have had to frog it back a couple of more times due to my brain not comprehending the, not so difficult, instructions.  A brain on steroids is a terrible thing, I see the lung doc on Monday and I’m hoping that he will agree to a lower dosage.

As much as I wish it wasn’t so, I don’t think I will be getting back to work on “A Crazy World” until after Christmas and possibly not until the first of the new year.

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My Christmas Spirit



Donna said that I had to show a picture of my holiday spirit.  This is the bottom half of my tree.  That’s as far as my decorating got.  D added the musical reindeer that I gave her, to try and get her in the christmas spirit.  Below is how my tree looked before she went home.


She put on the tree top and arranged the branches.  Now I just have to put on the lights and decorate it.

54 is the number of tamales that we made yesterday.  They turned out pretty well.  The meat mixture was really good.  We decided that it would be worth it just to make a large batch of the meat filling, divide into small batches and freeze for later use.  Like tacos, burritos, etc…….

My sewing table was delivered.  Yeah!!!!!!


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Finished the cable knit hat.


Last night I cast on the first in a pair of matching fingerless mitts.  The pattern I’m using is Fetching from Knitty’s Summer 2006 issue. 

Christmas decorating is beginning slowly.  I’ve had my Santa collection set up for over a week.  Last night I put up the bottom half of the tree with the tree skirt.  Looks really odd, but it’s a beginning.  Maybe later today I can add the top of the tree and lights.

Donna is coming over this afternoon and we are going to finally make the tamales.  I slow cooked the pork yesterday.  So today we make the chili sauce, masa dough, then roll and steam the tamales.  I better go now and start getting everything ready.

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Finished the Monthly Dishcloth KAL – It’s a rocking horse.


Sorry about the bad pic.  I’m going to have to get Bill to show me how to get the pictures from camera to computer.  The scanner just doesn’t cut it.

Not much going on around here.  I think I will venture out later today in search of corn husks and chili peppers.  I’m in the mood for tamales.  Yesterday I bought a 7½ lb pork shoulder. That should make a few tamales don’t you think?

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