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I think Oklahoma got moved further north without anyone knowing about it.  It is snowing again!  My front sidewalk still has snow and ice on the edges from the last 2 storms that rolled through.  Now it is being covered up again with snow.  This is not typical winter weather for this area.  I’m dreading February, because that’s usually when the worst winter weather hits.

I’m slowly progressing on the Chain Link socks.  Finished the heel decreases and started down the foot.  I broke one of my 5″ size 1 Brittany double point needles so had to switch to 6″ bamboo’s.  The bamboo needles slow down my knitting because they are too long and get in the way.

There is some good news about my b-i-l Don.  Turns out not to be heart valve problems so he won’t need surgery.  He is retaining fluid, especially around his heart, and they can control it with meds.  His heart is just slowly breaking down due to the muscular dystrophy.  He really has done well.  Most people with his type of muscular dystrophy don’t live past their early 20’s, and he’s in his 50’s.

At the commissary yesterday I found something new.  Pringles Select Szechuan Barbecue Rice Crisps.  The best snack item I’ve had in a long time.

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I usually frog a project only if there is a truly noticeable mistake, it’s a gift, wrong size, or the pattern just isn’t working for me.  In the case of the Mid-Month Cable Dishcloth, I just don’t care for the pattern.  So it’s going to the frog pond and I’ll save the yarn for another dishcloth later on.

Started on a hat for Jason (son-in-law) last night.  He requested a Dk. gray hat.  The one I’m knitting is Dk. gray but will have a few small black stripes for interest. 

Jessica sent pictures of herself modeling the hat and fingerless mitts I made for her.  Hope she doesn’t mind my posting a pic here.  The hat and mitts look better on her than when I scanned and posted them in November.  She’s demonstrating how the fingerless mitts keep her hands warm but still let her use the camera.


So far we haven’t gotten any of the predicted snow.  It’s just raining and turning everything to slush.  Tonight when the temperatures drop it will all freeze to a nice solid sheet of ice.  Just happy I don’t need to go anywhere. 
Today is definitely a soup day.  I’m going to make my version of “Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana” – Spicy italian sausage, russet potatoes and cavolo greens in a creamy broth.  Except that I substitute kale for the cavolo greens.  Hot, fresh from the oven bread sounds good, too.  Off to the kitchen I go.


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 I didn’t think we had a chance for more snow until the weekend.  But I just looked out the window and it’s snowing.  I guess we’re getting payback for all the mild winters we’ve had for the last few years.

I cast on for the Mid-Month Dishcloth KAL.  Not enough progress to show.  The Chain Link socks are coming along.  The pattern is easy to remember but enough of a challenge to hold my interest.  Surprisingly, it’s also a fast knit.


Chain Link Socks – Six Sox KAL yahoo group
Size 1 – 2.25mm Needles
Opal – Prisma
Wildfoote – Pine Tree

We are going to brave the elements and go to the commissary today.  Once we get off the side streets it shouldn’t be too bad. 

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Good News!

The Dr. says I only need supplemental oxygen now when I’m up moving around.  And I get to step down to 10mg of Prednisone in February.  That was really good news.

Did some knitting on the Chain Links Socks last night.  I have almost knit enough of the leg to show off the pattern.  I’ll try and post a pic tomorrow.  I like the yarn combination I’m using for these socks.

Here is a pic to show just how cold it is here.  Yesterday the snow and ice was melting off of the roof and dripping down on to my windspinner, where it refroze within seconds. 



Now for a little fun.  Here is my peculiar aristocratic title.  What a mouthful!

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Most Serene Highness Lady Carol the Capricious of Hopton Goosnargh
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

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Crazy Weather

In the space of 15 minutes, we have received sleet, thunder, lightning, heavy freezing rain and now snow mixed with sleet.  I just hope the power stays on.

I don’t have much to post about today.  I did cast on for the Chain Link socks, from the Six Soxs Knitalong group.  Have finished the ribbing and will start the leg pattern today.  Hopefully within the next couple of days I will have some progress pics.  The mid month dishcloth KAL starts tomorrow.  The pattern is always a mystery.  The supply list calls for a cable hook, so there will be cables.  Hooray!!  I think cables are one of my favorite things to knit.  Probably because I have to pay close attention and I don’t get bored.

To add some brightness to this dark, gloomy day, I am posting a pic from the 2007 OKC Winter Quilt Show.  I don’t think anyone can look at this quilt and not smile.


 Autumn Leap by Betty V.G. Meyer


Weather update –  10:11 am – Heavy snow with thunder and lightning.


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This morning I knit the next 10 rows on the dishcloth KAL.  Still can’t tell what the design is going to be.  I had a friend ask why I was using circular needles to knit the dishcloth.  There are 2 reasons:

  1.  I don’t have straight needles in the right size.
  2. Circular needles are easier on my hands and shoulders.

We still have a lot of snow and ice, but the streets aren’t looking too bad.  Of course, this is just my view from the study window.  I haven’t been outside.


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We ended up with between 6 and 7 inches of snow.  The sun is out, so the ice and snow are melting just enough that when the sun goes down it will freeze all over again.  Since our house faces north the sun doesn’t hit the front porch or sidewalk so they are still covered with ice and snow.  I love cold weather.  But since my breathing problems started, the cold air just takes my breath away.  The temperature outside is 32° so I don’t think I will be out shoveling the porch and sidewalk.

I recently joined a Yahoo group called Monthly Dishcloths.  They have 2 KAL’s (knit alongs) every month.  Go here if you want to see some of the dishcloth patterns the group has knit so far.  Today the first 10 rows of the first December KAL were posted.  These designs are a mystery until you’ve knitted enough of the pattern to tell what it’s supposed to be.  It’s fun and you are only knitting a few rows every day.  Here is a scan of the dishcloth so far.  On the first day there’s no telling what it will be.  Since this is December it will probably have something to do with winter or Christmas.




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Winter is definitely here.  Started yesterday with cold temperatures.  Then last night we had freezing rain and sleet which put a nice icy glaze all over everything.  Now it’s snowing.  Glad I don’t have to drive anywhere.  Temperature is supposed to stay around freezing all day.  Expecting lots of snow.

Finished knitting the hat part of the chullo last night.  My gauge was really off.     This is supposed to be an adult medium.  It looks more like a small child size.  Don’t feel like frogging the whole hat, so I’m going to just start another one and go up 2 needle sizes.  That should make it come out the right size.  This is a really fast knit even with the fair isle band.  I combined patterns from here and here to make this hat.  Sorry about the pic.  Didn’t feel like going through all the hassle with camera so I just scanned it.  Also hat hasn’t been blocked yet and I need to make the braided ties for ear flaps.


Yarn: Patons – Classic Wool Merino – worsted weight

Needles: size 5

I guess it is time to go get the chili started.  It’s a quick fix.  I’m using Carroll Shelby’s Texas Chili mix.  But I put it in the crockpot and let it simmer so the flavors develop a little more.  Then set out personal choice add ins – Ranch Style Beans, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and Fritos.  Perfect for a cold snowy day.  If you’re crazy enough to be out and about in this area around supper time, stop by.

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