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I finished the Celtic Tote and love the way it turned out.  So I was excited about using it, a little worried about how much weight the handles could support.  Decided that all I needed for my Drs. visit was billfold, keys and current sock in progress.  That was too much weight and a yarn snapped, there was a little unraveling even with the felting.  So I will be adding leather handles to the tote when I put in the lining.

Today was Senior Citizen day at the Goodwill, so the “Aunts” and I made the rounds, then topped it off at a Chinese Buffet.  For less than $10.00, I came home with a pair of cropped pants, a sun dying kit for fabric, a copper plate for the garden and a black soft leather jacket.  The jacket will be cut up and used to make handles for the tote.  We also stopped in at Hancocks and I bought some cushions to cover, for the patio chairs.

The Sleep Remedies place called late yesterday, and I have an appointment Thurs. afternoon to be fitted for, and pick up, my new sleeping buddy (CPAP).  Can’t wait.  NEED SLEEP!

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The results are in.

Or – The reason I feel like a zombie.

Dr. gave me the results of the sleep study today.  I stop breathing 49 times an hour and my legs jerk – a lot.   No wonder I’m not getting any sleep.  I pretty much knew about the breathing thing, because I wake up gasping once in a while.  But restless legs?  Although I do have a lot of leg jerks late in the afternoon, Bill’s never mentioned me moving my legs a lot at night.  Dr. gave me a prescription for restless legs, and I’m waiting for a call from the CPAP supplier to get me set up with my new sleeping partner.

I foresee sleep in my future.  Zzzzzzzzzzzz……….

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I need some Zzzzzzzzz.

I spend 9 to 10 hrs in bed at night.  I’m not going to say sleeping, because there’s a lot of waking, tossing and turning going on.  Then I force myself to get up and out of bed.  While up during the day I don’t have any energy and if I sit still for very long, I’ll doze off.  My attention span lasts a millisecond, have to force myself to work on promised projects.  At the moment, life sucks.

I went for my sleep study.  I didn’t feel like I went to sleep at all.  But, within an hour or so, they came trotting in and hooked me up to a CPAP.  Even connected to all of the straps and wires, and a strange CPAP mask contraption, I did get a little restful sleep.  They let me sleep longer than all of the other study participants, just as they were coming in to wake me up, I dropped into REM sleep.  So they waited till that was over.  Now I just have to wait for an appointment with my Dr. for the test results, and find out what will be next.  I possibly see a CPAP in my future.  I just want a restful night’s sleep, so I can function again.  I want my creativity back.

Yesterday, Bill and I went to the Home & Garden Show at the fairgrounds.  Made our way through 4 buildings of exhibits and vendors.  The thing I was most impressed with was the stone coated metal shingles.  They look like asphalt shingles, but they have a lifetime guarantee.  There was a vendor selling artwork, so friends and family will be happy to know that there is now a large piece of artwork covering the large expanse of wall over the couch.  When we arrived back home I sat in my chair and immediately fell asleep.

A little knitting going on occasionally, but nothing to post about.  I just don’t have the energy.

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