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Friday afternoon the Skrappies will be gathering down in the canyon for another weekend of quilt sewing and socializing.  Since I was really sick last week, I’ve been taking it easy this week in anticipation of our fall retreat.  I really need this time of catching up with old friends and sharing ideas.

Our project for this retreat is Rancher’s Daughter’s by Debbie Caffrey.  I’m going to be using 12 different batiks, with unbleached muslin for the background.

We will also be having a raffle of Angel quilt blocks.  For every quilt block you bring you get a chance to win all of the blocks.  I’m only taking one block this time.  I used a cowboy block from Apr 93 Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine and added wings, to make a cowboy angel.


Bill finished my cutting table and it is now at home in the sewing room.  Of course almost as soon as it entered the room, the horizontal surfaces were covered.  Is there some kind of rule of nature that all horizontal surfaces must be covered?

Table right after entering the room.

Then within minutes………


I have an appt. with the lung Dr. today, then I need to finish packing for this weekend.  Hopefully the first of next week I will be back with a retreat summary and lots of pics.


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There are only 3 sewing room boxes left to unpack.  It’s mostly fabric, so will take some time to sort it all, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  I feel more at home and comfortable now.  My sketchbooks, paints, dyes, pencils, laces, beads and threads are all accessible.  Even if there still isn’t a good place to work with them yet.

There has been progress on the Chain Link socks.  Slooowww.  But progress.  It doesn’t help that I’m a fairly slow knitter and these are on size 1 needles.


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Here’s proof.

I decided to post pictures to prove that I really have been working on the sewing/craft room.  Keep in mind that it’s still in the unpacking stages and a big mess.



The grey countertop leaning against the wall is going to be my new cutting/worktable.  It will be on wheels and have a shelf underneath.


 The table is 6ft long, but next to the big comfortable executive office chair it looks very small.

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I realized that my prescriptions need to be refilled.  So I have to drive to Ft. Sill today.  This should be my last medically related trip down there.  We are getting a new primary care Dr. here in OKC next week.  I wanted to wait until this lung thing was pretty much taken care of.  It’s so much easier to get referrals when you have one Dr. that’s been in on everything from the beginning.

I may drop by Hancocks while I’m in Lawton and see who’s there.  Then head back.  I’m still unpacking and organizing the sewing/craft room.  (Notice I added craft)  It’s coming together, but can you believe I haven’t even started on the fabric yet?  Have a long way to go before the room is ready for producing any projects.  When I start organizing the fabric I want to cut strips for the “Strip Swap” at the same time.  The Skrappy Ladies (my quilt group) are doing Strip/String quilts at our spring retreat in April.  The majority of us are making scrap quilts, so everyone is bringing precut strips to swap.

I had to start over on knitting Jason’s hat.  I made a mistake while trying to do the jogless stripe and was frogging back to start over.  I pulled on the wrong piece of yarn and suddenly had a big mess.  Since it’s such a fast and easy knit I just decided to start over.  Now I’m back to where I was originally, and the stripes actually meet and don’t jog. 

I need to get off the computer and on the road………..


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 Yesterday my husband/carpenter/handyman hung all kinds of shelves in the new sewing room.  Now all I have to do is decide on the spacing between shelves and then start unpacking and sorting everything.  The room is really starting to take shape.  Next project is the cutting table.  He also mounted my new Radio/TV/DVD player under the kitchen cabinet.  Last night I watched the news while I cooked supper.





Last night I did some knitting on the 4×2 rib socks.  Turned the heel, picked up the gusset stitches and now I’m decreasing towards the foot.  The end is in sight.  I don’t want to think about how long I’ve been working on this particular pair of socks.




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