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Last week was a rollercoaster.  Lots of ups and downs.  Kerry came for a visit and spent the night.  She brought along our Girl Scout cookie order so we are now well supplied with sweet treats.  Then Friday morning I woke up with, thankfully, a mild case of whatever is going around.  Friday and Saturday were spent bundled up in my chair sleeping, watching TV and movies.  Which means that I didn’t make it to the Iron Thistle Scottish Heritage Festival.  I was really in the mood for bagpipes and men in kilts, too.

A couple of things I’ve been working on were finished.  First is another block for Colleen.  This is the one with the fantasy flowers and the insanity induced polka dots.


I’ll be making several small simple pieced blocks and then will be finished with my part of the Progressive Challenge.  Everyone’s blocks will be unveiled at our Skrappy Ladies Spring Retreat later this month.  I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with good friends and seeing all of the challenge blocks.

A knitting project was also finished.  The September Woods Socks are now complete.


The final, keeping fingers crossed, stepdown on the Prednisone withdrawal has begun.  The brain is feeling slightly foggy and having a little shortness of breath, hopefully it won’t last long.

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The ice storm hit Sunday night, but we still had electricity.  Then Monday morning brought more freezing rain and the power went off and stayed off until a little after 5pm.  The temperature in the house went down in the 50’s and having an electric stove couldn’t even make tea or hot chocolate.  So went to bed and napped for a while under the feather comforter.  Just about the time I was thinking of going out and firing up the grill to cook a hot supper, the power came back on.  We’ve had electricity since then and it only flickers occasionally.  So all in all we’ve been lucky.  Other people are still without power and will be for a while.

Below is a picture of my neighbor’s poor little tree.  The tree is about 8ft tall and under the ice it just bent in two.

Icy Tree

Saturday before the storm we did a little Christmas shopping.  I remember now, why I don’t go to the mall this time of year.  You couldn’t even walk down the aisles in the stores, because of all the people. Then we headed to Sam’s, which actually wasn’t too bad, so I could pick up some shelled pistachios.  I dislike shelling pistachios and Sam’s is the only place I’ve found the Pistachio Kernels without ordering online.  Of course we didn’t make it out of the store until we had done serious damage to the bank account.

I needed the pistachios for a Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti recipe.  This is an easy and very tasty biscotti recipe that keeps well, due to using olive oil instead of butter, and the flavors keep developing as they sit.  Monday is the Skrappy Ladies Christmas party and we decided to do a cookie exchange instead of drawing names for gifts.  So I will be baking approximately seven dozen biscotti in the next few days.  Hope the weather is nice on Monday so I can drive to Lawton, or all the relatives will be receiving biscotti for Christmas.

Here is the new addition to my Santa collection.  I like the Heartwood Creek Santa’s or similar style.  Guess the quilt like patterns have a lot to do with it.
Santa 2007

I’ve been knitting on the Celtic Tote and the September Woods socks but don’t have much progress to show.  I did knit up a quick hat for part of MIL’s Christmas gift.

Cable Force Hat

Pattern – Cabled Force
Yarn – Cascade 220 wool
Color – 9404
Needles – US 8 / 5.0mm

The color is actually closer to wine than the bright red shown in the picture.


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Kerry came down for a visit yesterday.  We had planned on going to a mexican restaurant for lunch, but after talking about things we would like to someday do and see, we ended up here.

Pops, on Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma

Pops carries a selection of 400+ ice-cold sodas and sparkling waters from around the world.  The food in the restaurant is good, but seating is limited.  So I would recommend visiting in the off hours if you’re in the area.  Of course you can shop the bottled sodas and souvenirs anytime.

Inside Pops - front Inside Pops - back

We had a good time and will definitely visit again.

Just down Rt 66  from Pops, is the historic Round Barn of Arcadia.


The round barn was built in 1898.  It is the only truly “round” barn (most are actually hexagonal or octagonal), the Barn is 60′ in diameter, 45′ in height and is two stories high. The upstairs loft has a wooden floor and an architecturally impressive ceiling. The structure was designed with the notion that being round would help it withstand Oklahoma’s tornadic conditions. Not sure if it is scientifically accurate, but the barn has been standing for almost 110 years.

I’ve been working on various projects but don’t have anything to really show for it.  I do have a progress pic of the September Woods socks.  I’ve turned the heel and now I’m doing the gusset decreases.

September Woods sock

I am hosting the Thanksgiving meal tomorrow, so I better get busy straightening the house and baking pie.

For those that are celebrating, “Happy Thanksgiving.”

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I don’t have anything to blog about.  Just wanted to post a better picture of the stitch pattern in the September Woods socks.  I used my homemade sock stretcher to open up the stitches on the cuff so they can be seen better.

September Woods - pattern detail

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I can’t believe I’ve been blogging and boring a few people for an entire year.  Time does fly by.

There has been some knitting done around here.  I finished the “Coronet” hat.  It was an easy knit.  The only problem was with casting on the hat body stitches around the band.  The instructions weren’t clear which stitches you were to be casting on through.  I tried it a couple of different ways and wasn’t entirely happy with either of them.  If I make another hat I may try slipping the first stitch on the right side of the band and see if that makes it easier to pick up the stitches.

Red Coronet Hat

Pattern – Coronet by Alexandra Virgiel
Yarn – Cascade 220 Superwash
Needles – Size 8 circulars and dpns.

Then I found a sock pattern that I thought would knit up well with self striping yarn.  The design will give a little interest to the socks without getting totally lost.  I’m calling them “September Woods”, because the yarn reminds me of the woods and the color name is “September”.

September Woods Socks

September Woods Socks
Pattern – Moss Beaded Rib and Mini Cable Socks by Anne Clement
Yarn – Jawoll Color Aktion – color September
Needles – Size 2

I went to Lawton last Saturday for Skrappies Workday.  I didn’t accomplish much besides talking, eating and frogging a sock, casting back on and knitting the cuff ribbing.  My friend Sharron invited me over afterward to relieve her of some “inherited” needlework supplies.  She was really generous and a great big THANK YOU goes out to her.  I am now the owner of probably every color of DMC floss ever produced, 2 or 3 times over plus lots of perle cotton.  Mill Hill beads and treasures, there’s even a tiny sheep.  Going through the boxes I brought home is like a little treasure hunt.  There were a lot of knitting needles, but they were all aluminum so I didn’t take any of those, they make my hands ache.  I did get several stitch holders and enough white, pink and burgundy Bernat acrylic yarn to knit an afghan.  From the swatch in with the yarn it looks like the previous owner was starting a Feather and Fan afghan.

The weather lately has been strange.  Here it is November 13 and we haven’t had a freeze yet.  I have a Hosta that decided to bloom, even though it’s leaves are yellowing from the cool weather.  My geraniums think it’s spring.  The tomatoes plants are loaded and I need to pick the ripe ones, also have 4 little baby eggplants. 


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