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But unlike the song, they aren’t jingling or jangling.  I’ve been having a lot of heel pain for a while, stretching helped a little, but it just kept getting worse.  So yesterday I saw the Dr., got my flu shot and asked him about my heel.  Dr. said he thought I had a heel spur and sent me for xrays.  Now I’m equipped with special shoe inserts and instructed to keep up stretching exercises.  Also to roll my foot back and forth over a frozen juice can to reduce inflammation. 

Medical folks always say that flu shots don’t make you sick.  Well I don’t get “sick”, but I always feel a little off after getting flu shots.  So there was no knitting or much of anything else yesterday, except napping and early to bed.

It’s definitely the beginning of serious knitting season.  There are just too many new patterns coming out that I want to do.  I don’t have enough hands or hours in a day.  Just out on Knitty is “Oblique“- a cardigan, and “Juno Regina” – a lace wrap.  Then there’s also the new issue of Interweave Knits that I mentioned in a previous post with the “Celtic Tote” that I will be knitting soon.

Since my Secret of the Stole went by the wayside for the time being, I think I will use the yarn for the Juno Regina wrap.  It’s very pretty, but the pattern is simple enough for even my counting impaired brain.

A question for knitter’s.  “Have you bought yarn just because you had to have it and then don’t know what to do with it when you get it home?”
Answer – Ravelry.  I love the feature on ravelry where you can search for projects using a specific yarn.  It’s also a great way to waste time that could be used for knitting.

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I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve knit and frogged on the Secret of the Stole.  It’s not a hard pattern, but it’s my first time knitting with sewing thread laceweight yarn and for some reason I’ve forgotten how to count.  I should be able to knit 50 rows without trouble, but noooo, I finally had to put in a lifeline on row 40.  And that’s only the first point.  I’m knitting the points separately and then I will join before starting the body of the stole.  Besides losing the ability to count, some of my frogging reasons are:
Changed needle size – from Addi Lace 4 to Addi Natura (bamboo) 2.
Changed beads – from tigereye to size 8 Antique Bronze.

When I stopped knitting last night, I was back to row 40.  It’s beginning to feel like I’m living the movie “Groundhog Day” only with a knitting project.

I Shall Persevere!  


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We got back from our Florida trip late Saturday night.  Had a good time, but that is a long drive.  On the way to Gainesville we drove straight through, only stopping for the night outside Baton Rouge,

We had a very nice visit with Eve, saw a few sights, but mostly just visited and took it easy.  On the way home we stopped in Mobile at the Battleship Memorial Park.  Got to go aboard the battleship USS Alabama and the submarine USS Drum.  Then we took Hwy 90 along the gulf coast from Pascagoula to the Mississippi border.  We didn’t go on down to New Orleans.  It was really sad driving by all of the destruction of Hurricane Katrina.  Seems like the commercial properties are returning first.  The only thing left of a lot of the homes are the foundations, with a lot of the property up for sale.  Some people are living in small trailers on their lots.  The hardest hit, had to be Gulfport, Mississippi.  The old Live Oak trees lost all of their branches, except for a few of the larger limbs, but are still growing and hopefully will survive.  There were some homes that had been repaired or rebuilt.  It was interesting to see how many were going up on stilts.

On the trip, I discovered that knitting in the truck makes me sleepy.  I can knit in the car with no problems.  I didn’t finish Eve’s socks, but hopefully tonight I’ll finish the toe of the last sock.  Then tomorrow I can finally cast on for the Secret of the Stole KAL.  I’ve seen pics of some of the other participant stoles and like the pattern so far.

Xanga is not letting me post any pictures today because they are doing maintenance.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have some pictures to show you.

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The other day the house was full of relatives and I was showing the socks I’m knitting for Eve.  Somewhere in the showing one of the needles came out.  Between the pattern and the springy yarn the unraveling was fast.  I tried to rescue the sock (I was working on the heel flap), but it was futile.  So last night I finished frogging the sock and cast on again.  Being the slow knitter that I am, I only got as far as the ribbing.  I should still have enough time to finish the sock by the time we go to Florida.  Hopefully, we are still going.  We’re waiting to see if Bill feels up to it.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I may be getting a puppy.  Bill’s cousin raises pomeranians and her dog just had a litter.  She asked if I wanted a puppy and what sex.  My reply, “Yes, and a male.”  Bill told Martha that if she brought me a puppy that she should also bring an extra large dog house for me and the dog.  He doesn’t want anymore animals because he says it’s too hard when they die.  Our old man Big Jake was 16 yrs old when we lost him, he was part pomeranian. 


We also had a beagle named Max.  He was Bill’s dog, all the way.  Max was around 13 yrs old when he died.  I can’t put my hands on a picture of him right now.  Still haven’t finished unpacking and sorting photos.

I’ve been working on some quilt blocks, hopefully I’ll soon have some pics to show.  I also cast on and knit several rows of the Secret of the Stole.  I didn’t like the beads, they were too small, the color was wrong and they just didn’t show up.  So that got frogged and I will go with the Tiger Eye beads, they may be a bit large, but I like the way they look with this yarn.  Not sure when I will get back to the SOTS since I’m now playing catch up with Eve’s socks.





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