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Yes, I know I’m slow.  Just can’t seem to get in gear, too much to do and not enough energy.

Today’s post will be the reveal of the panel challenges.  The challenge was that everyone supplied a pre-printed panel, pillow size, wallhanging, etc…..    Then envelopes containing clues joined the panels as they were prepared for the round robin.  When a participant received a panel package, they would open an envelope and add their part to the project.  Some of the clues consisted of:  four patch, stars, holiday, embellish, block of choice, wild card and even a chance to skip that month or draw again.  Those are only a few of the clues.  The part of the challenge that took the pressure off, was that you didn’t have to do all four sides of a panel and the clues were only suggestions and could be loosely interpreted, for which I am thankful and will elaborate later.  As always, you can click on the picture to embiggen and it will open in a new window.

The first panel I received was Cindy’s, and it was a pretty panel but very dark, so I did 9 patches in the corners and lighter fabric along top and sides.

 Cindy's Panel
Cindy’s Panel


I’ve lost my list, but I’m trying to remember the order in which I received the panels.  I know that Jan’s came next.  Jan’s came early in the challenge when I was having a patch of health problems and I could only muster up 9 patches again.  Originally, I had planned to do them down the side and across the bottom, but such is the way of best laid plans.  Looking back on Jan’s panel after going through the rounds, I like the blocks on just one side.

Jan's Pane
Jan’s Panel


I think Pam’s came next.  On Pam’s I drew the clue, ” piping or flange” .  When I received the quilt a flange wouldn’t have worked because it would have covered up the points of the previously added blocks.  So I opened up the seams around the panel and added a blue flange.

Pam's Panel
Pam’s Panel


Next was Marilyn’s.  When I received the panel it had a lot going on and needed a calm spot, so I added a border of various green squares.  Now this is where the ability to intrepet the clue in your own way came in handy.  On Jan’s and Marilyn’s panels I drew the clue “Holiday”, so given that their panels were Christmas panels, anything I added would fit the clue.

Marilyn's Panel
Marilyn’s Panel


About this time the docs figured out what my problem was, and with the new meds I started feeling better, the concentration improved and the old muse even returned.   When Cathy’s panel arrived I stared at it for a long time, my clue was “block of choice”.  The fabrics were bright, and again there was a lot going on.   As I stared at the fabric I kept seeing little swirls and dots in the print of the panel, so I decided to put dots in the border.  The red background of the border drew out the red/oranges in the panel and calmed it down a bit, then I added the reverse applique circles in a waving vs straight line.  The fabrics for the circles all have dots or swirls on them.

Cathy's Panel
Cathy’s Panel


For Colleen’s panel I drew the clue “feathers”.  After looking at the work on the panel so far, I knew it had to be applique across the bottom.  So I decided to do roosters, but needed something else to make it work.  Then I discovered the perfect fabric in the ones Colleen sent along with the panel (Oh, I forgot to tell you that we could send up to the equivalent of 2 yds fabric with the panel).  Anyway, the fabric I discovered was a basketweave print in yellows and golds, which when turned in a 45º direction looks like ears of corn.

Colleen's Panel
Colleen’s Panel


Then came Carol Ann’s panel.  When I opened the package and put the panel on the design wall, I thought “This is finished, what am I going to do?”  Then when I opened my clue, it was “4 patch”.  Here is where the loose interpretation of the clue came in handy again.  The panel itself, the buffalo strip, the arrowhead, and the feather strip are each a patch, there’s your 4 patch.

Carol Ann's Panel
Carol Ann’s Panel


Jean’s panel was the last one I received.  When I opened up the panel, to me the center panel was lost in all of the reds and light areas.  At the top and bottom of the panel were blank light areas that were ripe for applique.  I decided to do the little cabin on top and the bear below.  I started in trying to applique directly on to this large project and quickly discovered that it wasn’t going to work.  After trying to figure out a way to accomplish the stitching on such a large piece, I finally came to the conclusion that I would have to remove those blank strips, do the applique, and then sew the strips back in.

Jean's Panel
Jean’s Panel


Finally, after many months, I got to see my finished panel and I am so happy with the way it turned out.  The fan on the left side has lines drawn for the fan panels, and I will do some type of embroidery to make them stand out.  I love the bamboo strip that Jean did to the right of the panel, from a distance it looks like part of the print.

My Panel
My Panel


Next post, Retreat Pt. 2. 







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1344 more pages to go.  I made the mistake of watching “Severus Snape: Friend or Foe?” videos on the Borders website.  I evidently missed a lot of things or didn’t attach the same significance to certain events as other readers.  So now I have set myself the task of rereading Harry Potter books 5 and 6 before number 7 arrives on my doorstep, July 21st.  Sometimes when I’m reading, I get so involved in the story, that I miss little “red herrings?” that the author threw in.  So this time around I’m paying special attention to Snape’s worst memory and the unbreakable vow that he makes with Narcissa Malfoy.  There are other parts I’ll be concentrating on, but those are the 2 main ones.  Since I will have my nose in a book for the next week, there may not be many posts to the blog.   Nothing new.  Right? 

We had several days of sunshine which brought extremely high humidity due to the waterlogged soil.  But now the rains are back.  We have already received the equivalent of our yearly average.  The garden is struggling but it’s pretty much a write off.  One struggling eggplant got a bloom, but then it fell off a day later.  The only herbs that are doing well are the globe basil and the salad burnet.  Of course the rosemary and sage that I have in pots on the patio, are doing fine.

While the sun was out, we did get the big flower bed in the front weeded and mulched.  Looks good.  I’ll post pictures when I can.

A little knitting has been done here and there, but not enough to talk about.

I’ve found fabrics and patterns for my first blocks in the Progressive Blocks Round Robin.  Now I just need to get busy.

The other day, I drove across town to Oklahoma Quiltworks.  Didn’t find the fabric I was looking for, but that didn’t stop some other fabrics from following me home.  When I left Quiltworks, I walked down the sidewalk to “get the point…”.  It’s a needlework shop that Ann had told me about.  Chatted with the friendly ladies that worked there about Ann’s crazy quilting, and promised to bring some of my work when I go back.  Then I found some Needlepoint Silk and a skein of Silk ‘N Colors in the color “Monster Mash”, that I thought might work for my CQ seascape.

The rain has stopped and the radar isn’t showing any more coming for a while.  So I’m going to try and get to the grocery store and back without getting wet.



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I’m about to decide that rain is a 4-letter word.  Just when the wet feet of the garden plants are drying out, we get rain, rain and another week of predicted rain.  We aren’t far behind our yearly total, and it’s only June.

Remember the back raised bed with the black stumps that used to be onions?  Well, there was one jalapeno plant that ended up as just a dark stick.  After a few days of sunshine, it sprouted leaves and started growing.  I decided that if it was so determined to live, that it deserved a chance.  So I transferred it to a pot and just in time, I don’t think it could have made it through more drenching rain.

Pepper plant before transferring to a pot.  You can see how wet the ground was.  All the salts came to the surface.

On Thursday we managed to make it to Okmulgee between rain showers, with the old table and chairs for Kerry and Jason.   They had asked if I would also bring them a loaf of Foccacia.  I ate a piece of the bread before giving it to them.  Now I’m wanting more, so guess I will have to break down and make some for myself.

The Skrappy Ladies (stitch group) are starting a new round robin next month.  We are doing the  Progressive Blocks Quilt from  M’liss Rae Hawley’s Round Robin RenaissanceI received my copy of the book yesterday.  Now I’m really looking forward to getting started.  I need a structured project with a deadline, to get me motivated.  Maybe this will be the kick in the behind that I need to get me creating again.  For this round robin the guidelines are: 

Basically, you take the packet from the person passing to you and add blocks, made by you, that are the equivalent of 2 – 12″ (finished)blocks. 
That can be:
2 – 12 inch blocks,
8 blocks – 6 inches each,
18 blocks – 4 inches,
32 blocks – 3 inches,
or a combination of the above.
The owner is responsible for setting the blocks together, anyway they choose.

Friday was Josie’s 1st birthday.  She had a hat, bandana and a cake.  Jessica said she wasn’t sure how Josie would handle wearing a hat.  But it seems the hat was forgotten as soon as she saw the cake.  (I’m sure it’s a no-chocolate doggie cake)



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