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The cartoon above  has always been one of my favorites.  So, when I received a much wanted, long awaited, Kindle for Christmas and discovered that there was a setting for naming it, the first name to pop into my head was George.  George and I have become almost inseparable, I read for several hours every evening and have read more in the last 3 months than I probably did in the last 3 years.  If I’m not reading, then I am searching for content to feed George.  There is a wonderland of free books on the internet, I’ve rediscovered old classics and found new indie authors.  Out of the almost 200 books obtained for George, 9 out of 10 were free.  My friend George, I will hug him and squeeze him and…….

It has been a long time since my last post, but there hasn’t really been anything worth posting.  Still trying to get the meds working right.  I hope that with Spring coming, and bringing warmer temps and more sunshine, that I will start feeling better.

Around Christmas I did finish a shawlette for Jessica.  I had a skein of Cascade 220 left over from knitting her February Lady Sweater, that I wanted to use.  Searching Ravelry, I found the pattern for 198 yards of Heaven by Christy Verity, which turned out to be a quick and easy knit.  This picture was taken while the shawlette was still being blocked.

198 yards of Heaven for Jessica


 Two chemo caps for Bill’s Aunt were also knit, but I didn’t get pictures of them.  The patterns I used were, Lotus Hat knit with Spud and Chloe Sweater, and the Cap Karma Hat, with crown shaping by Brooklyn Tweed, knit with Berroco Vintage.  It was the first time for knitting the Lotus Cap and it turned out really well, makes a very pretty hat.  The Cap Karma Hat pattern is an extremely fast and easy knit, which deceives people into thinking that you spent hours and hours knitting it.  I always knit an extra repeat to make sure that it fits, and if it turns out too long, the recipient can always roll up the ribbed edge.

I have also started 198 yards of Heaven for Kerry, but have decided to add a few more repeats to make it shawl size.  My shawl, Sivilla, is on hold for now.

Progress on A Crazy World has slowed considerably.   The search is still on for more fancy fabrics in shades of blue.

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Touching base

This won’t be a long post, I just want to check in and let everyone know I’m still around.

I have finished my work on the last part of the panel challenge.  We will reveal the finished quilt tops at Skrappy Ladies Fall Retreat, this weekend.  So expect lots of pics next week.  Actually retreat falls at a great time this fall, it starts on Friday, which is my birthday.  What a great birthday present, a weekend of quilting with my friends.

Two more Dear Jane blocks were finished, but the pics are still in the camera.  Also have frogged back the North Star scarf.  I made it almost through the first repeat, but for me, the pattern is one that has to have my full attention, that means no evening TV watching, which is when I knit.  So I have started the Sivilla shawl pattern that I found on Ravelry.  The pattern is interesting but easy enough to follow while I watch TV.

There are three books sitting on the end table next to my chair,  An Echo in the Bone,  The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë , and The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken.  Am I the only person that reads more than one book at a time?   Which book I read depends on my mood.  I have really been enjoying The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken, reading about her quest for family and the recipe that started it all.  Then just a few minutes ago the UPS guy dropped off a package, a birthday present from my daughter, a pasta machine.  Thank you Kerry.  Now while Bill is recovering from his foot surgery in the coming weeks, I will play in the kitchen, and try making fresh pasta and ravioli.

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I’ve been stitching the background for the jungle motif of “A Crazy World” and that means hundreds and hundreds of little french knots.  Probably not a very interesting picture right now, but in a couple of days I should have something worth posting a pic.

In the meantime I’ll post pics that I’ve taken in the past week.  Last Friday I went to the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show with Carol Ann and Melissa.  We had a great time, but it seems like there were fewer quilts this year.  There were over 2/3 more vendors than quilts.  I was worn out after the 3 hrs it took for us to see everything.  So to relax and feed our growling tummies we went to Chellino’s in Bricktown for really good Mexican food.

I used to take lots of pictures at quilt shows, but for the last few years I’ve started just taking pics of the really impressive ones or detail shots of techniques I want to remember.  Therefore, I only have two quilt show pics to post.  Click on images to enlarge.

The first quilt “Circle of Friends”, was made by a group of six friends from Newton, Kansas they combined their skills for the piecing and applique and then shared the hand quilting.

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

 The next quilt “Brown’s Star” was made by Janet Brown of Gainesville, TX and was visually stunning.  We were all surprised that it didn’t get any awards.  Turquoise and brown is one of my favorite color combinations, although while in high school (during the dark ages) when I wore those colors I was always told that they didn’t go together.

Brown's Star by Janet Brown  Gainesville, TX

Brown's Star by Janet Brown Gainesville, TX

Last Saturday was Skrappy Ladies workday so I headed south to Lawton.  We discussed Super Secret Skrappy Stuff for our next challenge and I managed to get a little more piecing done on the fall mystery.  Carol Ann finished piecing all of the components for her mystery and laid it out on the floor.  It’s hard to take a good photo of a large quilt top laying on the floor.
Carol Ann's Mystery Quilt

Carol Ann's Mystery Quilt

Toby has a new favorite napping spot, it’s the back of Bill’s chair.
This is MY chair.

This is MY chair.


You're disturbing my nap.

You're disturbing my nap.

Just finished reading a very good book by Brunonia Barry, “The Lace Reader”.  It has gotten mixed reviews, but I liked it.  So today I need to return books to the library and pick up a couple I have on hold.  One book is “Company of Liars“, by Karen Maitland.  I read a few chapters on a book site and it drew me in and made me want to read the rest.
Thank you’s to Judy, Darlene, and Susan for your recent comments about the jungle motif. 


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It’s sweltering hot outside. 

My medication leaves me with little to no energy and my face is puffed up like a full moon. 

Out of the 10 jillion spools of thread in my possesion none of them match the blouse that I’m altering, if it wasn’t topstitching it wouldn’t matter.  So I have to venture out in the heat to buy a spool of thread which means when I get home I’ll be totally worn out.  

I lost my health insurance card and the powers that be are taking their sweet time sending a letter of eligibility, it’s too soon to complain about not yet receiving a replacement card. 

My creative muse has evidently gone on vacation, because she sure hasn’t been around here this past week.  I spent a couple of hours yesterday just staring at my current project, nothing accomplished.

A good thing from this week, Kerry, Jason and the boys were in town and took me to see The Dark Knight. 

Last night I decided it was time to visit an old friend:

To Kill a Mockingbird

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There’s been a dvd around the house for several days that I needed to watch and then mail back.  Yesterday I finally got around to watching the British movie, The History Boys.  I enjoyed it very much.  It is the story of a group of boys preparing for exams and interviews to be accepted to Oxford and Cambridge.  The unusual teaching methods of the general studies teacher reminded me of a teacher I had for a short time in high school.   I say for a short time, because since our class was a little unorthodox and noisy, the other teachers complained.  So a teacher that I probably learned the most from, and that made me stretch my mind, was fired.

The movie also had a scene with the same above mentioned teacher, where he describes the feeling you sometimes get from reading.  It so impressed me that I had to pause and rewind until I could write down the lines.

“The best moments in reading, are when you come across something, a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things.  That you have thought special, particular to you.  And here it is, set down by someone else, a person you’ve never met, maybe even someone long dead.  And it is as if a hand has come out and taken yours.”

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After 2 days of nothing but rain, wind, tornadoes, tornado warnings and flickering power, the sun is shining.  Yesterday evening our backyard looked like a lake with a couple of small islands and the street in front of the house had water up to the top of the curb.  The area got so much rain in so little time that the drains couldn’t handle it.  The onions in the raised bed were under a couple of inches of water.  Hopefully everything will get to dry out a little before the rain that’s predicted for next weekend.  I know that I’m ready for a few days of sunshine.

I finally got around to pre-ordering the new Harry Potter book that’s due out in July, also ordered this book to take advantage of free shipping.

Knitting Stitches: Over 300 Contemporary and Traditional Stitch Patterns

According to the reviews, it is a reprint of  “The New Knitting Stitch Library” (Lesley Stanfield).  Supposedly the charts are easier to read in the original version, but I couldn’t find a decent used copy for less than $30. 

I managed to read a whole book and it only took 3 days.  Granted, it was just a trashy romance that would normally have taken only 3 or 4 hours.  But, I read the whole thing.  Maybe I can finally finish the George R.R. Martin book I’ve been reading for almost a year.  My concentration is slowly returning as I get weaned off prednisone.

I took sock pictures but I can’t post them, because the camera and computer don’t want to play nice together.

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