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As promised I have some pics from the quilt show.  There aren’t very many, because I tend to just photograph techniques or quilts, quilt blocks that I might like to try.

First off, let me say that there was a traveling exhibit that is a must see if it ever comes your way.  Actually it is 2 exhibits combined.  Women of the Bible, and Men of the Bible.  The small quilts in the Women’s part were pretty impressive and made by some truly talented women.  But the Men of the Bible quilts, all made by men, pretty much out shined the women’s quilts.

The first quilt picture is of a New York Beauty type quilt.  In the future, I really want to make a quilt with blocks like these.  Just not sure about all of those points, even with foundation piecing.


Then there was a star quilt that had stars within stars.  I had never seen this type of block before.  Carol Ann is trying to get a picture of a block.  She’s not touching the quilt.  That’s a no no at quilt shows.


Detail of block.


There were two other quilts, actually a quilt and a quilt top, that were different.  They were butterflies made using printed fabrics and then embellished.



Detail photo of butterflies.


This was the best quilt show I’ve been to in a long time.  For several years it seemed like all the shows were the same, not much variety.  This show was better, but all of the vendors seemed to be selling the same things.  Guess you can’t have everything.

August 1, was the beginning of new KAL (knit-a-long) with the Six Sox Knitalong group.  The pattern this time is a Gansey sock.  It has cables and heart designs.  I’m not big on hearts, so yesterday I reworked a thistle pattern to substitute instead.  So when I get around to knitting these socks I will have thistles down the front and back of my socks.

Our concrete driveway and sidewalk extension was poured on Tuesday.  Looks good, next year we want to go ahead and run the sidewalk along the side of house to the back patio.  That area doesn’t get much sun, so it stays bare and turns to mud when it rains.

Kerry survived her steroid shot to the spine.  When they brought her back to the room she was a little green around the gills.  The nurse kept asking if she was going to pass out.  Just a short while later she felt better and was released.  Since she hadn’t been able to eat anything since the night before, we headed to IHOP and had breakfast.  Talked to Kerry friday and she was feeling better.  Could be several days before she feels any effects from the shot.

I had taken my knitting to keep me occupied during all the waiting at the clinic.  I had pulled out Eve’s sock and was knitting away, when Kerry’s nurse came in.  The nurse asks me if I’m knitting socks and says that you never see anyone knitting socks anymore.  Turns out she was from Scotland and she was telling how they had to knit in school.  So we talked about knitting until she had to check another patient.
Finished the leg on Eve’s first sock and now I’m starting the heel flap.


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Here are a few of the pics I took at the park on Saturday.

           Do those people have peanuts?

         Did somebody say peanuts?

                             Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

        Maybe I can eat just one more.

                  I can’t believe I ate all of those peanuts!

Below is a picture of the Nighthawk that visited the yard a few weeks ago, it was taken on a bright day so it’s kind of washed out.


And a pic of the “Herb Guardian” doing what guardian’s do best.


Tomorrow I will be going to the Centennial Celebration of Quilts 2007 quilt show, that is put on by the Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild.  I’m going to meet a couple of the Skrappies, from Lawton, for lunch then we are going to the quilt show.  I’ll give a full report this weekend.

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I had a good time at the quilt show on Saturday.  Got to visit and catch up with old friends and acquaintances, see some beautiful quilts and of course, visit the vendors.
I miss all the people in the quilt guild and stitching groups I attended while living in Lawton.  With the moving and not feeling well I haven’t gotten out to find any groups in this area.  I have the Skrappy Ladies spring retreat to look forward to in April.  For retreat I need to get busy cutting more fabric strips and make some snowman blocks to swap.

There was a vendor at the quilt show with a good selection of Angelina Fibers and many other “art quilt” supplies.  Lots of inks, dyes and paintsticks.  I bought several small packs of the fibers in different colors and a set of rubbing plates.  The plates can be used for rubbings, for adding texture to polymer clay and probably a few other things I haven’t thought of yet.  The color of the Angelina Fibers changes according to light reflection and the amount of heat used to fuse them.  There are two that look Dk Blue in the picture, but one is actually Dk Purple.  Of the two Lt Blue, one is crinkle cut instead of straight and it picks up the light differently.


Again, I had a great time Saturday, but I paid for it yesterday.  Woke up tired, ate breakfast, took meds and went back to bed until about 3:30pm.  Back to bed at 10:30 (early for me).  At first I thought I was coming down with something, but I really think I just overdid it.  Today I feel a lot better.  The sun is shining and the temperature is supposed to be in the 60’s, a good day to sit on the patio for a while and get some fresh air.



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… And I’m not talking about the mini quakes we’ve been having around here lately.  I actually stepped foot in Wal-Mart on Wednesday.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I only go to that W place as a last resort. Of course one of the few times I pay the place a visit, they are rearranging the store, and I have to search high and low for the items I need.

On Wednesday I also paid a visit to Carol’s Knitting Studio.  Went in with the intentions to only purchase some Tofutsies yarn, but Carol had to show me all the new yarn she has.  So besides the Tofutsies, a set of dpn needles and 2 skeins of  Cascade “Di Vé “Autunno” yarn followed me home.  I think I was the image of restraint, considering all the new yarn Carol has gotten in.


di.vé Autunno – color #34916  100% Merino Wool
Tofutsies – color #731 Ten Foot Tall

Tofutsies yarn is:
50% Superwash Wool
25% SOYSILK brand fiber
22.5% Cotton
2.5% Chitin (made from
shrimp and crab shells!) 
The Chitin is naturally antibacterial.

I bought the Autunno with the intentions of making a rolled brim hat.  Then while sorting free internet patterns I came across Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf on Knitty.  Yesterday afternoon I cast on and before I went to bed last night I had this:


Bad picture.  All I have left to do is weave in the ends and attach a button.  The picture doesn’t show the subtle shading of the yarn.  The Calorimetry only took one skein of yarn.  So I’m left with one lonely skein, maybe I will make another one for someone else.  For me the Calorimetry will actually work better than a hat because I usually wear my hair up.

Tomorrow I’m going to “For the Love of Quilts” quilt show in Lawton.  Plan on spending the day and catching up with everyone.  Haven’t seen a lot of the guild members in well over a year.  Also hoping that one of the vendors has some Angelina Fibers.  I’m in the mood to play with fabric and fibers.

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Another arctic front has come through and it is freezing outside.  Windchills in the low teens. If we get any ice or snow with this, it better be gone before the weekend.  Saturday I’m going to Lawton for the Wichita Mountains Quilt Guild’s “For the Love of Quilts” show. The guild holds a quilt show every 2 years, and for a relatively small guild, they put on a really good show. 

It’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been working on the sewing/craft room and doing some knitting.  But due to retaining fluid, especially in feet and ankles, I’ve been keeping my feet up.

My friend Ann came by on Sunday and brought me a belated Christmas present of some yarn that she picked up in Tennessee.  The yarn is Luna Park by Ornaghi Filati of Italy.  I like the bright colors and it will knit up into some fun, wild and crazy socks.


Steven’s red London Beanie now has an opposite.  The black beanie will be going to my son-in-law Jason.


That’s all for today.  I hear that Carol has gotten in some Tofutsies yarn.  So I’m getting ready to brave the freezing cold and snow flurries to go and check it out.  Also need to get the hats in the mail.


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Next weekend, Jan 11-13 is the OKC Winter Quilt Show at the Cox Convention Center.  I didn’t make it to last years show due to illness.  This year I really want to go.  I need the inspiration and am hoping that it kick starts my motivation.  But, being on oxygen I will have to carry extra tanks, since we will be there for a while and doing a lot of walking.  Yesterday Bill and I went to Penney’s and I decided to look for a rolling tote that wasn’t too big, but big enough to hold a couple of small cylinders.  I got lucky and found thisPenney’s had it on sale for $49.99.

It measures 17″ x 13″ x 8″ and will hold a couple of cylinders, plus I can use the front zipper pocket for things I would normally carry in my purse. I’ll still have room for any purchases I make at the vendors booths. 

I’ve knit through day 3 of the dishcloth KAL and can now tell what the pattern will be.  I’ll wait until I get further along before posting a pic and revealing the pattern.  This go around I am using Bernats Cotton Tots 100% cotton yarn.  It is really soft and easy to knit with.  Finished the decreases on the second 4×2 rib sock and started down the foot.  Hopefully will finish it this weekend if I can stay awake.  Seems like when I sit down in my recliner in the evening that it is a signal for my eyes to close.






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