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The Skrappy Ladies held their spring retreat the weekend of April 25-27 down in a beautiful canyon, out of reach from cell phones and other distractions.  We always comment on how it feels reentering the world after being away from phones, tv, radio and newspapers, wondering about what went on while we were in “isolation”.

Because of so many pictures, I’ve decided to divide the retreat into 2 separate posts.  The first will be the Progressive Block Challenge, with the Show ‘n Tell and misc. pictures to follow.

For the Progressive Block Challenge we were divided into two groups.  In each group the individuals picked a theme, color scheme or other idea for the blocks they wished to receive.  Then the project was passed from member to member until each person had made the equivalent of 2, 12″ blocks for each participant.  The reveal was held at retreat with the participants receiving the blocks made for them.  Now everyone will have to decide how their blocks will be set together.

The first set of blocks were made for Carol Ann her theme “Sock Monkey”.


Blocks made for Cathy.  I think hers was a color theme with some fabric supplied.


Cindy sent an applique block of an eagle as inspiration for her blocks.


Colleen sent a collection of floral prints as her inspiration.


Jean’s theme was snowmen.


Marilyn sent a fabric panel to inspire her group.


Melissa chose a western, cowgirl theme for her blocks.


Ann chose her collection of reproduction prints for inspiration.


Diane sent some fabrics and wanted a “woodsy” theme.


Pam likes western things so her theme was no surprise and she requested “no flowers”.


For mine, I requested blocks made from the colors of thistles.  For inspiration I sent along color cards from the paint store.  Because I sent along snow colored fabric for the background, the blocks tend to blend together in the picture, they are all gorgeous.


All of the Progressive Challenge blocks are great.  The Skrappies are a pretty talented bunch of quilters.

Tomorrow, the rest of the story.




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I have been craving fruit and fresh veggies lately.  More than ready for spring and summer and all of the fresh foods that were grown in real soil with lots of sunshine.  At the commissary’s sushi display I spied a tray of fresh Spring Rolls chock full of veggies accompanied by a sweet chili sauce, and it jumped in our cart.  Yummm!!  
Too bad they don’t keep and have to be purchased fresh, or I would have bought more.

Been wanting to cook some stir fries, but all of the bok choy in the stores is limp and unappealing.  I know I could use chinese cabbage, but it’s not quite the same. 
Beets and radishes have been planted in the garden boxes.  Absolutely love sandwiches made with radishes and cream cheese on rye bread.

A lot of time has been spent trying to find a sock pattern that will show off the Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn in my stash.  The color is Yellowstone.  Three different patterns have been started and frogged, either because the pattern didn’t stand out enough, or the pattern instructions were incomprehensible (at least to my feeble brain).  This morning I found a pattern, Nutkin, that I think will work and will be casting on this evening.  Ravelry users can find the info here.

Just about every day I’ve been working in my den of good intentions.  Have finished two quilt blocks for the Skrappie’s Progressive Challenge.  These are for Colleen, still working on a couple more blocks for her.  She likes florals and pastels, which is usually a challenge for me. But since I’m suffering from spring fever the ideas are just pouring out.



About the book posted above.  Just started reading it and I’m almost finished.  Will be dashing to the bookstore to purchase the other two in the series.  Thanks Eve, for the recommendation.

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Have made progress on the reknitting of Eve’s second sock. (See previous post)  Still have a ways to go, but I think they will be done on time.

After ditching the applique block, I made 7 blocks for Diane’s Progressive Challenge.  There are a 12″ framed leaf block, an 8″ evening star with focus fabric center, and 5  4″ flying geese blocks.


After my post about possibly getting a new puppy, I received news that the new litter didn’t survive.  I was pretty down and then received and email saying that her other momma pom had just had puppies.  There are 3 and they seem healthy and are eating well.  I knew that Pomeranian puppies were small and delicate, but I guess I didn’t realize just how delicate.  Martha says the first 2 weeks are the most critical, and if they make it that far they should be fine.  She said right now they are the size of a mouse.

Kerry came down from Okmulgee to spend time with me as part of my birthday present.  She took me to lunch and gave me a beautiful box of Godiva chocolates.  I’ve hidden the chocolates from Bill and I’m rationing myself to 2 pieces a day.  Which isn’t too hard since they are almost too pretty to eat.  I just sit and look at the pictures and read the candy descriptions.  Instead of saying milk chocolate with butterscotch center they write “Flowing butterscotch caramel in a milk chocolate shell.”  Which would you rather eat?

We’ve decided to definitely make the trip to see Eve.  So if I don’t post again before Sunday it may be a while.  But then I’ll have news and pics from the trip.


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Tomorrow the Skrappy Ladies will do the next pass along in the progressive block round robin.  Wish I could be at the meeting to see first blocks made, and ooh and ahh along with everyone.  I emailed Marilyn and she said it would be okay if I posted pics on my blog of the blocks I make.  I was going to post them tomorrow, the date of exchange, but I’ll be busy.  So here they are a day early.  Here is the proof that I’ve haven’t been goofing off in the sewing room.

This time I worked on Melissa’s blocks    Her theme is western. 

 The basic cowgirl and horse patterns were from the April ’93 issue of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine.  I tweaked them just a little.  Below are detail pics of the blocks.


 The horse’s tail is faux suede embroidery fiber.  The added embroidery details don’t show up very well in the pics.



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I can’t believe it’s already August.  This year is flying by.  Soon it will be October and that means our trip to see Eve in Florida.  Luckily I’m making progress on her socks.  I have almost finished the leg of the first sock.  The foot should go faster because the pattern only runs down the top of the foot, the bottom being fast stockinette.

After going to the quilt show on Friday, I got motivated and jumped right in to work on Melissa’s progressive quilt blocks.  So far I’ve made 1 – 12½’ block, 1 – 8½” block and 2 – 4½” blocks.  Only have to make 3 more 4½” blocks.  The guidelines for the challenge say to make 2 – 12½” blocks or the equivalent of.

I know I said that I would post about the quilt show, but I haven’t yet gone through the pictures I took.  Hopefully I can do that in a few days.

This afternoon I’m headed to Okmulgee.  I’m going to be chauffeur and moral support for Kerry, who has to have a Lumbar Epidural Injection on Thursday morning.  She’s been having a lot of back pain and spasms that are affecting her legs.  So if anyone needs to get a hold of me and there’s no answer at home, call my cell phone.  I should be back late Thursday afternoon.

I’m off to pack for overnight.  Must remember not to forget the sock knitting bag.  Should be able to make a bit of progress on Eve’s socks while sitting in the waiting room.

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