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Kerry came down for a visit yesterday.  We had planned on going to a mexican restaurant for lunch, but after talking about things we would like to someday do and see, we ended up here.

Pops, on Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma

Pops carries a selection of 400+ ice-cold sodas and sparkling waters from around the world.  The food in the restaurant is good, but seating is limited.  So I would recommend visiting in the off hours if you’re in the area.  Of course you can shop the bottled sodas and souvenirs anytime.

Inside Pops - front Inside Pops - back

We had a good time and will definitely visit again.

Just down Rt 66  from Pops, is the historic Round Barn of Arcadia.


The round barn was built in 1898.  It is the only truly “round” barn (most are actually hexagonal or octagonal), the Barn is 60′ in diameter, 45′ in height and is two stories high. The upstairs loft has a wooden floor and an architecturally impressive ceiling. The structure was designed with the notion that being round would help it withstand Oklahoma’s tornadic conditions. Not sure if it is scientifically accurate, but the barn has been standing for almost 110 years.

I’ve been working on various projects but don’t have anything to really show for it.  I do have a progress pic of the September Woods socks.  I’ve turned the heel and now I’m doing the gusset decreases.

September Woods sock

I am hosting the Thanksgiving meal tomorrow, so I better get busy straightening the house and baking pie.

For those that are celebrating, “Happy Thanksgiving.”

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