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Wow!  I can’t believe it has been over 4 months since my last post.  This past winter was pretty rough but things are getting better.  I’m finally getting meds that are really helping.  Still have pain, but no where near like it was and less pain means higher energy levels and increased interest in playing in the room of good intentions.

I stumbled across some free online visual journal workshops being given on the Strathmore Artist Papers site.  So far I have been through Workshops 1 & 2.  The workshops have really gotten my creative juices going again.  I really think the first workshop should have been the last one, but I still learned a lot that I can use as my journals progress.  My journal is progressing slowly because I need to loosen up and quit trying so hard.  I need to just do, and not think about it so much.  Anyway, the first week of Workshop 2 was making stepped pages, pockets and extended pages, I have gotten as far as cutting the stepped pages and working on the first 2.  The third page is still in progress and is only a background, which I’m not totally happy with so I will still be playing around with it.

When I wasn’t playing in my journal I have been playing with wool.  Marilyn gave me a wool jacket that had been shrunk, the colors were great so I tried making a pincushion.  Then I made another pincushion out of a light weight wool felt, it turned out well and is pretty but the fabric is a litte lightweight.  Next I used part of a Harris Tweed jacket to make a pincushion and I really like how it turned out.  So now I had all of these pincushions that I really had no need for, so since Skrappy Retreat was coming up I decided to give them as doorprizes, except the one made from the bright red wool jacket, that one I gave to Marilyn.

Wool Pincushions



Canyon Wall

 Last weekend was the Skrappy Ladies Spring Retreat at Canyon Camp.  We had a lot of fun and Cathy did a fantastic job of picking the mystery.  I didn’t participate in the mystery, but I loved getting the email clues from “The Old Goat”.  The mystery was easy enough to have a finished top by the end of retreat but still be interesting.  It was amazing how different each persons quilt turned out.

Shirley's Mystery

                                 Patsy’s Mystery

Pam's Mystery

           Melissa’s Mystery – She was working on the larger size
                                                     Marilyn’s Mystery
                           Joann’s Mystery
                              Jean’s Mystery
                            Diane’s Mystery
                           Colleen’s Mystery

Cathy's Mystery

                                               Carol J’s Mystery
There were a few people working on other projects after they finished the mystery.  I’m sorry but I don’t remember the names of the quilt patterns.
                                                           Patsy’s Quilt
                                                                 Jean’s Quilt
                                                       Shirley’s Woven Hearts
I worked on a journal cover instead of the mystery.  It needs some adjustments and a little more embellishing, so I will show it in a future post.
Everyone had a great time at retreat, and a few who shall remain nameless stayed up until the wee hours of the morning visiting.  Even though it takes a few days to recover, our retreats are worth it.
There can’t be a post without The Boss.  Over the winter, Bill made a place where Toby could hide and watch the birds.  It was one of the patio chairs with some brush around it, and Toby would hide under the chair.  The poor thing would never survive on his own, he gets too excited and starts chattering and wiggling until he scares the birds away.  On one sunny day Toby decided to lay on top of the chair and gets some sun.
                                            Toby – The Boss
Maybe the pictures and captions will stay put.  WordPress isn’t playing nice today with photo loading.
Hope to start posting again on a fairly regular basis.  Thanks for visiting.

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Yes, I know I’m slow.  Just can’t seem to get in gear, too much to do and not enough energy.

Today’s post will be the reveal of the panel challenges.  The challenge was that everyone supplied a pre-printed panel, pillow size, wallhanging, etc…..    Then envelopes containing clues joined the panels as they were prepared for the round robin.  When a participant received a panel package, they would open an envelope and add their part to the project.  Some of the clues consisted of:  four patch, stars, holiday, embellish, block of choice, wild card and even a chance to skip that month or draw again.  Those are only a few of the clues.  The part of the challenge that took the pressure off, was that you didn’t have to do all four sides of a panel and the clues were only suggestions and could be loosely interpreted, for which I am thankful and will elaborate later.  As always, you can click on the picture to embiggen and it will open in a new window.

The first panel I received was Cindy’s, and it was a pretty panel but very dark, so I did 9 patches in the corners and lighter fabric along top and sides.

 Cindy's Panel
Cindy’s Panel


I’ve lost my list, but I’m trying to remember the order in which I received the panels.  I know that Jan’s came next.  Jan’s came early in the challenge when I was having a patch of health problems and I could only muster up 9 patches again.  Originally, I had planned to do them down the side and across the bottom, but such is the way of best laid plans.  Looking back on Jan’s panel after going through the rounds, I like the blocks on just one side.

Jan's Pane
Jan’s Panel


I think Pam’s came next.  On Pam’s I drew the clue, ” piping or flange” .  When I received the quilt a flange wouldn’t have worked because it would have covered up the points of the previously added blocks.  So I opened up the seams around the panel and added a blue flange.

Pam's Panel
Pam’s Panel


Next was Marilyn’s.  When I received the panel it had a lot going on and needed a calm spot, so I added a border of various green squares.  Now this is where the ability to intrepet the clue in your own way came in handy.  On Jan’s and Marilyn’s panels I drew the clue “Holiday”, so given that their panels were Christmas panels, anything I added would fit the clue.

Marilyn's Panel
Marilyn’s Panel


About this time the docs figured out what my problem was, and with the new meds I started feeling better, the concentration improved and the old muse even returned.   When Cathy’s panel arrived I stared at it for a long time, my clue was “block of choice”.  The fabrics were bright, and again there was a lot going on.   As I stared at the fabric I kept seeing little swirls and dots in the print of the panel, so I decided to put dots in the border.  The red background of the border drew out the red/oranges in the panel and calmed it down a bit, then I added the reverse applique circles in a waving vs straight line.  The fabrics for the circles all have dots or swirls on them.

Cathy's Panel
Cathy’s Panel


For Colleen’s panel I drew the clue “feathers”.  After looking at the work on the panel so far, I knew it had to be applique across the bottom.  So I decided to do roosters, but needed something else to make it work.  Then I discovered the perfect fabric in the ones Colleen sent along with the panel (Oh, I forgot to tell you that we could send up to the equivalent of 2 yds fabric with the panel).  Anyway, the fabric I discovered was a basketweave print in yellows and golds, which when turned in a 45º direction looks like ears of corn.

Colleen's Panel
Colleen’s Panel


Then came Carol Ann’s panel.  When I opened the package and put the panel on the design wall, I thought “This is finished, what am I going to do?”  Then when I opened my clue, it was “4 patch”.  Here is where the loose interpretation of the clue came in handy again.  The panel itself, the buffalo strip, the arrowhead, and the feather strip are each a patch, there’s your 4 patch.

Carol Ann's Panel
Carol Ann’s Panel


Jean’s panel was the last one I received.  When I opened up the panel, to me the center panel was lost in all of the reds and light areas.  At the top and bottom of the panel were blank light areas that were ripe for applique.  I decided to do the little cabin on top and the bear below.  I started in trying to applique directly on to this large project and quickly discovered that it wasn’t going to work.  After trying to figure out a way to accomplish the stitching on such a large piece, I finally came to the conclusion that I would have to remove those blank strips, do the applique, and then sew the strips back in.

Jean's Panel
Jean’s Panel


Finally, after many months, I got to see my finished panel and I am so happy with the way it turned out.  The fan on the left side has lines drawn for the fan panels, and I will do some type of embroidery to make them stand out.  I love the bamboo strip that Jean did to the right of the panel, from a distance it looks like part of the print.

My Panel
My Panel


Next post, Retreat Pt. 2. 







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The project at the Skrappies retreat last fall was a mystery quilt.  We all worked for days before the retreat, cutting and sewing, thinking we would finish the mystery that weekend.  Were we ever WRONG.  By the end of the weekend no one was close to being finished so the mystery was revealed to give us incentive to finish.  The name of the mystery quilt is Faceted Jewels and I’ve posted pics of finished ones by other Skrappies.  I am happy, proud and relieved to announce that at 12:00 midnight on Friday night I sewed the last seam of my Faceted Jewels quilt top.


Faceted Jewels Mystery Quilt

Faceted Jewels Mystery Quilt

For the inquiring minds, I counted the units and there are 2000 pieces in this quilt.  That’s not counting all the extra pieces we had left over.


Saturday was Skrappy Ladies workday, so I drove down to Lawton.  Wanted to show off my finished top.  We had a great salad potluck and I managed to make one more Dear Jane block.


Dear Jane - A_4
Dear Jane – A_4


Carol J. was working on her quilt from Lerlene Nevaril’s Two Color Quilt class.



Carol's two color quilt
Carol’s two color quilt

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February Lady Sweater for Jessica

February Lady Sweater for Jessica

I finished the February Lady Sweater that I was knitting for Jessica.  I took the picture before it was washed and blocked.  The above picture is pretty true to the color, but in the picture below the color variations show up better, especially when you click on the image and then on to the large size on Flickr.

February Lady Sweater - detail

February Lady Sweater - detail

I haven’t done much of anything lately.  Still can’t quite shake this blue funk I’m in.  Wish all of the pollen levels would drop and the wind would die down so that I could venture outside for some fresh air and sunshine.  The Skrappies Spring Retreat is coming up in about 3 weeks, so I have that to look forward to.  Even though I’m no where near being prepared.

Have worked on the panel mystery round robin.  I thought this round robin would be easy because we would pick an envelope with the instructions of what we were to do next on the panel.  Well let’s just say that the first 2 clues I got were really vague, which means I actually had to use my poor little brain.  When I opened the clue envelope for the panel I have now, I knew exactly what I would do and set right in to finish it.  Then I put it on the design wall, stood back, and realized that I had sewn it on upside down.  So now I have to take it out and redo it. 

No progress has been made on A Crazy World, I haven’t decided on the motif that I will stitch next. 

Toby has recovered from his reaction to the antibiotics and the stress of the trip to the vet.  Poor thing cried all the way, he was sure that we were taking him back to the shelter.  Although he did actually like the vet’s office.  I took him to a cat’s only clinic and they had a bird cage containing 3 parakeets at the end of the examining table.  Toby just layed there watching the birds while they examined him, even when they took his temperature.  Toby says “Thank you” to Ginger and Mocha for their get well wishes.

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Saturday I drove down to Lawton for the Skrappies workday.  There were only five of us, but we had a good time and a great potluck lunch.  I think everyone but Cathy was working on their mystery quilts.  Melissa finished piecing all the components on hers and laid it out on the floor.  For sewing the blocks together when she got home, Melissa marked the rows as she picked the pieces up.
Click on the images to enlarge.

Melissa's mystery quilt

Melissa's mystery quilt

I sewed along on my quilt and thought I was really doing well to finish sewing half square triangles together to make 18 square in a square blocks.  Then Carol Ann points out that after I finished sewing the 144 flying geese I was supposed to sew them together in pairs.  I guess in all of the excitement of finishing all those geese I missed that step.  Soooooo, I’m not as far along as I thought I was.

Saturday's mystery quilt sewing.

My Saturday Sewing

The last couple of days were spent in mindless fun sewing, not worrying about matching seams.  I’m using leftover flannel scraps to make a rag quilt for the hopefully soon to come member (cat) of our family.  The quilt is really bright.  The focus fabric is blue with yellow rubber ducky’s, the other fabrics are a bright yellow and a tomato red.  This is meant to be well used so I didn’t worry too much about the few places where the bottom fabric formed a tiny pleat while sewing.  If the cat notices and brings it to my attention, I might consider fixing it.

There hasn’t been any new work done on “A Crazy World”, but that doesn’t mean it’s been forgotten.  I have been trying to come up with a sketch for a house in the jungle.  My sketches weren’t turning out like I wanted.  Then I came across this photo of a house in the jungle of Brazil.  I imported a copy of the photo into Photoshop then clicked on View, scrolled down to Stylize and then Find Edges.  Below is a scan of the pic and then my sketch. 

Jungle house sketch

Jungle house sketch

Now all that needs to be done is transfer the sketch to the fabric and start stitching.  After I finsh this darn mystery quilt.

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The day of the frog.

Yesterday I decided that I would work a little on a jungle scene for “A Crazy World”,  after stitching a couple of leaves and a vine I realized they didn’t look right and weren’t going to work.  So to the frog pond I went and started undoing all of the stitching I had just put in.

After that frustrating attempt at embroidery I then decided to work on the mystery quilt.  On Sunday, while watching the Cowboys, I finished cutting the Tri-Recs and pinned the first side on all 82.  So all that needed to be done was start sewing, about a third of the way through I noticed that the seam allowance looked a tad wide.  Of course it did, the wrong foot was on the machine and I had been sewing a 3/8″  allowance instead of 1/4″.  Another trip to visit the frogs.  With the errant stitching removed and resewn I proceeded to finish sewing the first half of the triangle in squares, press them, pin on the second side and have them ready for my next sewing session.  Hopefully next time I can bypass the frog pond.

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Woo hoo!!!!   Yesterday I finished all of the “millions” of flying geese for the mystery quilt.  Now I have moved on to cutting the Tri-Recs and have already cut half of the dark ones.

Feeling more optimistic about actually getting this quilt top together in the near future.  I’m hoping to make it down to Lawton in a couple of weeks for Skrappy Ladies play workday, to see how everyone else’s mysteries are progressing.

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