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April 16 – 18 was the Skrappy Ladies Spring Retreat at Canyon Camp and it rained all weekend.  Not the hard gully washer type rain that is usually the norm in Oklahoma, this was a gentle soaking rain, but it rained non stop until early Sunday afternoon.  Of course since we were there to quilt, the weather didn’t really affect us.

The project chosen for this retreat was The One Block Wonder, or there were some of us that worked on slimming down our UFO piles.  I didn’t work on a One Block Wonder, but would like to do one in the future. 

I’m having a hard time matching quilter’s with quilts in some of the photos, so if I make a mistake or don’t name a quilter, leave a comment  and I will correct the error.  As always, clicking on a photo will open a larger image in another window.

Skrappies and friends at work

 It is always hard to get a pic with everyone in the room at the same time,  there were 14 of us at this retreat.

First we will be starting off with the show and tell quilts.

Carol J's Sock Monkey - progressive challenge blocks

Diane's Stars

Marilyn's Cruise Project


Cathy's B&W Quilt

Carol C. made the apron won by Judy H. and loaned to Colleen for inspiration.

 Colleen was working on a bib type apron made from overalls. 

Melissa's Seven Sisters

Melissa's Zig Zag

Now for the One Block Wonders.  It is really interesting to see the different designs that come from one piece of fabric.  I wish that I had thought to take pictures of what the fabric looks like before cutting.

Carol J's One Block Wonder Blocks

Cindy's One Block Wonder Blocks

Jo Ann's One Block Wonder

Melissa's One Block Wonder Blocks

Melissa's OBW with a little visuall interest added

Shirley's One Block Wonder Blocks

 After seeing the picture of Shirley’s blocks I was wondering how they would look arranged with the golds in the center, radiating out with the lights, pinks into the greens.  Sort of like a large flower.

Now moving on to the the various other projects being worked on over the weekend.

Jan was finishing up a string type quilt. Picture doesn't do it justice.

Patsy's Scripture Quilt

I finished the snowball blocks for my Tennessee Waltz

There were othe projects being worked on, but didn’t get pics of all of them.

We had a good time and while I was loading my car, the goats came down off of the rim into the canyon.

Bruce and family (inside joke)

 Okay! Are you ready?  Are you sitting down?  I finished a knitting project.  Using the 198 yds of Heaven shawlette pattern, I knit a shawl for Kerry.  I did 2 extra full repeats of the pattern which made the finished shawl 33″ x 70″ and used 2 full skeins of Cascade 220 wool with about 5 to 10 yds left over from another project.

Ta Da!

Kerry's 440+ yds of Heaven

And in conclusion, the ruler of the roost.

The Man and his(my) cat

Toby Tv

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The cartoon above  has always been one of my favorites.  So, when I received a much wanted, long awaited, Kindle for Christmas and discovered that there was a setting for naming it, the first name to pop into my head was George.  George and I have become almost inseparable, I read for several hours every evening and have read more in the last 3 months than I probably did in the last 3 years.  If I’m not reading, then I am searching for content to feed George.  There is a wonderland of free books on the internet, I’ve rediscovered old classics and found new indie authors.  Out of the almost 200 books obtained for George, 9 out of 10 were free.  My friend George, I will hug him and squeeze him and…….

It has been a long time since my last post, but there hasn’t really been anything worth posting.  Still trying to get the meds working right.  I hope that with Spring coming, and bringing warmer temps and more sunshine, that I will start feeling better.

Around Christmas I did finish a shawlette for Jessica.  I had a skein of Cascade 220 left over from knitting her February Lady Sweater, that I wanted to use.  Searching Ravelry, I found the pattern for 198 yards of Heaven by Christy Verity, which turned out to be a quick and easy knit.  This picture was taken while the shawlette was still being blocked.

198 yards of Heaven for Jessica


 Two chemo caps for Bill’s Aunt were also knit, but I didn’t get pictures of them.  The patterns I used were, Lotus Hat knit with Spud and Chloe Sweater, and the Cap Karma Hat, with crown shaping by Brooklyn Tweed, knit with Berroco Vintage.  It was the first time for knitting the Lotus Cap and it turned out really well, makes a very pretty hat.  The Cap Karma Hat pattern is an extremely fast and easy knit, which deceives people into thinking that you spent hours and hours knitting it.  I always knit an extra repeat to make sure that it fits, and if it turns out too long, the recipient can always roll up the ribbed edge.

I have also started 198 yards of Heaven for Kerry, but have decided to add a few more repeats to make it shawl size.  My shawl, Sivilla, is on hold for now.

Progress on A Crazy World has slowed considerably.   The search is still on for more fancy fabrics in shades of blue.

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Below is a pic from retreat, but where is everyone?  Retreat fell on the same weekend as the OU/Texas game, so they are all out in the lobby in front of the TV.

Where is everyone?

Cindy was working on a UFO and it gave me an idea of how I can use all of my 80’s floral’s.  It is 8″ squares of fabric, cut into fourths and the addition of 1″ lattice strips.

Cindy's floral quilt

 We also exchanged our packs of 5 inch “cookies”.  I managed to get mine all sewn together into a top, but need to add 2 additional rows to make it lap size.  I didn’t get any pictures of other people’s projects, and keep forgetting to take a pic of mine.

Kerry called one day and asked me if I would make something for a friend of her’s that was having a baby.   The baby is now around a month old, and I finally finished and mailed the items on Monday.  After searching through Ravelry I finally decided on Autumn Leaves for the sweater, and Afternoon Outing Baby Cap for the hat.  For the sweater I did a couple of modifications.  First, I made it with long sleeves and also added an eyelet accent before the hem.  I’m rather pleased with the results.  The hat was a whole other story.  Actually there are two hats, because the first one turned out large enough for a toddler.  Sorry for picture quality, but the weather hasn’t been cooperating.  The yarn I used for these is Elann’s Superwash Worsted, and the color is actually a raspberry sherbet color.

Autumn Leaves Cardigan with Afternoon Outing Baby Cap

The sky portion of A Crazy World has been put on hold until I can round up more fancy fabrics in various shades of blue.  I’m wanting fabric that is solid, tone on tone, brocade, jacquard or subtle prints, in various shades of blue from light to dark.  Not having much luck in the shops around here or online.  While I’m searching for blues, I have decided to visit the Far East.  So far I just have running stitches outlining the pattern, and it won’t photograph well, the pictures will have to wait until I get further along in the stitching. 

There may not be much in the way of stitching going on around here for a week or so.  I’m cooking Thanksgiving for any of the family that can make it here, and then there will be a “Before the Holiday Madness Party” and real cookie exchange with the Skrappy Ladies and Loose Threads in Lawton.   I will be baking, I think, at least 72 cookes and still haven’t decided on which recipe to use.  It will be some type of biscotti.

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I know that I still need to post Fall Retreat Pt.2, but with Bill home recovering from foot surgery, my routine has been disrupted. I will get it posted soon.

I have been knitting.  Kerry asked if I would make something for the new baby of a friend.  So I have knit a sweater, (pics and details soon) also knit a hat, but it would fit a 3-year-old.  So I have gone down two needles sizes and cast on again last night.  Guess the baby will receive two hats, one for now and one for later.  Hope to finish soon so I can get back to the Sivilla shawl, of which I have made it through the pattern, and started on the second repeat.

While I try to round-up more shades of blue for the background of A Crazy World, I have been doodling in my sketchbook.  I am going to go with the background sketch on the right and I know that I want to applique the pieces with some curves, but can’t decide whether to work left to right, out from center, or some yet unthought of method.

Sketchbook doodles

Sketchbook doodles

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Touching base

This won’t be a long post, I just want to check in and let everyone know I’m still around.

I have finished my work on the last part of the panel challenge.  We will reveal the finished quilt tops at Skrappy Ladies Fall Retreat, this weekend.  So expect lots of pics next week.  Actually retreat falls at a great time this fall, it starts on Friday, which is my birthday.  What a great birthday present, a weekend of quilting with my friends.

Two more Dear Jane blocks were finished, but the pics are still in the camera.  Also have frogged back the North Star scarf.  I made it almost through the first repeat, but for me, the pattern is one that has to have my full attention, that means no evening TV watching, which is when I knit.  So I have started the Sivilla shawl pattern that I found on Ravelry.  The pattern is interesting but easy enough to follow while I watch TV.

There are three books sitting on the end table next to my chair,  An Echo in the Bone,  The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë , and The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken.  Am I the only person that reads more than one book at a time?   Which book I read depends on my mood.  I have really been enjoying The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken, reading about her quest for family and the recipe that started it all.  Then just a few minutes ago the UPS guy dropped off a package, a birthday present from my daughter, a pasta machine.  Thank you Kerry.  Now while Bill is recovering from his foot surgery in the coming weeks, I will play in the kitchen, and try making fresh pasta and ravioli.

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I can remember bringing you home 30 odd years ago, you were bright and shiny with a red exterior and a clear plastic lid.  The lid broke ages ago and your paint peeled into non-existence, but your aluminum usefulness persevered.  I could always count on even heating and easy clean-up.  Then your edges began to crack where they had been bent back and forth too many times.  The kids made rude jokes everytime I pulled you out of the cupboard, but I just couldn’t replace you.

Old friend

Old friend

 Until now…

Shiny New Pan

Shiny New Pan

 Sorry, but yesterday this bright and shiny, heavy, professional grade aluminum pan caught my eye and the price was right so I couldn’t resist. 

I’ve mentioned before that each month I work on a panel challenge for a different person.  It’s all supposed to be hush hush.  Which makes it hard for blogging, when you spend time working on something that you can’t post about.  This month I’m breaking the rules and posting a picture, not that anyone can tell anything from it.  This is a peek at this month’s project.

Panel challenge - June

Panel challenge - June


I’ve also made another Dear Jane block, TB-2.  This block was pieced using the foundation method.

Dear Jane block T-2

Dear Jane block TB-2


I wasn’t happy with the way the scarf , I mentioned in last post, was knitting up, so I’ve switched to another scarf pattern.  Now I’m using the North Star scarf pattern from the book Arctic Lace and knitting with parchment color Peruvian Baby Silk.  It is turning out really well, although I need to order a few more balls of the yarn.

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February Lady Sweater for Jessica

February Lady Sweater for Jessica

I finished the February Lady Sweater that I was knitting for Jessica.  I took the picture before it was washed and blocked.  The above picture is pretty true to the color, but in the picture below the color variations show up better, especially when you click on the image and then on to the large size on Flickr.

February Lady Sweater - detail

February Lady Sweater - detail

I haven’t done much of anything lately.  Still can’t quite shake this blue funk I’m in.  Wish all of the pollen levels would drop and the wind would die down so that I could venture outside for some fresh air and sunshine.  The Skrappies Spring Retreat is coming up in about 3 weeks, so I have that to look forward to.  Even though I’m no where near being prepared.

Have worked on the panel mystery round robin.  I thought this round robin would be easy because we would pick an envelope with the instructions of what we were to do next on the panel.  Well let’s just say that the first 2 clues I got were really vague, which means I actually had to use my poor little brain.  When I opened the clue envelope for the panel I have now, I knew exactly what I would do and set right in to finish it.  Then I put it on the design wall, stood back, and realized that I had sewn it on upside down.  So now I have to take it out and redo it. 

No progress has been made on A Crazy World, I haven’t decided on the motif that I will stitch next. 

Toby has recovered from his reaction to the antibiotics and the stress of the trip to the vet.  Poor thing cried all the way, he was sure that we were taking him back to the shelter.  Although he did actually like the vet’s office.  I took him to a cat’s only clinic and they had a bird cage containing 3 parakeets at the end of the examining table.  Toby just layed there watching the birds while they examined him, even when they took his temperature.  Toby says “Thank you” to Ginger and Mocha for their get well wishes.

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