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There was a whirlwind of holiday get togethers this year.  Which means days spent in preparation and then the actual event.  So from Friday the 21st until Christmas day it was go, go, go.  Saturday we went to Dad’s then Steven and Jessica came for the weekend and Sunday we had another Christmas dinner.  Monday evening was a party at an Aunt of Bill’s.  More food and a fun time playing dirty santa.  Cousins can be so mean to each other.  Christmas day, Kerry, Jason and the boys came for another Christmas dinner and an always too short visit. 

The day after Christmas I had an appointment with my pulmonologist, for a check up and med change.  He kept getting called out of the office on code blues, five, just while I was waiting.  Finally after 2 hours, when it was obvious he wasn’t going to make all of his appts.  mine was rescheduled. 

Then the bug hit, or maybe it was just exhaustion.  I felt awful for a few days, not really sick, just didn’t feel good.  My rescheduled appointment with Dr. was day after new year’s.  He is stepping down the steroids again, and he is scheduling me for a sleep study.  It seems that some of my concentration and memory problems, may actually be due to sleep apnea, instead of just the prednisone.  So lucky me, who doesn’t sleep well in strange places, gets to try and sleep in a hospital bed while attached to all kinds of strange straps and wires.

There has been a little sock knitting, some stitches worked on the celtic tote and another project started and finished.  No pictures yet of the new project because it is a belated Christmas gift. 

On New Year’s Eve, I always work on a jigsaw puzzle.  This year I worked on an unopened 1000 piece puzzle that I discovered while unpacking from the move.  Just to show you how long this unopened box has been hanging around.  The price sticker was $1.79 and it wasn’t from a discount store.  Only got about a third of it finished Mon. night.  Must be getting old, I had trouble seeing the pieces and got sleepy a lot earlier than usual.
Yesterday I stopped in “The Dollar Tree”, just to see if there was anything for a dollar that I couldn’t live without.  They had 504 piece jigsaw puzzles with pretty scenes.  There were 5 that I liked, also found a 2008/2009 pocket planner.  So for a little over $6.00 I have enough puzzles for 5 new years, and a calendar/planner for my purse.  Also stopped in the beauty supply shop to purchase a model for my hat knitting.  You will be meeting “la tĂȘte” in future posts.

Hope everyone has survived the holiday season and are looking forward to a great new year.


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