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Couldn’t help myself.

Came across this quiz on another blog.  Just couldn’t resist.

And if you can’t get enough House, here’s a video, watch for the funny scene after the credits.


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That’s what time this morning, that I finished reading “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.  I started reading it Saturday night when we got home from Tulsa, but it had been a long day, so it wasn’t long before I started dozing off.  I read for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, then really started reading in earnest at about 8:00 last night.  Even with the book being 759 pages long, and my concentration not what it used to be, it was a fast read.  It’s good to have all the questions answered, but sad that there won’t be any future adventures with Harry.

Saturday we went up to Steven and Jessica’s and went to eat calzone and then to the park to feed the squirrels.  Our 1lb. bag of peanuts didn’t last long at all, but I think I got some pretty good close-up shots of the squirrels.  Since I was using my 35mm I have to wait till I get the film developed before posting pics. 

Bill took pics of the front flower beds yesterday, so at least I have one pic to post.




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During one of yesterday’s sunny moments, I ventured out to take pics of the front flower beds.  The views aren’t good because the grass was all wet and I only had socks on.  I know that there are such things as shoes, but that would have made things too easy.

This is from the driveway going up the front walk.  The bed to the left is very large as you can tell if you combine this pic and the next one.  The pansies are really showing their colors, too bad the sun and heat will be shriveling them soon.  The mounds in the center of the bed among all the weed sprouts are mums.  I will be repositioning them.  The large green mound by the front step is dianthus, they are just starting to bloom.  The flower bed on the top right has creeping phlox in lavender, white and pink.  I was planning on getting rid of all the phlox, but it is blooming so pretty.  I may just move it around when I transplant hostas from the other bed and add small bushes.

This is the other half of the large front bed.  For this area I will be moving the 3 hostas on the left and we want to put a fountain on that wall with a decorative trellis on either side.  The solid green plant in the center of the picture is a hydrangea.  I’d like to get a small table and a couple of chairs for the porch.

Anyway, those are the plans for the front of the house.  The backyard will be another post.



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