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In my stash I have quite a few vintage threads that I have inherited or bought from yard/estate sales.  Included in these I have some perle cottons that are on wooden spools.  While Josie was here visiting I had the perle cotton organizer open on the floor while I was stitching.  She kept sniffing the older spools, I figured they must have really interesting smells and didn’t think more about it until I reached down to pick up the pink thread that was on a rosewood colored spool.  It was wet, I guess the spool must have tasted good.  So in my collection I now have thread that has been kissed by Josie.

I only did one more variation of the herringbone stitch for TAST.  I also will be doing the Stitch Along with the Hand Embroidery group on Stitchin Fingers, so I will be able to experiment more with this stitch later on.  I’m posting a picture of the last herringbone variation along with my buttonhole stitch variations.  I have this week to work with the detached chain stitch then I will be caught up with the rest of the TAST group.


Other than finishing up the TAST stitches, I need to go shopping this week for a new blouse to wear when Kerry and I go see The Phantom of the Opera.  We will see the show on July 2 and then spend the next day together going to museums and just visiting, we also have to make a trip to Umberto’s for calzone.  Since I will already be in the Tulsa area I’ll go on up to Owasso and spend a couple of days with Steven and Jess.  That way I get to visit everyone and also save on the cost of gas.

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Josie is visiting this week while her mom and dad are in Vegas.  We have been keeping the yard safe from birds, butterflies and toads.  She wants to play with the toad so bad but I won’t let her, I’m a mean grandma.  She’s a very active little dog and keeps me occupied, so I haven’t gotten much done in the way of stitching. 

I did finally get started on doing the herringbone stitch for the Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) on Stitchin Fingers and discovered that I really do need a new pair of glasses.  Even using a magnifier I couldn’t  keep my stitches even, but since this is a sampler I’ll just claim any wrong stitch is a design variation.
There are still a few more variations of the herringbone stitch that I would like to do before moving on, but I am posting a pic of progress so far.  Don’t look too closely at the stitching.  If you squint your eyes, maybe you won’t see all of the mistakes. 



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The evil “P” (medication) has worked it’s magic once again.  The cough is almost totally gone and I am able to talk without sounding like an obscene phone call (gasping, panting, and heavy breathing).  Of course, now  the side effects have to be dealt with and we will have to find out how low the dosage can go without the problem rearing it’s ugly head again. 

Dad has been moved to the rehab ward and is doing well.  He walked across the room with the aid of a walker, so he is regaining strength in his legs after being bed bound for so long.

I haven’t been very creative for the past week or so.  I pick up the “why?” project and some socks for a bit in the evenings, but not progressing very fast, so no pictures.  The other night I felt the need to create something.  Just wanted to hold fabric and stitch a little even though I was a little fuzzy about what and how.  Finally I stitched another seam on the “world”.  It’s not the greatest or most interesting stitching I’ve ever done, but I’m leaving it in and it may get more added to it later.

                               Cllick on image to enlarge.

On the stitchin fingers site I’ve joined the Take a Stitch On Tuesday group.  Every week a different stitch is presented for everyone to practice and experiment with.  The difference in this second go around from the original stitch along is that we will get a new stitch every week for three weeks and then the fourth week is for more practice or for catching up when “life” gets in the way.  I’ll be practicing my herringbone stitches later this week and will post pics.

Through the years I’ve acquired a lot of embroidery threads, fibers, perle cotton, etc….. from garage sales, antique stores, inheritance or the kindness of friends and acquaintances.  Since beginning to stitch again I’ve discovered that I need a better way of organizing and storing all of these threads.  Any suggestions?  I would appreciate any ideas.  You are able to leave a comment without having to join Xanga, just click on “Anonymous” at the top of comment area.


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