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That’s what time this morning, that I finished reading “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.  I started reading it Saturday night when we got home from Tulsa, but it had been a long day, so it wasn’t long before I started dozing off.  I read for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, then really started reading in earnest at about 8:00 last night.  Even with the book being 759 pages long, and my concentration not what it used to be, it was a fast read.  It’s good to have all the questions answered, but sad that there won’t be any future adventures with Harry.

Saturday we went up to Steven and Jessica’s and went to eat calzone and then to the park to feed the squirrels.  Our 1lb. bag of peanuts didn’t last long at all, but I think I got some pretty good close-up shots of the squirrels.  Since I was using my 35mm I have to wait till I get the film developed before posting pics. 

Bill took pics of the front flower beds yesterday, so at least I have one pic to post.




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As I mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve been rereading Harry Potter books #5 & #6 in preparation for #7 the final book.  Almost finished with book 6, will have it finished by the time we get back from Tulsa tomorrow evening.  According to Amazon tracking, my copy of book 7 arrived in OKC at 6:14 this morning, and is awaiting delivery tomorrow.  I wonder how much sleep I will get Saturday night?

Went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix yesterday.  I wondered how they could turn the longest book into the shortest movie, now I know.  They just picked out the highlights and left out the heart of the story.  As far as movies go, it was a good movie.  But it could have been much more.  I love going to the movie on a weekday afternoon.  There were less than 20 people in the theater.  Plus you save $2.00.

For the knitter’s out there, I’ve found 3 new sock patterns.  And they are Harry Potter related.  Hey, I’m sticking to a theme here.  Socktopia has the patterns Nagini, Fawkes and Bellatrix.  I don’t care so much for Bellatrix, but I like the other two. 

Tomorrow morning we are off to Tulsa (Owasso – home of Garth Brooks).  I get the latest Garth sightings, usually in the grocery store, from Steven.  Anyway, Bill and I are headed up to Steven and Jessica’s in the morning.  Play with Josie.  Then we plan on going to Umberto’s for lunch.  Can’t wait to have the calzone and garlic knots again.  Afterwards we are going by the park so Bill can feed the squirrels and I can play with my 35mm camera.  Back to S & J’s, play with Josie some more.

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When I walked in the kitchen this morning, I happened to glance out the back door and there’s a bunny munching merrily on my ornamental sweet potato plant.  Then I noticed Mrs. Cottontail further out in the yard making for the garden beds.  Then the smaller bunny jumps up in the pot where the 2 jalapeno plants reside, sniffs the leaves and tries to bite one of the peppers.  That’s when it decided that maybe jalapenos weren’t what it wanted and moved on down the row of pots.  I like watching the rabbits, but not while they are eating all my plants.  I can’t do anything about the petunias and impatiens in the front of the house, but hopefully when the extended driveway and sidewalk are put in later this month, the rabbits will no longer be able to get under the gate into the backyard.

There are only 3 more chapters left to read in Harry Potter #5.  Then I can start #6 which isn’t quite as long.  I think I’ll be finished before Saturday.  We have a lot to do in the next couple of days and Bill says he will wait until it comes out on DVD, so I’m going to go see the new Harry Potter movie Wednesday while he’s at work.  Kerry says it’s good.  She took the boys to see it at the IMAX in Tulsa ().  You would think that Oklahoma City would have an IMAX, but noooooo.

I need to get ready for our biweekly trip to the commissary.  Afterwards we are going to grill steaks, and then it’s back to the books.

Added 7/26/07:
Just learned that IMAX is coming to OKC in 2009.


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1344 more pages to go.  I made the mistake of watching “Severus Snape: Friend or Foe?” videos on the Borders website.  I evidently missed a lot of things or didn’t attach the same significance to certain events as other readers.  So now I have set myself the task of rereading Harry Potter books 5 and 6 before number 7 arrives on my doorstep, July 21st.  Sometimes when I’m reading, I get so involved in the story, that I miss little “red herrings?” that the author threw in.  So this time around I’m paying special attention to Snape’s worst memory and the unbreakable vow that he makes with Narcissa Malfoy.  There are other parts I’ll be concentrating on, but those are the 2 main ones.  Since I will have my nose in a book for the next week, there may not be many posts to the blog.   Nothing new.  Right? 

We had several days of sunshine which brought extremely high humidity due to the waterlogged soil.  But now the rains are back.  We have already received the equivalent of our yearly average.  The garden is struggling but it’s pretty much a write off.  One struggling eggplant got a bloom, but then it fell off a day later.  The only herbs that are doing well are the globe basil and the salad burnet.  Of course the rosemary and sage that I have in pots on the patio, are doing fine.

While the sun was out, we did get the big flower bed in the front weeded and mulched.  Looks good.  I’ll post pictures when I can.

A little knitting has been done here and there, but not enough to talk about.

I’ve found fabrics and patterns for my first blocks in the Progressive Blocks Round Robin.  Now I just need to get busy.

The other day, I drove across town to Oklahoma Quiltworks.  Didn’t find the fabric I was looking for, but that didn’t stop some other fabrics from following me home.  When I left Quiltworks, I walked down the sidewalk to “get the point…”.  It’s a needlework shop that Ann had told me about.  Chatted with the friendly ladies that worked there about Ann’s crazy quilting, and promised to bring some of my work when I go back.  Then I found some Needlepoint Silk and a skein of Silk ‘N Colors in the color “Monster Mash”, that I thought might work for my CQ seascape.

The rain has stopped and the radar isn’t showing any more coming for a while.  So I’m going to try and get to the grocery store and back without getting wet.



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After 2 days of nothing but rain, wind, tornadoes, tornado warnings and flickering power, the sun is shining.  Yesterday evening our backyard looked like a lake with a couple of small islands and the street in front of the house had water up to the top of the curb.  The area got so much rain in so little time that the drains couldn’t handle it.  The onions in the raised bed were under a couple of inches of water.  Hopefully everything will get to dry out a little before the rain that’s predicted for next weekend.  I know that I’m ready for a few days of sunshine.

I finally got around to pre-ordering the new Harry Potter book that’s due out in July, also ordered this book to take advantage of free shipping.

Knitting Stitches: Over 300 Contemporary and Traditional Stitch Patterns

According to the reviews, it is a reprint of  “The New Knitting Stitch Library” (Lesley Stanfield).  Supposedly the charts are easier to read in the original version, but I couldn’t find a decent used copy for less than $30. 

I managed to read a whole book and it only took 3 days.  Granted, it was just a trashy romance that would normally have taken only 3 or 4 hours.  But, I read the whole thing.  Maybe I can finally finish the George R.R. Martin book I’ve been reading for almost a year.  My concentration is slowly returning as I get weaned off prednisone.

I took sock pictures but I can’t post them, because the camera and computer don’t want to play nice together.

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