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I have met a very lovely, generous and extremely funny lady online.  Annette had been sending out happy mail boxes to everyone and her birthday is Aug. 1.  So I made her a Thank you/Birthday gift and included a recently made tag.

The wall hanging is made using marbled prints, paper clay, paint, sequin waste, beads,sequins, buttons and shells.  As always you can click on photo for larger image.


The tag is made with milk carton paper for the base.  I took an empty milk carton and peeled off the thin layers of waxy plastic on both sides.  When layers are removed you end up with a paper that is like watercolor paper.  I gessoed both sides of the tag and then ran thru the BigKick with and embossing folder.  Added some paint, inks, stains, printed silk and embellishments.

In the mornings I am always joined in my craft room by the furkids.  They have a front row view of the birds playing in the flower bed, or just lounging in the floor.

Ginger and Toby

Miss Ginger


That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting.



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My journal has been neglected lately so I decided to play around with some of my supplies.  I hauled out my paint, modeling paste, sprays, wire, inks and stains and just did a little experimenting.  Here is the result:


It’s not what we know, but what we are willing to learn.



While I was playing in my journal, Ginger was watching the birds in the flower bed just outside the window.  She wanted that bird so badly.


So close, but yet so far.


Finally, all that bird watching was so exhausting. 🙂


All tuckered out.


Thanks for stopping by,

Carol B.

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Okay, week 4 has come and gone and I only have 2 projects and a partially finished journal spread.  Also have an in progress pic of “The Crazy World”.

First off I was inspired by ladyoflosttimes to try my hand at making a doll with copper embossing powder.  It turned out OK, but I did learn that the next time I want to poke holes in something that is embossed, I should heat the awl first.

The next project is one that I kept putting off because I knew it would be difficult.  It’s a colored pencil drawing of Ginger and it was hard to do justice to all of the colors in her tortoiseshell colored fur.  I will need to keep practicing.  Ginger is a whole lot cuter in real life.

Ginger - Prismacolors on Bristol


As many of you know, I have been working on a project I call “The Crazy World”.  Well I finally finished the background and appliqued the world to the center.  To give you perspective, the center circle is 18″ in diameter.  As always, click on the images for a larger picture.


A Crazy World


That is it for this edition, I have a bad cold so keeping this post short.  Hopefully I will have more to share next week.


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UIU – 1/23 update

Just dropping in to update my UIU (Use It Up) projects.  Haven’t done a lot but have gotten a few things done.

First I made a postcard using a paper cocktail napkin, lace, ribbon, trim and a rubber stamp.

click on image for larger version

click on image for larger version

Then I played around with making a tag using another paper napkin, card stock, pearl cotton and rick rack.

One night on Stickam, ladyoflosttimes was making an art doll using a tag and beads.  It turned out so cute than I had to try my hand at it too.  Luckily there was a face bead in my stash along with loads of beads and findings.

click on image for larger version

I will leave you with a view of my craft supplies. 🙂

Miss Ginger

except for miss ginger 🙂

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Seems like we should be half way through summer already instead of it just starting.  They are predicting 100° and above temps for this weekend.  I will be in an air-conditioned house with a fan blowing on me.   With these meds I’m on I just can’t stand the heat, and if I go out in the sun I start itching and break out in a rash.  Oh the joys of Summer!  🙂

Since I last posted, I put a cover on my first hand bound journal.  But, for some reason have never gotten around to taking a picture of it.  I just used a favorite printed fabric.  I have also started a small daily journal in a spiral bound index card notebook.  It is just daily thoughts, small sketch or stamp, a personal journal.  Something to make myself do small art everyday.

There has been some reading going on.  I won 2 books from the Goodreads – first reads giveaway, “The Passage” by Justin Cronin and “A Cruel Harvest” by Paul Reid.  I liked both of them – my review/rating can be found on Goodreads.  There is a Goodreads link on the sidebar to the right.  I also read “Dead Reckoning” by Charlaine Harris, another good visit with Sookie Stackhouse.  I am now starting the Maisie Dobbs mystery series by Jacqueline Winspear that Eve recommended.  So far I am enjoying the first book.

This past week I decided to try my hand at a hardcover coptic binding for my summer journal.  I used cardboard embellished with a paper napkin, rick rack, grosgrain ribbon and paint for the covers.  Mixed media paper (9 x 12) folded in half to make the signatures (inside pages).   I sewed the journal with nylon upholstery thread, the only thread I had in the right color that was strong enough.  It is a little thin but it works.  The finished journal measures 6″ x 9″.   I like making my own journals because they open flat, I can use whatever type of paper that I want and I don’t care for the spiral coil in the center of pages of a lot of the ready made journals.

Click on pictures to enlarge.


Summer Journal - front


Summer Journal - spine


Summer Journal - inside


I haven’t been doing much in the way of art lately, other than my ICAD (index card a day).  So last night I decided that I would remedy that and set out to make a background for a collage idea that I had.  I used a blue and a green Caran d”arche Neocolor II watercolor crayons and scribbled over the pages.  Then did a very wet wash  to blend the colors.  After the blending I shut the book and pressed down all over to “smoosh” the paint.  When I opened the book back up I was surprised to find what looked like a silhouette of a woman tussling her hair.  So instead of collaging over the background I decided to outline the woman, embellish with a few stamps and add a poem that I had (author unknown).  I wish I had taken a picture before doing the outline drawing.  Another example of starting out with one idea and ending up with something totally different.

Unexpected Woman

For the month of June our local animal shelter is waving the adoption fees for cats over 6 months old.  We had been thinking of getting another cat so decided this was a good time.  I made the trip to the shelter looking for a female cat, preferably declawed since Toby is .  Only declawed cat at the shelter was male, oh well.  So I’m entering all the rooms and it must have been nap time because there wasn’t a lot of interest in me.  Except for this one room I entered.  Immediately this beautiful calico cat comes up to me and starts talking and rubbing up against me.  It was white except for a little color on it’s head and a beautiful striped tail that resembled a raccoons and beautiful blue eyes.  This cat was large and I suspected also male even though most calicos are female.  Turned out I was right so had to pass on him.  As I was walking around the room this little Tortie sits up and acts interested so I picked her up and she snuggled under my chin and started purring.  Ok, my heart melts and I decided this little girl was going home with me.  Talking to the shelter worker I find out that this Tortie had been taken from a man that had too many cats.  A hoarder.  When we got home and I let her out of the crate she was off and exploring, checking out everything.  Totally fearless and loves to snuggle.  She made Toby a nervous wreck for a few days but they are settling in with each other.  Since our new little girl is such a spitfire we named her Ginger, for her ginger striped nose and her spicy attitude.  She is also an art critic.

Ginger - Art Critic

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