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Yesterday I went into my sewing/craft room studio, I’ve decided studio sounds better, pulled out my wool, wool felt and new needle felting supplies.  Then proceeded to play.  This is the result:


The needle felting is finished but now I’m embellishing it with embroidery and beads.  In the end it will be a needlebook.  The colors are truer in the above photo than in the scans.

Detail photo

Needle felted applique sure is a lot faster than the traditional sewn down method.  The only thing you have to watch is to not overdo the needle punching, or you could end up with all of your fiber on the wrong side of the fabric.  This is especially true with the wool yarn, a little work with the felting needle goes a long way.  The picture below shows how the wool fibers are pushed through the bottom layer of wool, locking the layers together. 

Back side of project

On the weekend knitting front, I have cast on and knit 4 chain repeats on the second Chain Link Sock.

Today I am planning on starting my garden plants from seed.  I’ll be starting violas, parsley, thyme, tomatoes, jalapenos, squash, burnet, lemon basil, cinnamon basil, and spicy globe basil.  I’ll also be starting some hanging geranium seeds, they remind me of Germany because they are the type of flower, along with petunias, that you see growing in flower boxes all over Germany.

Most houses have window boxes with geraniums.


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