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                                                            Vintage Postcard 

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Donna asked for a picture of the whole “tree” (branch).  So here it is, along with my collection of Easter ornaments.  Except for the felt figures, the majority were acquired while we lived in Germany.


The two bunnies that stand out because of being darker colors, instead of pastels, came from Czechoslovakia.


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I’m going over to Donna’s in a little bit and wanted to post these pics before I go.  These are the little felt figures I’ve been working on.  To give you a size reference, the egg is about 3ΒΌ” tall.


easter2 easter3


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I still have “Duh?” moments.  Sometimes when Bill is talking to me, it’s like he’s speaking another language, my brain just can’t comprehend what he’s saying.  Still tired all the time, but that’s getting better too. 

This week you can really tell that Spring is coming.  The pansies are blooming like crazy, the hostas that I thought hadn’t survived are about 2 inches tall, the dianthus, mums and hydrangea are really greening up.  Since we were apartment dwellers last year, all my herbs were in pots.  I left them outside all winter, figuring that if they didn’t make it I would just buy new plants to put in my new herb bed.  The rosemary didn’t survive, which surprised me, the italian parsley didn’t make it either.  I did start more parsley seed and it’s already sprouted.  The chives died down and I wasn’t sure if they would come back or not.  But come back they have.  They are already a good 10 inches tall.  The herb plants I ordered, should be coming in a couple of weeks. 

During my blogging break I did manage to work on a few things.  The neverending chain link socks are almost done.  I have an inch or so to go before the last chain and then the toes.  I started the Tidal Wave socks pattern in my Tofutsies yarn.  I was following the pattern as written and had worked through one repeat then decided that I wanted them to be a tighter knit and a tad larger.  So I frogged what I had done, added more stitches and went down to size 0 needles.  I’ve knit the ribbing and half of the pattern repeat, I think I will be happier with these socks now. 

Also on the knitting front.  Cookie has the store site set up for her sock patterns.  I bought the Twisted Flower and the German Stocking patterns.  I don’t know when I’ll get around to knitting knee socks, but I think the German Stocking pattern is gorgeous.  As soon as I find the perfect green yarn, it has to be green, I’ll knit the Twisted Flower socks.

I have some Easter decorations that I bought when we lived in Germany, and I haven’t set them out in years.  So this year I decided I’m going to decorate for Easter.  I’m making little felt, mostly wool, figures to hang on a painted branch.  Thanks go out to Donna for dragging dead tree branches back from Eufaula.  What a friend.

Since my last post we have also added a new member to the household.  Bill has a brand new truck.  He’s happy, and I sure like riding in this truck much better than the old one.  The old one was like riding in a tank, you had to hold on to the seat, the hand rest and brace your legs on the floorboard so you didn’t slide all over the vinyl bench seat.  It was a real workout.

Don’t have any pictures today, but maybe I’ll get ambitious and take pics to post tomorrow.


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