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I had a great time at retreat over the weekend, it was so good to see everyone and I actually accomplished a lot,  but I’m not bouncing back very fast.  Arrived back home Sunday afternoon and finally finished unpacking the car yesterday.  Without going into the boring details, there has been a lot of sleeping and the taking of pain meds for the past few days.  

The retreat photos have been uploaded to the computer and just need to be edited before I can post them.  All of the panel challenges turned out fantastic.  

I do have pics of a couple of projects finished last week.  First of all there are two Dear Jane blocks,

Dear Jane blocks G3 and K7
Dear Jane blocks G3 and K7


then there is the needlebook that I made for a Bunco prize.  The needlebook design is my own, but the embroidery pattern is one that I saw made up somewhere, and did a hasty drawing in the sketchbook I’m never without.


Wool needlebook, won by Jean

Wool needlebook, won by Jean

The needlebook was won by Jean.   I won a collection of fat quarters and a pincushion pie.
That’s all for now,  Bill is having foot surgery in the morning and we have to be there before the sun comes up.

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I’m still working on SSSS * but between doing that, a fibro flare, and running out of spoons **,  I managed to make 7 pints of Bread & Butter jalapenos, one pint that was ½ jalapenos and ½ okra, and one pint with just okra.  Now the torture of waiting 6 weeks to see how they turned out.

Last weekend I traveled down to Lawton for Skrappy workday, had a nice visit with friends, ate a wonderful salad & dessert potluck, and managed to almost finish an applique Dear Jane block.  That now makes two in progress DJ blocks that will have to wait until I’m finished with all of this panel challenge, retreat stuff.

*- Super Secret Skrappy Stuff
** – Spoon Theory

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The project at the Skrappies retreat last fall was a mystery quilt.  We all worked for days before the retreat, cutting and sewing, thinking we would finish the mystery that weekend.  Were we ever WRONG.  By the end of the weekend no one was close to being finished so the mystery was revealed to give us incentive to finish.  The name of the mystery quilt is Faceted Jewels and I’ve posted pics of finished ones by other Skrappies.  I am happy, proud and relieved to announce that at 12:00 midnight on Friday night I sewed the last seam of my Faceted Jewels quilt top.


Faceted Jewels Mystery Quilt

Faceted Jewels Mystery Quilt

For the inquiring minds, I counted the units and there are 2000 pieces in this quilt.  That’s not counting all the extra pieces we had left over.


Saturday was Skrappy Ladies workday, so I drove down to Lawton.  Wanted to show off my finished top.  We had a great salad potluck and I managed to make one more Dear Jane block.


Dear Jane - A_4
Dear Jane – A_4


Carol J. was working on her quilt from Lerlene Nevaril’s Two Color Quilt class.



Carol's two color quilt
Carol’s two color quilt

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I can remember bringing you home 30 odd years ago, you were bright and shiny with a red exterior and a clear plastic lid.  The lid broke ages ago and your paint peeled into non-existence, but your aluminum usefulness persevered.  I could always count on even heating and easy clean-up.  Then your edges began to crack where they had been bent back and forth too many times.  The kids made rude jokes everytime I pulled you out of the cupboard, but I just couldn’t replace you.

Old friend

Old friend

 Until now…

Shiny New Pan

Shiny New Pan

 Sorry, but yesterday this bright and shiny, heavy, professional grade aluminum pan caught my eye and the price was right so I couldn’t resist. 

I’ve mentioned before that each month I work on a panel challenge for a different person.  It’s all supposed to be hush hush.  Which makes it hard for blogging, when you spend time working on something that you can’t post about.  This month I’m breaking the rules and posting a picture, not that anyone can tell anything from it.  This is a peek at this month’s project.

Panel challenge - June

Panel challenge - June


I’ve also made another Dear Jane block, TB-2.  This block was pieced using the foundation method.

Dear Jane block T-2

Dear Jane block TB-2


I wasn’t happy with the way the scarf , I mentioned in last post, was knitting up, so I’ve switched to another scarf pattern.  Now I’m using the North Star scarf pattern from the book Arctic Lace and knitting with parchment color Peruvian Baby Silk.  It is turning out really well, although I need to order a few more balls of the yarn.

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Kerry had never been to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks so earlier this month Bill and I stopped by and picked her up and went to the aquarium.  I like seeing all of the fish and sea creatures,  this time they even had beavers and otters.  My favorite exhibits though are the corals and anemones, because they look like needlework come to life.  There was a pale pink colored anemone that looked as though it had been embellished with crystals, others with brightly colored buttonhole stitches or couching.  It’s amazing to see all of these bright colored creatures that live hidden away under the ocean.  I took a lot of pictures to use as reference for future embroidery projects.





Reminds me of Grandmother's depression glass dishes

Reminds me of Grandmother's depression glass dishes

We spent Memorial Day with some of Bill’s relatives and a good time was had by all.  Some of the group were playing  a wild version of Bocce Ball in the front yard and the rest of us in the backyard were thankful for the wooden fence that protected us from some of their wilder throws.


I have started knitting a lacy scarf using a moebius pattern.  I will be knitting it flat so I started with several rows of garter stitch and will end the same way.  Have only knit a few inches  and decided that I need to go up a couple of needle sizes to open up the lace.  Will post progress later.


I finished my part on Marilyn’s panel and now I have Cathy’s.  Cathy’s panel is a bright print and I don’t have the color I want to use in my stash, so I’ll be making a trip to the quilt shop.


Another Dear Jane block has been finished and I’ve printed out the foundation piecing templates for a triangle block.   Not sure if I mentioned that I’m using 1800’s reproduction prints for this quilt.  I’m not using just civil war prints because I figure that if this was truly a scrap quilt there would have been older fabrics in the mix.   Like the 20 and 30 year old fabric in my stash.   Judy and Kelly, thank you for your nice comments on the other Dear Jane blocks.  My husband doesn’t comment on quilts very often but he thinks the original Jane Stickle quilt is one of the prettiest he’s seen. 




I’m hoping to get caught up with the quilting projects so I can get back to work on A Crazy World.

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This song has been playing in my head a lot lately.  We have had rain for 17 days in a row.  The sun has made an appearance here and there, but not long enough to dry anything out.  Our backyard looks like a very weedy pond.  The three tomato plants that we got in the ground before the rain are starting to turn yellow.  The raised beds are the only reason they have lasted this long.

Of course the rain and gloom haven’t helped with my tired and blue feeling, so I finally asked the Dr. about it and now I’m waiting on a lot of lab work results to come back.  Hopefully I can get back on track soon and a return to needlework and blogging on a regular basis.

Since my last post, the Skrappy Ladies held their spring retreat at canyon camp.  There were only 9 of us attending this time so we were able to spread out more than usual.  I worked away on the mystery quilt Faceted Jewels from last fall’s retreat.  I managed to finish all of the components and sew them into rows.  Now all I have left is to sew all of the rows together.  I didn’t get around to taking a picture of the top while I had it laid out on the floor. 

The project for spring retreat was a tessellating pinwheels variation from the books Square Dance and Square Dance (revised edition).  Melissa had made the pinwheel variation before so tried another pattern from the book.

For show and tell there were a few of the progressive block challenge projects, either finished or in progress. 

Carol Ann’s Tessellating Pinwheels
Jan's Tessellating Pinwheels
Jan’s Tessellating Pinwheels
Jean's Tessellating Pinwheels
Jean’s Tessellating Pinwheels
Melissa's variation from Square Dance
Melissa’s variation from Square Dance
Carol Ann's progressive challenge - in progress
Carol Ann’s progressive challenge – in progress
Cathy's progressive challenge - in progress
Cathy’s progressive challenge – in progress
Melissa's progressive challenge
Melissa’s progressive challenge
Pam's progressive challenge
Pam’s progressive challenge
Marilyn's sunflower string quilt
Marilyn’s sunflower string quilt. The picture looks a little strange because I took it upside down instead of walking all the way around the room.


Since returning home from retreat I haven’t done much in the way of needlework or quilting, but I have decided that I’m going to try and make at least one Dear Jane block each week.  I appliqued two of the blocks over the weekend and have come to the conclusion that if I don’t want to be left making only triangle blocks, I should make one triangle block for every 4 or 5 of the 4½’ square blocks made.  During our move some of the completed blocks were lost leaving me with just a few, plus the ones I just finished.  Below is a picture of my progress so far.  I also have one other block that is almost ¾ finished.



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I was in the mood to applique, so I made another 4½” Dear Jane block.  When I went to add it to the other blocks I’ve already made, I found that I’m missing 6 blocks.  I don’t know whether they’re just misplaced or got lost in the move.  Hopefully they will eventually show up, I’m not looking forward to making them again.  4½” is not the easiest size to work with in piecing or appliqueing blocks. 

The Dear Jane quilt is comprised of 225 patterns.  If I want to finish making this quilt, in my lifetime, I’d better pick up the pace a little. 

Jane Stickle Quilt

Below  are the blocks I’ve made so far.
Uncle Homer – A_6
Pinwheel Gone Awry – A_1

 I ripped out the bottom block 3 times, trying to match seams and points.  My rule is that after the third time it has to stay, no matter what.

Hunter’s Moon – A_3
Simple Simon – M_10


Jason’s Jacks – D_3
Dad’s Plaids – A_7


**Oops!** – Forgot to mention that I’m using Civil War and late 19th Century reproduction prints to make these blocks.

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