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I’ve made a little more progress on the Coronet hat.  I’ve knit the body of the hat up to the decreases.  In the pic below the hat is turned inside out to show the cable band, which folds up when worn.


I would have more progress to show on the hat, but I went and cast on another sock.  So far I’ve knit the cuff.  Now I just have to decide on the pattern of the leg.

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No birds.

Where have all the birds gone?  I’ve noticed for the past week that there are very few birds in our neighborhood.  I haven’t seen any at my feeders.  Curious.

The Coronet hat.  I finished knitting the cable band, joined ends and cast on stitches for the body of the hat.  Knit approximately ½ of the body of the hat.  I had to Kitchener the two ends of the cable band together and did it in the cable pattern.  I’m proud to say that except for one small spot on the edge (I got a knot) it’s hard to tell where the join is.  Below is a very bad picture of the band in progress.  I hope to have a good pic tomorrow of the hat knitting so far.


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Last night Bill worked security for a concert, so left to my own devices I spent my evening knitting and watching movies.  A strange mix of movies I have to admit, Sense and Sensibility and Spiderman 3.  An old favorite and a new action movie. 
The knitting was a hat that I cast on late yesterday afternoon, Coronet by Alexandra Virgiel.  I’m using Cascade 220 Superwash in a bright red.  So far I’ve knit 15 of the 17 repeats of the cabled band.  I have pics of my progress so far, but the camera and computer aren’t playing nice today.  Maybe tomorrow, and by then I may have made more progress.

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