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There was a whirlwind of holiday get togethers this year.  Which means days spent in preparation and then the actual event.  So from Friday the 21st until Christmas day it was go, go, go.  Saturday we went to Dad’s then Steven and Jessica came for the weekend and Sunday we had another Christmas dinner.  Monday evening was a party at an Aunt of Bill’s.  More food and a fun time playing dirty santa.  Cousins can be so mean to each other.  Christmas day, Kerry, Jason and the boys came for another Christmas dinner and an always too short visit. 

The day after Christmas I had an appointment with my pulmonologist, for a check up and med change.  He kept getting called out of the office on code blues, five, just while I was waiting.  Finally after 2 hours, when it was obvious he wasn’t going to make all of his appts.  mine was rescheduled. 

Then the bug hit, or maybe it was just exhaustion.  I felt awful for a few days, not really sick, just didn’t feel good.  My rescheduled appointment with Dr. was day after new year’s.  He is stepping down the steroids again, and he is scheduling me for a sleep study.  It seems that some of my concentration and memory problems, may actually be due to sleep apnea, instead of just the prednisone.  So lucky me, who doesn’t sleep well in strange places, gets to try and sleep in a hospital bed while attached to all kinds of strange straps and wires.

There has been a little sock knitting, some stitches worked on the celtic tote and another project started and finished.  No pictures yet of the new project because it is a belated Christmas gift. 

On New Year’s Eve, I always work on a jigsaw puzzle.  This year I worked on an unopened 1000 piece puzzle that I discovered while unpacking from the move.  Just to show you how long this unopened box has been hanging around.  The price sticker was $1.79 and it wasn’t from a discount store.  Only got about a third of it finished Mon. night.  Must be getting old, I had trouble seeing the pieces and got sleepy a lot earlier than usual.
Yesterday I stopped in “The Dollar Tree”, just to see if there was anything for a dollar that I couldn’t live without.  They had 504 piece jigsaw puzzles with pretty scenes.  There were 5 that I liked, also found a 2008/2009 pocket planner.  So for a little over $6.00 I have enough puzzles for 5 new years, and a calendar/planner for my purse.  Also stopped in the beauty supply shop to purchase a model for my hat knitting.  You will be meeting “la tĂȘte” in future posts.

Hope everyone has survived the holiday season and are looking forward to a great new year.


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That could have been my theme song yesterday.  I left the house after lunch and didn’t return home till around 6 pm, but I am now officially finished with all Christmas related shopping.  All the presents have been selected along with all the holiday food items needed, to cook for 3 different Christmas dinners. 

We are going over to my Dad’s on Saturday to celebrate with my side of the family.  Steven and Jessica are coming down Sat. also and will stay for the weekend.  Then Kerry, Jason and the boys are coming on Christmas Day.  Oops! Forgot that we are also going over to Bill’s Aunt’s house on Christmas Eve.  Lots of celebrating going on this year.

Today I will finish decorating the tree.  It’s a little bare right now.  I did string the lights and put on the garland, just haven’t hung the ornaments.  I love the tree, once it’s all decorated, just don’t like the decorating part.  Bill suggested that I just drape something over the tree after Christmas this year and put it in the closet until next year.

On the creative front, I have almost finished knitting the front of the Celtic Tote.  Then all that will be left is knitting the sides/bottom panel, assembly, then felting.  Also almost finished with the first of the September Woods socks.  The Drop Scarf – Modified Clapotis has been frogged.  I like the pattern, but wasn’t happy with the solid color yarn. It needs to be knitted using a variegated or subtly striped yarn.

On Monday, I drove to Lawton for the Skrappies Christmas party.  We had a great time visiting, eating and exchanging cookies.  I came home with 10 different varieties of very good home baked holiday cookies, along with the recipes, and a cute little book to store the recipe cards in.  The highlight of the evening was sharing a Christmas tradition of Colleen’s grandmother.  We had peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce and a dollop of whipped cream.  

The presents aren’t wrapping themselves and the junk guest room needs straightening, so guess I better get busy.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, or that whatever holiday you are celebrating is a happy one.  I leave you with this video.  It always makes me smile.


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I survived the grocery shopping hordes yesterday.  But just barely.  All the handicapped spaces were taken and the parking lot was full, so I ended up hiking in from the north forty.  By the time I got in the store I was already pretty winded.  Just a few shopping carts left, mostly nonworking or stuck together.  I try to separate two carts and a woman comes up to help, we get them separated and she takes one and starts off then pushes it back and grabs the one I’m getting ready to put my stuff in, saying ” This one doesn’t roll right” and takes off.  I’m left standing there, out of breath, with an oxygen tank on my shoulder and have to wait for another basket.  People just amaze me sometimes.  Like walking into the store.  There are people in their cars that can’t stop long enough to let pedestrians walk in front of them.  Heaven forbid, that a slow walking elderly person (not me, although kids do think I’m ancient) should slow them up.  The one time of the year when you think people might be kinder and more considerate and it seems like they get ruder than usual.

Enough of the ranting.  I have a little baking left to do today.  Straighten the house a little, but hopefully get some knitting done and wait for Steven, Jessica and Josie to arrive Monday.  Will cook meal tomorrow, but not a really huge one.  Just plan to relax and enjoy their visit.

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But since I played lazy and didn’t go anywhere yesterday, now I have to brave the last minute holiday grocery shoppers. 

Donna dropped by yesterday to give us our hand made Christmas gifts.  They are really cute.  My favorite is the snowmen.

We got the pair with the navy blue hats.

I did a little bit of knitting last night on the old brainless (4×2 rib cuff) socks that I drag to Drs. appts.  Sure felt weird using size 1 needles after working with size 7’s on the fingerless mitts.  I have a skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn, in the yellowstone colorway, that is burning a hole in my stash. 


I can’t decide which sock pattern to use.  I’m leaning more towards this one, “Bells and Whistles Socks” by Mona Schmidt from the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts issue. 

But……..I like these too………… “Widdershins” byfrom Knitty

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Early Christmas

Kerry came down yesterday and spent the night.  Grandma Connie and Jack came over for a while and we had an early christmas gift exchange.  We gave Kerry and Jason a digital camera, which she says she’s going to hide and not share.    It takes really good pics.  Kerry calls it a camera for dummies because of all the options and settings.  We went downtown to the Crystal Bridge light display and her new camera took better pics than ours.  I gave Kerry her Cabled Knit Hat.  The fingerless mitts aren’t quite finished yet.  I’ll mail those to her later.

From Kerry and Jason, I received a knitting book that I had been wanting.  Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch.

Sensational Knitted Socks
 Step 2 5A0000 Garden Hopper
This will really come in handy for working in the garden.  Won’t have to get down on my knees, and it even has a cup holder.  Storage under the seat for tools, radio or phone.  Bill says it will come in handy while washing and waxing the car.  I guess if I want a clean car I’ll have to let him use it.
Before Kerry left to go home we went to Panera for lunch and then to Gordman’s.  I bought a new jigsaw puzzle to work on for New Year’s Eve.  Every year that’s how I celebrate.  Also bought Christmas gifts for the grandanimals.  Got a catnip froggie for the kitties, who probably don’t need it, since they are already in trouble for trashing the Christmas tree.  Told Kerry to tell Jason it’s all my fault if kitties goes berserk with the catnip.  Can’t say what I got for Josie, cuz her daddy reads this blog.
Tomorrow I need to go out and find a candy thermometer, then I can come home to stay and avoid the last minute shoppers.

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I finally finished trimming the tree.  Took a while digging through the boxes to find all the decorations.  Still haven’t located everything, but enough to make a decent looking tree.  It’s really pretty at night with the chaser lights on.


I have been doing some knitting.  Halfway through the pair of navy fingerless mitts.  The Mid Month Dishcloth KAL is on it’s 3rd day.  Unfortunately, right now the pattern doesn’t show up too well in a picture.  I’m using a variegated Sugar’n Cream yarn.  Hopefully the pattern will show up better the further along I get in the knitting.

Found out Kerry will be coming on Wednesday.  Jason has to work, so she will be by herself.  Steven & Jessica will be here either Sat. or next Tues.  Then we will go over to my Dad’s for a visit probably on Christmas day. 

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My Christmas Spirit



Donna said that I had to show a picture of my holiday spirit.  This is the bottom half of my tree.  That’s as far as my decorating got.  D added the musical reindeer that I gave her, to try and get her in the christmas spirit.  Below is how my tree looked before she went home.


She put on the tree top and arranged the branches.  Now I just have to put on the lights and decorate it.

54 is the number of tamales that we made yesterday.  They turned out pretty well.  The meat mixture was really good.  We decided that it would be worth it just to make a large batch of the meat filling, divide into small batches and freeze for later use.  Like tacos, burritos, etc…….

My sewing table was delivered.  Yeah!!!!!!


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