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I received an email this morning informing me that my Webshots album of needlebook pics had been chosen as the member’s choice album for today.  The featured photo is the needlebook that I made for Sharron’s retirement.  I had noticed increased activity in the album stats, but didn’t think anything about it.

Sharron's Needlebook
Sharron’s needlebook

Today I was going to drive down to Lawton, visit friends, and then go to the Skrappies meeting tonight.  The weather has conspired against me.  Forecasters can’t make up their minds about where, when and how much snow is expected.  If it’s just snow it wouldn’t bother me, but driving home late at night on roads with possible slick spots, doesn’t appeal to me.  It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya!  Everytime I plan on going to Lawton, something happens to change my plans.

The Celtic Tote is finally, totally, finished.  I removed the knit handles that had started breaking and unraveling after only using once.  The leather jacket that I bought from the Goodwill for three bucks, was cut up and fashioned into new sturdier handles.  Also lined it with a grey cotton fabric.

CelticTote with leather straps

and a closeup.

CelticTote - detail


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I finished the Celtic Tote and love the way it turned out.  So I was excited about using it, a little worried about how much weight the handles could support.  Decided that all I needed for my Drs. visit was billfold, keys and current sock in progress.  That was too much weight and a yarn snapped, there was a little unraveling even with the felting.  So I will be adding leather handles to the tote when I put in the lining.

Today was Senior Citizen day at the Goodwill, so the “Aunts” and I made the rounds, then topped it off at a Chinese Buffet.  For less than $10.00, I came home with a pair of cropped pants, a sun dying kit for fabric, a copper plate for the garden and a black soft leather jacket.  The jacket will be cut up and used to make handles for the tote.  We also stopped in at Hancocks and I bought some cushions to cover, for the patio chairs.

The Sleep Remedies place called late yesterday, and I have an appointment Thurs. afternoon to be fitted for, and pick up, my new sleeping buddy (CPAP).  Can’t wait.  NEED SLEEP!

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Since the car has been in the shop for the past 12 days, I’ve gotten in a little knitting time, when I can keep my eyes open.  The knitting on the Celtic Tote is finished.  The sides, bottom and front have been joined together.  All that is left is to attach the back and then felt.  I really like the way this is turning out, I think the Plymouth Tweed adds a lot of interest to the body of the bag.  Hope to have FO (finished object) pics soon. In the mean time here is an in progress photo.

CelticTote - in progress
Click on the photo for larger image.

It came to my attention recently, that a lot of people didn’t know that they can click on the images in my blog, to see a larger image.  I had never thought much about it, because I roll my cursor over pictures, as a matter of habit, to see if there are larger, more detailed images.

Still not sleeping well, but I see the Dr. on Monday morning for the sleep study results.

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That could have been my theme song yesterday.  I left the house after lunch and didn’t return home till around 6 pm, but I am now officially finished with all Christmas related shopping.  All the presents have been selected along with all the holiday food items needed, to cook for 3 different Christmas dinners. 

We are going over to my Dad’s on Saturday to celebrate with my side of the family.  Steven and Jessica are coming down Sat. also and will stay for the weekend.  Then Kerry, Jason and the boys are coming on Christmas Day.  Oops! Forgot that we are also going over to Bill’s Aunt’s house on Christmas Eve.  Lots of celebrating going on this year.

Today I will finish decorating the tree.  It’s a little bare right now.  I did string the lights and put on the garland, just haven’t hung the ornaments.  I love the tree, once it’s all decorated, just don’t like the decorating part.  Bill suggested that I just drape something over the tree after Christmas this year and put it in the closet until next year.

On the creative front, I have almost finished knitting the front of the Celtic Tote.  Then all that will be left is knitting the sides/bottom panel, assembly, then felting.  Also almost finished with the first of the September Woods socks.  The Drop Scarf – Modified Clapotis has been frogged.  I like the pattern, but wasn’t happy with the solid color yarn. It needs to be knitted using a variegated or subtly striped yarn.

On Monday, I drove to Lawton for the Skrappies Christmas party.  We had a great time visiting, eating and exchanging cookies.  I came home with 10 different varieties of very good home baked holiday cookies, along with the recipes, and a cute little book to store the recipe cards in.  The highlight of the evening was sharing a Christmas tradition of Colleen’s grandmother.  We had peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce and a dollop of whipped cream.  

The presents aren’t wrapping themselves and the junk guest room needs straightening, so guess I better get busy.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, or that whatever holiday you are celebrating is a happy one.  I leave you with this video.  It always makes me smile.


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The ice storm hit Sunday night, but we still had electricity.  Then Monday morning brought more freezing rain and the power went off and stayed off until a little after 5pm.  The temperature in the house went down in the 50’s and having an electric stove couldn’t even make tea or hot chocolate.  So went to bed and napped for a while under the feather comforter.  Just about the time I was thinking of going out and firing up the grill to cook a hot supper, the power came back on.  We’ve had electricity since then and it only flickers occasionally.  So all in all we’ve been lucky.  Other people are still without power and will be for a while.

Below is a picture of my neighbor’s poor little tree.  The tree is about 8ft tall and under the ice it just bent in two.

Icy Tree

Saturday before the storm we did a little Christmas shopping.  I remember now, why I don’t go to the mall this time of year.  You couldn’t even walk down the aisles in the stores, because of all the people. Then we headed to Sam’s, which actually wasn’t too bad, so I could pick up some shelled pistachios.  I dislike shelling pistachios and Sam’s is the only place I’ve found the Pistachio Kernels without ordering online.  Of course we didn’t make it out of the store until we had done serious damage to the bank account.

I needed the pistachios for a Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti recipe.  This is an easy and very tasty biscotti recipe that keeps well, due to using olive oil instead of butter, and the flavors keep developing as they sit.  Monday is the Skrappy Ladies Christmas party and we decided to do a cookie exchange instead of drawing names for gifts.  So I will be baking approximately seven dozen biscotti in the next few days.  Hope the weather is nice on Monday so I can drive to Lawton, or all the relatives will be receiving biscotti for Christmas.

Here is the new addition to my Santa collection.  I like the Heartwood Creek Santa’s or similar style.  Guess the quilt like patterns have a lot to do with it.
Santa 2007

I’ve been knitting on the Celtic Tote and the September Woods socks but don’t have much progress to show.  I did knit up a quick hat for part of MIL’s Christmas gift.

Cable Force Hat

Pattern – Cabled Force
Yarn – Cascade 220 wool
Color – 9404
Needles – US 8 / 5.0mm

The color is actually closer to wine than the bright red shown in the picture.


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Never say never.  In my last post I mentioned that I rarely make it to Gourmet Yarn Co. because of it being across town.  Then the weekend before last I went twice.  Well, guess where I went yesterday?  The last time I was in the store I saw their model of Plymouth’s 3 Button Wrap #1164.  With my luck they were all out of the pattern.  So I put in my order and it came in Friday.  While in the store yesterday, I got the yarn for the project also.  It is Cascade 220 in a deep red/wine color. 

I was looking at the picture on the pattern front and think I will make an adjustment in the button and buttonhole placement.  It seems to me that the buttons start too far up from the bottom, so I think I will start them about 3 inches from the bottom instead of their recommended 6 inches. 

There are no pictures to post, but I’ve completed 1 side with handle and button flap of the Celtic Tote.  I extended the handle by 4 pattern repeats and the buttonhole on the flap gave me fits.  I tried following the instructions in the glossary of Interweave Knits.  Tried it 5 times and couldn’t figure out why I kept having a loose stretch of yarn.  Probably need someone to show me how it’s done.  I’m a very visual learner.  Anyway, I came up with my version of a buttonhole for the flap.  The flap has 6 stitches, so I knit the first stitch, did SSK on the next two, 2 yarnovers, K2tog, K1, then knit the next row and bound off.  It turned out pretty good.  Last night I cast on and knit about a third of the front side of the tote. 

I like how the tote is turning out, but mine looks a lot smaller than the one in the pictures.  Miracles of all miracles I’m knitting at gauge, so not sure why mine is smaller.

While we were in Florida, Bill’s cousin and wife collected our mail and newspapers.  So last night we took them to dinner at Outback.  All I have to say is, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, my favorite dish, in a tie with the steak.


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I normally don’t make it to Gourmet Yarn Co. very often.  It’s way on the other side of town and there are 2 other shops that are closer to home.  So usually I will just stop in if I happen to be on that side of town, like when I have a Drs. appointment.

Saturday, I met friend Ann for lunch close to GYC so we stopped in to pick yarn for projects we had planned.  I didn’t have the pattern for the Celtic Tote with me, but was sure I could get what I needed.  That’s where my trouble began.  There was some Plymouth Tweed in a charcoal color that I really liked.

Plymouth Tweed

I think the tweed will look really good when it is felted.  It was about the right guage and there was 109 yds per skein, which sounded right.  So I bought 3 skeins.  Also found some di.ve Autunno in a pink/orange colorway that would go with the reddish brown one I already have, and a set of HiyaHiya stainless double points.

di.ve Autunno

When I got home I went in to check the tote pattern and discovered that the yarn they used had 190 yards, not 109.  So I got on the phone real fast and asked if they would please hold 2 more skeins for me.  Needless to say I made another trip across town on Sunday to pick up the yarn that was being held and an extra skein for good measure.  So I went to Gourmet Yarn Co. twice in two days.  A new record for me.

Sunday afternoon I cast on for the Celtic Tote, from the winter issue of Interweave Knits.  It took a couple of tries before I got it right, but the third time was the charm.  Here is my progress so far.  I’m a slow knitter and the cables are pretty intricate which makes for a slow knit also.  Lots of counting.

Celtic Tote

I really need to get some quilt work done, but since Thanksgiving, my back has been in spasms.  For the most part it is just annoying, but I can’t sit at the sewing machine and use the foot pedal.  I’m supposed to be passing Ann’s blocks on to Colleen.  Hopefully I can finish them soon.

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