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“La TĂȘte”. 

Donnas Cap Karma Hat

La TĂȘte is modeling the third and latest of the unintentional red hat series.  This is the gift I couldn’t post a pic of the other day.  The hat was made for Donna and is knit using Cascade 220 and the Smariek Knits pattern, Cap Karma Hat.  I also used the Brooklyn Tweed modifications in the crown decreases.  I did one more pattern repeat in the body of the hat because it looked like it would be too short.  Turns out it wasn’t needed, but now D has the option of wearing the hat pulled down lower over her ears or a little shorter by rolling up the ribbing section.

Donnas Cap Karma Hat - crown


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Lazy Day

I didn’t leave the house yesterday.  So it goes without saying that I didn’t get the cornhusks or chilies for the tamales.  Hopefully today I will get out since I need oxygen refills, too.  I didn’t really accomplish anything yesterday, just piddled around here and there.  Took an orange and studded it with whole cloves.  Mmm… Smells good. 

Here is the project I’ve been working on the past couple of evenings.  It’s a cable knit cap called Winter Femme  by d-made.


I’ve made this hat before and it turned out a little short and tight.  Barely came down to the ears.  So this time around I am adding another cable repeat and went up to size 6 dpns.  The scan doesn’t do it justice.  Yarn is Rowan Wool/Cotton in a pretty navy blue.


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