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Finished the Calorimetry, modified with cables.  I like the way it turned out. 

Cabled Calorimetry

The button doesn’t show up well in the picture, but it is a vintage, antiqued silver, metal button with cables around the outside edge. 

Cabled Calorimetry

Have been doing a little knitting on a couple of pairs of socks, trying to finish them up.  The weather isn’t cooperating, so no yardwork has been done.  More cold yucky weather due in the next couple of days.

I was talking to Eve yesterday about being right or left brain dominant.  Left brain dominant individuals are more orderly, literal, articulate, and to the point. They are good at understanding directions and anything that is explicit and logical. They can have trouble comprehending emotions and abstract concepts, they can feel lost when things are not clear, doubting anything that is not stated and proven.

Right brain dominant individuals are more visual and intuitive. They are better at summarizing multiple points, picking up on what’s not said, visualizing things, and making things up. They can lack attention to detail, directness, organization, and the ability to explain their ideas verbally, leaving them unable to communicate effectively.

Then I came across this quiz, my test results were no surprise.  “Overall you appear to have fairly Equal Hemispheres”

Brain Lateralization Test Results
Right Brain (46%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
Left Brain (52%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
Are You Right or Left Brained?
personality tests by similarminds.com

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There have been some changes since my post yesterday. 

First off, no sooner did I post about doing yardwork, and the wind started blowing like crazy.  So the neighbors are still stuck with looking at my dead zinnias.  Although, I plan on trying to remedy that later today.

Then, the more I thought about making a Calorimetry with five cables across the top, instead of the three I was currently knitting, you guessed it, to the frog pond we went.  Now my Calorimetry will have five sets of cables.  I really like it and am halfway through the project..


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I know it’s a little corny, “Can we say Cheeez?”, but it’s amazing how good you feel after a little restful sleep.

Last night was my first night on the CPAP.  Even with waking a few times because the mask felt strange, it was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months.  I could even feel the knots of muscle tension relaxing, like little bubbles bursting.  Received a copy of my sleep study.  Turns out I actually only stop breathing an average of 7 times an hour, but there are 42 times that my breathing gets extremely shallow, dropping my oxygen levels into the 70’s.   I rarely got beyond light or stage1 sleep.  Knowing all of this, it’s easy to understand why I was so tired all of the time and unable to function.

On to the knitting.  Started a new project.  The first Calorimetry I made was given to Kerry, now I’ve decided that I need one too.  So I stopped in at Gourmet Yarn Co. the other day after my Drs. visit and picked up a skein of Heathered Cascade 220 in a dk. hunter green, also purchased another Addi Lace circ in size 3, but that’s for another project.  For the Calorimetry I’m also modifying the pattern by adding 3 sets of cables at the center top.  It is turning out pretty well.  When I make another one I think I will add two more cables for a total of five.  The reason I’m not adding more cables is because of the pain of trying to work cables on the short row ends.  As soon as I make more progress, pics will be posted.

The sun is out today and the wind’s not blowing too hard, so think I’ll try to get a little yardwork in.  I’m pretty sure the neighbors are probably tired of looking at my dead Zinnias.

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… And I’m not talking about the mini quakes we’ve been having around here lately.  I actually stepped foot in Wal-Mart on Wednesday.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I only go to that W place as a last resort. Of course one of the few times I pay the place a visit, they are rearranging the store, and I have to search high and low for the items I need.

On Wednesday I also paid a visit to Carol’s Knitting Studio.  Went in with the intentions to only purchase some Tofutsies yarn, but Carol had to show me all the new yarn she has.  So besides the Tofutsies, a set of dpn needles and 2 skeins of  Cascade “Di Vé “Autunno” yarn followed me home.  I think I was the image of restraint, considering all the new yarn Carol has gotten in.


di.vé Autunno – color #34916  100% Merino Wool
Tofutsies – color #731 Ten Foot Tall

Tofutsies yarn is:
50% Superwash Wool
25% SOYSILK brand fiber
22.5% Cotton
2.5% Chitin (made from
shrimp and crab shells!) 
The Chitin is naturally antibacterial.

I bought the Autunno with the intentions of making a rolled brim hat.  Then while sorting free internet patterns I came across Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf on Knitty.  Yesterday afternoon I cast on and before I went to bed last night I had this:


Bad picture.  All I have left to do is weave in the ends and attach a button.  The picture doesn’t show the subtle shading of the yarn.  The Calorimetry only took one skein of yarn.  So I’m left with one lonely skein, maybe I will make another one for someone else.  For me the Calorimetry will actually work better than a hat because I usually wear my hair up.

Tomorrow I’m going to “For the Love of Quilts” quilt show in Lawton.  Plan on spending the day and catching up with everyone.  Haven’t seen a lot of the guild members in well over a year.  Also hoping that one of the vendors has some Angelina Fibers.  I’m in the mood to play with fabric and fibers.

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