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Hi everyone! Without going into a lot of boring detail, I’ve been really tired and swamped with other projects, that’s why I haven’t blogged lately.  To make up for it this post will be image heavy with projects of both mine and some friends.

To start off, The Skrappy Ladies had their fall canyon retreat in October and a wonderful time was had by all.  The challenge this time was to make a project using the selvedges of fabric.  All the entries were really great.

The first entry is Carol J’s, I think. lol it’s been a while.

Carol J selvedge

The next picture is of two entries.  The lamp is by Jean and the zippered pouch is by Melissa.

Jean's lamp Melissa's pouch

Jan covered a can for her entry.  Which we used to hold the votes for winning project.

Jan's entry

The winning entry was from Cindy S. with her appliqued selvedge pillow.

Cindy's entry

As always, click on the images for a larger view.

There were a couple of finished quilts to show and a pic of one in progress.  First up is a quilt by Jean.

Jean's quilt

Followed by a first quilt by Cindy, the daughter of long time Skrappy Lady, Sharron.

Cindy's first quilt

Next up is the in progress vertical quilt of Cindy S.

Cindy in progress quilt

You may be wondering what I did all weekend. Well I made some felted fabrics with my felting machine, and started work on a new site on the Crazy World project. No pics of Crazy World until I finish Australia.

I will leave this part of the post with a picture from the front porch area of the canyon lodge, showing the canyon wall.

Canyon wall

Just recently I finished an online course by Barb Owen.  The class was “Mining Your Muse” and along with the learning, I had a great time.

One of the first Muses that we learned about was also the latest one I’ve finished. She is “Thistle” – the artsy fartsy muse.

Thistle artsy fartsy muse

Then I combined two lessons for my Soul Muse, the face drawn on a covered button and the soft body. For the body I used the backside of one of the felted fabrics that I made at fall retreat.  She didn’t want to stick around so she is now residing with Mitzi.

Soul Muse

And last but not least.  I made a birthday card for my dear Daughter in law, Jessica.

Jess bday 2012

Now I need to get busy and send out my Postman Swap envies and make some Christmas cards.

Thanks everyone for stopping by,

Carol B.

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One more country visited, in “A Crazy World”.  I decided to do Egypt with the pyramids.  The background is coarse linen colored with Tim Holtz Distress Markers, Antique Linen and Broken China, and then heat set.  The pyramids are leather with Pigma Brush accents.  The palm tree trunk is leather and silk buttonhole twist thread, the tree branches are wool felt.  Click on image for a larger view.

Egypt in “A Crazy World”

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I didn’t get a whole lot done in June, other than reorganize  parts of the craft room. The main project I worked on was a gift for a friends 60th birthday. The card was made with paper in keeping with her summer birthday and the gift is because she loves mermaids.  As always, click on the image for a larger view.

Dar’s Birthday Card

Dar’s birthday mermaid wall hanging.

Dar’s birthday mermaid wall hanging – detail

And last but not least, 🙂 an ATC for Sheri in the Artangle June swap.  The theme was summer or “chunky” (dimensional) or both.  I found a cute pic of a dog dressed for vacation on an ad for Camp Bow Wow and knew exactly what I wanted to do.  The background was made on glossy photo paper using alcohol inks and Citrasolv.

June ATC for Sheri

So much for June, it has flown by.  Thanks for visiting my blog.

Carol B.

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Okay, week 4 has come and gone and I only have 2 projects and a partially finished journal spread.  Also have an in progress pic of “The Crazy World”.

First off I was inspired by ladyoflosttimes to try my hand at making a doll with copper embossing powder.  It turned out OK, but I did learn that the next time I want to poke holes in something that is embossed, I should heat the awl first.

The next project is one that I kept putting off because I knew it would be difficult.  It’s a colored pencil drawing of Ginger and it was hard to do justice to all of the colors in her tortoiseshell colored fur.  I will need to keep practicing.  Ginger is a whole lot cuter in real life.

Ginger - Prismacolors on Bristol


As many of you know, I have been working on a project I call “The Crazy World”.  Well I finally finished the background and appliqued the world to the center.  To give you perspective, the center circle is 18″ in diameter.  As always, click on the images for a larger picture.


A Crazy World


That is it for this edition, I have a bad cold so keeping this post short.  Hopefully I will have more to share next week.


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Yes, I know I’m slow.  Just can’t seem to get in gear, too much to do and not enough energy.

Today’s post will be the reveal of the panel challenges.  The challenge was that everyone supplied a pre-printed panel, pillow size, wallhanging, etc…..    Then envelopes containing clues joined the panels as they were prepared for the round robin.  When a participant received a panel package, they would open an envelope and add their part to the project.  Some of the clues consisted of:  four patch, stars, holiday, embellish, block of choice, wild card and even a chance to skip that month or draw again.  Those are only a few of the clues.  The part of the challenge that took the pressure off, was that you didn’t have to do all four sides of a panel and the clues were only suggestions and could be loosely interpreted, for which I am thankful and will elaborate later.  As always, you can click on the picture to embiggen and it will open in a new window.

The first panel I received was Cindy’s, and it was a pretty panel but very dark, so I did 9 patches in the corners and lighter fabric along top and sides.

 Cindy's Panel
Cindy’s Panel


I’ve lost my list, but I’m trying to remember the order in which I received the panels.  I know that Jan’s came next.  Jan’s came early in the challenge when I was having a patch of health problems and I could only muster up 9 patches again.  Originally, I had planned to do them down the side and across the bottom, but such is the way of best laid plans.  Looking back on Jan’s panel after going through the rounds, I like the blocks on just one side.

Jan's Pane
Jan’s Panel


I think Pam’s came next.  On Pam’s I drew the clue, ” piping or flange” .  When I received the quilt a flange wouldn’t have worked because it would have covered up the points of the previously added blocks.  So I opened up the seams around the panel and added a blue flange.

Pam's Panel
Pam’s Panel


Next was Marilyn’s.  When I received the panel it had a lot going on and needed a calm spot, so I added a border of various green squares.  Now this is where the ability to intrepet the clue in your own way came in handy.  On Jan’s and Marilyn’s panels I drew the clue “Holiday”, so given that their panels were Christmas panels, anything I added would fit the clue.

Marilyn's Panel
Marilyn’s Panel


About this time the docs figured out what my problem was, and with the new meds I started feeling better, the concentration improved and the old muse even returned.   When Cathy’s panel arrived I stared at it for a long time, my clue was “block of choice”.  The fabrics were bright, and again there was a lot going on.   As I stared at the fabric I kept seeing little swirls and dots in the print of the panel, so I decided to put dots in the border.  The red background of the border drew out the red/oranges in the panel and calmed it down a bit, then I added the reverse applique circles in a waving vs straight line.  The fabrics for the circles all have dots or swirls on them.

Cathy's Panel
Cathy’s Panel


For Colleen’s panel I drew the clue “feathers”.  After looking at the work on the panel so far, I knew it had to be applique across the bottom.  So I decided to do roosters, but needed something else to make it work.  Then I discovered the perfect fabric in the ones Colleen sent along with the panel (Oh, I forgot to tell you that we could send up to the equivalent of 2 yds fabric with the panel).  Anyway, the fabric I discovered was a basketweave print in yellows and golds, which when turned in a 45º direction looks like ears of corn.

Colleen's Panel
Colleen’s Panel


Then came Carol Ann’s panel.  When I opened the package and put the panel on the design wall, I thought “This is finished, what am I going to do?”  Then when I opened my clue, it was “4 patch”.  Here is where the loose interpretation of the clue came in handy again.  The panel itself, the buffalo strip, the arrowhead, and the feather strip are each a patch, there’s your 4 patch.

Carol Ann's Panel
Carol Ann’s Panel


Jean’s panel was the last one I received.  When I opened up the panel, to me the center panel was lost in all of the reds and light areas.  At the top and bottom of the panel were blank light areas that were ripe for applique.  I decided to do the little cabin on top and the bear below.  I started in trying to applique directly on to this large project and quickly discovered that it wasn’t going to work.  After trying to figure out a way to accomplish the stitching on such a large piece, I finally came to the conclusion that I would have to remove those blank strips, do the applique, and then sew the strips back in.

Jean's Panel
Jean’s Panel


Finally, after many months, I got to see my finished panel and I am so happy with the way it turned out.  The fan on the left side has lines drawn for the fan panels, and I will do some type of embroidery to make them stand out.  I love the bamboo strip that Jean did to the right of the panel, from a distance it looks like part of the print.

My Panel
My Panel


Next post, Retreat Pt. 2. 







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I’m still working on the Skrappy Panel Mystery Challenge, so no pics.  It won’t be much longer until the reveal at fall retreat in October.  Then I will post pics of all the finished challenges, and prove that I have actually been sewing and stitching.

My quilting fabrics never got sorted out after our move, so whenever I needed a fabric I had to dig through tubs and boxes.  After gifting a friend with 2 shelves of clothing fabrics I decided that it was time to get the quilting fabrics sorted, folded and put neatly on shelves in the closet.  Only problem was that I needed 2 more shelves.  I reported the shelving needs to the home’s chief carpenter and then hit the road for Tulsa to go with Kerry to see “Wicked”, which I highly recommend.  I arrived home on Sunday to this sight:

Sewing room chaos

Sewing room chaos


I do have to say that the piles of fabric on the floor are my doing, but everything else is all out in the middle of the floor because of this:

New Shelves

New Shelves

New shelves, and see, I’ve already gotten some of the fabrics folded.  Of course this won’t be all of my fabrics because I do have others that are sorted by type, such as the batiks, reproductions and orientals.

While sorting through the closet I stumbled across a block that I used to teach a dimensional applique class, it doesn’t need much more work, guess I should finish it.
Dimensional Applique

Dimensional Applique


It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I just wasn’t feeling well and had a hard time adjusting to new meds.  Thanks to new pain meds and NSAID gels, the arthritis and muscle pains are pretty much under control.  Can’t do a lot for the muscle weakness, but I’m feeling much better.  Still having knee problems, but when it gets bad I just use my cane, to prevent falling down if the knees decide not to work.


After the panel challenge is over I will be getting back to Dear Jane and especially “A Crazy World”.  The crazy quilting group on Yahoo has started a “CQ by 2012” challenge.  The group members are challenged to make a  crazy quilt project by 2012 with the prospect of a large CQ display at a major quilt show.  I added my name to the list with the intent of finishing up crazy world by 2012.

I’m off to the quilt shop to find fabric for the latest panel project, then need to hurry back home and get busy.

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This song has been playing in my head a lot lately.  We have had rain for 17 days in a row.  The sun has made an appearance here and there, but not long enough to dry anything out.  Our backyard looks like a very weedy pond.  The three tomato plants that we got in the ground before the rain are starting to turn yellow.  The raised beds are the only reason they have lasted this long.

Of course the rain and gloom haven’t helped with my tired and blue feeling, so I finally asked the Dr. about it and now I’m waiting on a lot of lab work results to come back.  Hopefully I can get back on track soon and a return to needlework and blogging on a regular basis.

Since my last post, the Skrappy Ladies held their spring retreat at canyon camp.  There were only 9 of us attending this time so we were able to spread out more than usual.  I worked away on the mystery quilt Faceted Jewels from last fall’s retreat.  I managed to finish all of the components and sew them into rows.  Now all I have left is to sew all of the rows together.  I didn’t get around to taking a picture of the top while I had it laid out on the floor. 

The project for spring retreat was a tessellating pinwheels variation from the books Square Dance and Square Dance (revised edition).  Melissa had made the pinwheel variation before so tried another pattern from the book.

For show and tell there were a few of the progressive block challenge projects, either finished or in progress. 

Carol Ann’s Tessellating Pinwheels
Jan's Tessellating Pinwheels
Jan’s Tessellating Pinwheels
Jean's Tessellating Pinwheels
Jean’s Tessellating Pinwheels
Melissa's variation from Square Dance
Melissa’s variation from Square Dance
Carol Ann's progressive challenge - in progress
Carol Ann’s progressive challenge – in progress
Cathy's progressive challenge - in progress
Cathy’s progressive challenge – in progress
Melissa's progressive challenge
Melissa’s progressive challenge
Pam's progressive challenge
Pam’s progressive challenge
Marilyn's sunflower string quilt
Marilyn’s sunflower string quilt. The picture looks a little strange because I took it upside down instead of walking all the way around the room.


Since returning home from retreat I haven’t done much in the way of needlework or quilting, but I have decided that I’m going to try and make at least one Dear Jane block each week.  I appliqued two of the blocks over the weekend and have come to the conclusion that if I don’t want to be left making only triangle blocks, I should make one triangle block for every 4 or 5 of the 4½’ square blocks made.  During our move some of the completed blocks were lost leaving me with just a few, plus the ones I just finished.  Below is a picture of my progress so far.  I also have one other block that is almost ¾ finished.



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All of the house guests have gone home.  Even with Donna in a lot of pain from her surgery we still managed to have a good time on the one night that we were all together before Donna went back home.  Eve said it almost felt like the sleepovers we used to have.  Donna wasn’t able to be on the go with us, needing lots of rest, but we kept in touch by phone and made it by one day for a visit. 

While Eve was here we took a trip to Bricktown, rode the water taxi on the canal, visited Bass Pro to see the giant aquarium and saw the Land Run Monument.  The monument isn’t complete but is still amazing, click on the “Land Run Monument” link for more info on this incredible work.

As always, click on the photos for a larger image.

Oklahoma Land Run Monument

A view of the monument from the water taxi.

Eve standing by one of land run statues

Eve standing next to one of the monument pieces gives you the idea of size.

While we were already on the northside we decided to head for Route 66.
Route 66 marker

Stopped at POP’S for a soda and souvenirs then headed further east to the Round Barn in Arcadia.
Round Barn

Eve Inside the RoundBarn

Eve was standing on the opposite side of the barn and we could hear her when she whispered.

Round Barn - Ceiling

Eve at the Round Barn

We also visited the Oklahoma City Art Museum during Eve’s visit to see the Roman Art From the Louvre exhibit.  It was awesome.  Sorry no pics were allowed.  It was also Eve’s first time viewing the museum’s large Chihuly glass collection.

The rest of her visit wasn’t very exciting, blogwise.  We checked out a bookstore and took in a movie.  I enjoyed her visit and as always it was way too short.  Bill and I did our best at promoting OKC but Eve said she’s not ready to move back to Oklahoma from Florida.

While taking the dreaded “P” (steroid) I have good days and few bad days.  During the past couple of weeks I was enjoying being with friends and guess I was running on adrenalin.  The day after the visit was spent catching up on household things, then the next was grocery shopping.  Then on Tuesday I crashed….hard.  Today is a better energy day, may actually make it out of my recliner and into the den of good intentions.  As bad as running on empty is, I would do it all over again for the chance of spending time with best friends.

The garden isn’t waiting on anyone, it is producing lots of eggplant, bell peppers and jalapenos.  The tomatoes are getting ready to start another round and the jalapenos are producing like crazy.

Did I mention jalapenos?  I put up 10½ pints (Donna helped with the slicing) and there are probably enough waiting to be picked to do that much again. This year I tried something new and made a few jars of Bread and Butter Jalapenos. Have to wait a few more weeks before I can tell how they turned out.

While she was here Eve mentioned the quilted wallhanging that I had promised her, years ago.  So I dug it out and decided to try and finish the hand quilting.  I had quit hand quilting because of my hands bothering me so much.  But during the years that the wallhanging has been languishing in the UFO pile, I came across these Leather Thimble Pads.  I’ve always had a problem with wearing a thimble and these aren’t a problem for me.  My hands don’t bother me now while quilting, but I’m also careful not to overdo it.  The adhesive on the pads is strong enough to hold multiple times.  I just stick it on my OTT light between uses.
Below is a picture of the wallhanging. It was made as part of a border challenge round robin. I made the center medallion by filling an appliqued vase with flowers that were cut from the same fabric as the outer border (broderie perse) then each member of the round robin added a border.

Round Robin Wallhanging

A Crazy World had been put on hold for the past few weeks, but will be getting back to it in the next few days.  Here is a bad picture of the progress on the whole “world” that will eventually be appliqued onto a crazy patched “sky” background.

A Crazy World - background

This is a long post and has taken me a couple of days to get it written and edited, but now the blog is up to date with everything that has been going on in the last couple of weeks.

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The bluebird of happiness has visited. 

  • Dad is improving a lot, will probably be in the hospital at least another two weeks, but he’s making a lot of progress. 
  • Instead of making some small pieced blocks for Colleen’s Progressive Challenge blocks, I decided to do more applique.  A bird block.
  • Since Dad is doing better I will be able to go to Skrappy Ladies Spring Retreat in the canyon.  There will be much laughter, talking, eating and maybe even a little work on our quilt projects.  Also the much anticipated “reveal” of everyone’s progressive challenge blocks.  I’m planning to take lots of pictures.

And now……here is the above mentioned bird.


Thank you to everyone for the supportive emails, comments and prayers while Dad is ill.


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Last week was a rollercoaster.  Lots of ups and downs.  Kerry came for a visit and spent the night.  She brought along our Girl Scout cookie order so we are now well supplied with sweet treats.  Then Friday morning I woke up with, thankfully, a mild case of whatever is going around.  Friday and Saturday were spent bundled up in my chair sleeping, watching TV and movies.  Which means that I didn’t make it to the Iron Thistle Scottish Heritage Festival.  I was really in the mood for bagpipes and men in kilts, too.

A couple of things I’ve been working on were finished.  First is another block for Colleen.  This is the one with the fantasy flowers and the insanity induced polka dots.


I’ll be making several small simple pieced blocks and then will be finished with my part of the Progressive Challenge.  Everyone’s blocks will be unveiled at our Skrappy Ladies Spring Retreat later this month.  I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with good friends and seeing all of the challenge blocks.

A knitting project was also finished.  The September Woods Socks are now complete.


The final, keeping fingers crossed, stepdown on the Prednisone withdrawal has begun.  The brain is feeling slightly foggy and having a little shortness of breath, hopefully it won’t last long.

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