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Hi everyone! Without going into a lot of boring detail, I’ve been really tired and swamped with other projects, that’s why I haven’t blogged lately.  To make up for it this post will be image heavy with projects of both mine and some friends.

To start off, The Skrappy Ladies had their fall canyon retreat in October and a wonderful time was had by all.  The challenge this time was to make a project using the selvedges of fabric.  All the entries were really great.

The first entry is Carol J’s, I think. lol it’s been a while.

Carol J selvedge

The next picture is of two entries.  The lamp is by Jean and the zippered pouch is by Melissa.

Jean's lamp Melissa's pouch

Jan covered a can for her entry.  Which we used to hold the votes for winning project.

Jan's entry

The winning entry was from Cindy S. with her appliqued selvedge pillow.

Cindy's entry

As always, click on the images for a larger view.

There were a couple of finished quilts to show and a pic of one in progress.  First up is a quilt by Jean.

Jean's quilt

Followed by a first quilt by Cindy, the daughter of long time Skrappy Lady, Sharron.

Cindy's first quilt

Next up is the in progress vertical quilt of Cindy S.

Cindy in progress quilt

You may be wondering what I did all weekend. Well I made some felted fabrics with my felting machine, and started work on a new site on the Crazy World project. No pics of Crazy World until I finish Australia.

I will leave this part of the post with a picture from the front porch area of the canyon lodge, showing the canyon wall.

Canyon wall

Just recently I finished an online course by Barb Owen.  The class was “Mining Your Muse” and along with the learning, I had a great time.

One of the first Muses that we learned about was also the latest one I’ve finished. She is “Thistle” – the artsy fartsy muse.

Thistle artsy fartsy muse

Then I combined two lessons for my Soul Muse, the face drawn on a covered button and the soft body. For the body I used the backside of one of the felted fabrics that I made at fall retreat.  She didn’t want to stick around so she is now residing with Mitzi.

Soul Muse

And last but not least.  I made a birthday card for my dear Daughter in law, Jessica.

Jess bday 2012

Now I need to get busy and send out my Postman Swap envies and make some Christmas cards.

Thanks everyone for stopping by,

Carol B.

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One more country visited, in “A Crazy World”.  I decided to do Egypt with the pyramids.  The background is coarse linen colored with Tim Holtz Distress Markers, Antique Linen and Broken China, and then heat set.  The pyramids are leather with Pigma Brush accents.  The palm tree trunk is leather and silk buttonhole twist thread, the tree branches are wool felt.  Click on image for a larger view.

Egypt in “A Crazy World”

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Post of few words

Once again lots of pics and very few words.  The two postcards and 4 ATC’s were sent to Dede to give away on her stream.  As always you can click on the pictures for a larger view.

Postcards done with alcohol inks, paper napkins, stamps and ink.


Two more ATC’s

Coffee sleeve mini album – front

Coffee Sleeve Mini pages

Coffee sleeve mini pages – The vintage glass Buddha was made in Occupied Japan.

Coffee sleeve mini pages

Coffee sleeve mini pages

Coffee sleeve mini – back

Made my own washi tape.

I made an ATC for a swap, but forgot to get a picture before sending it off.  So will hopefully post a pic when the receiver takes a pic for me.   Also have worked on A Crazy World but keep forgetting to get pics.  I’ve stitched an igloo and polar bear, and also Eiffel Tower.  Will post pics when I remember to take them. 🙂

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Don’t have a lot to say, but I do have a lot of pics to show what I’ve been up to since the last post.  I finished the beaded mermaid and sent it to my Secret Sister Dede.  The mermaid is below and a link to see the other items I made in Secret Sister box is here.

I have also joined an ATC swap.  Where we are partnered up with a different person and theme each month for the swap.  The first swap was in April and I had  SandyJ UK for my partner. Sandy is a big Tim Holtz fan and dislikes the color green, so to tease her I made a joke ATC as well as the actual ATC for the swap. 🙂

Also made and sent a few thank you cards

Made a “just because” tag for Felicia to make her smile.

Then came Mother’s Day,

And the little black dress

That is it for today folks.  I have been working on The Crazy World again and will post progress pics in the next day or so.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I’ve been up to.

(((HUGS))) – CarolB

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Okay, week 4 has come and gone and I only have 2 projects and a partially finished journal spread.  Also have an in progress pic of “The Crazy World”.

First off I was inspired by ladyoflosttimes to try my hand at making a doll with copper embossing powder.  It turned out OK, but I did learn that the next time I want to poke holes in something that is embossed, I should heat the awl first.

The next project is one that I kept putting off because I knew it would be difficult.  It’s a colored pencil drawing of Ginger and it was hard to do justice to all of the colors in her tortoiseshell colored fur.  I will need to keep practicing.  Ginger is a whole lot cuter in real life.

Ginger - Prismacolors on Bristol


As many of you know, I have been working on a project I call “The Crazy World”.  Well I finally finished the background and appliqued the world to the center.  To give you perspective, the center circle is 18″ in diameter.  As always, click on the images for a larger picture.


A Crazy World


That is it for this edition, I have a bad cold so keeping this post short.  Hopefully I will have more to share next week.


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The cartoon above  has always been one of my favorites.  So, when I received a much wanted, long awaited, Kindle for Christmas and discovered that there was a setting for naming it, the first name to pop into my head was George.  George and I have become almost inseparable, I read for several hours every evening and have read more in the last 3 months than I probably did in the last 3 years.  If I’m not reading, then I am searching for content to feed George.  There is a wonderland of free books on the internet, I’ve rediscovered old classics and found new indie authors.  Out of the almost 200 books obtained for George, 9 out of 10 were free.  My friend George, I will hug him and squeeze him and…….

It has been a long time since my last post, but there hasn’t really been anything worth posting.  Still trying to get the meds working right.  I hope that with Spring coming, and bringing warmer temps and more sunshine, that I will start feeling better.

Around Christmas I did finish a shawlette for Jessica.  I had a skein of Cascade 220 left over from knitting her February Lady Sweater, that I wanted to use.  Searching Ravelry, I found the pattern for 198 yards of Heaven by Christy Verity, which turned out to be a quick and easy knit.  This picture was taken while the shawlette was still being blocked.

198 yards of Heaven for Jessica


 Two chemo caps for Bill’s Aunt were also knit, but I didn’t get pictures of them.  The patterns I used were, Lotus Hat knit with Spud and Chloe Sweater, and the Cap Karma Hat, with crown shaping by Brooklyn Tweed, knit with Berroco Vintage.  It was the first time for knitting the Lotus Cap and it turned out really well, makes a very pretty hat.  The Cap Karma Hat pattern is an extremely fast and easy knit, which deceives people into thinking that you spent hours and hours knitting it.  I always knit an extra repeat to make sure that it fits, and if it turns out too long, the recipient can always roll up the ribbed edge.

I have also started 198 yards of Heaven for Kerry, but have decided to add a few more repeats to make it shawl size.  My shawl, Sivilla, is on hold for now.

Progress on A Crazy World has slowed considerably.   The search is still on for more fancy fabrics in shades of blue.

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Below is a pic from retreat, but where is everyone?  Retreat fell on the same weekend as the OU/Texas game, so they are all out in the lobby in front of the TV.

Where is everyone?

Cindy was working on a UFO and it gave me an idea of how I can use all of my 80’s floral’s.  It is 8″ squares of fabric, cut into fourths and the addition of 1″ lattice strips.

Cindy's floral quilt

 We also exchanged our packs of 5 inch “cookies”.  I managed to get mine all sewn together into a top, but need to add 2 additional rows to make it lap size.  I didn’t get any pictures of other people’s projects, and keep forgetting to take a pic of mine.

Kerry called one day and asked me if I would make something for a friend of her’s that was having a baby.   The baby is now around a month old, and I finally finished and mailed the items on Monday.  After searching through Ravelry I finally decided on Autumn Leaves for the sweater, and Afternoon Outing Baby Cap for the hat.  For the sweater I did a couple of modifications.  First, I made it with long sleeves and also added an eyelet accent before the hem.  I’m rather pleased with the results.  The hat was a whole other story.  Actually there are two hats, because the first one turned out large enough for a toddler.  Sorry for picture quality, but the weather hasn’t been cooperating.  The yarn I used for these is Elann’s Superwash Worsted, and the color is actually a raspberry sherbet color.

Autumn Leaves Cardigan with Afternoon Outing Baby Cap

The sky portion of A Crazy World has been put on hold until I can round up more fancy fabrics in various shades of blue.  I’m wanting fabric that is solid, tone on tone, brocade, jacquard or subtle prints, in various shades of blue from light to dark.  Not having much luck in the shops around here or online.  While I’m searching for blues, I have decided to visit the Far East.  So far I just have running stitches outlining the pattern, and it won’t photograph well, the pictures will have to wait until I get further along in the stitching. 

There may not be much in the way of stitching going on around here for a week or so.  I’m cooking Thanksgiving for any of the family that can make it here, and then there will be a “Before the Holiday Madness Party” and real cookie exchange with the Skrappy Ladies and Loose Threads in Lawton.   I will be baking, I think, at least 72 cookes and still haven’t decided on which recipe to use.  It will be some type of biscotti.

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I know that I still need to post Fall Retreat Pt.2, but with Bill home recovering from foot surgery, my routine has been disrupted. I will get it posted soon.

I have been knitting.  Kerry asked if I would make something for the new baby of a friend.  So I have knit a sweater, (pics and details soon) also knit a hat, but it would fit a 3-year-old.  So I have gone down two needles sizes and cast on again last night.  Guess the baby will receive two hats, one for now and one for later.  Hope to finish soon so I can get back to the Sivilla shawl, of which I have made it through the pattern, and started on the second repeat.

While I try to round-up more shades of blue for the background of A Crazy World, I have been doodling in my sketchbook.  I am going to go with the background sketch on the right and I know that I want to applique the pieces with some curves, but can’t decide whether to work left to right, out from center, or some yet unthought of method.

Sketchbook doodles

Sketchbook doodles

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Oh, how I wish I could post about the panel challenge.  I especially like the way my work on the current panel is turning out, even better than I imagined.  There will be one more panel arriving soon and it will be the last.  The reveal is still 2 long months away.

The Skrappy Ladies have decided to have a Christmas “cookie” exchange at our fall retreat.  The cookies will be 5″ squares of Christmas fabric and we will bring 5 squares for each person participating.  So far there are 12 people participating so we will need to bring 60 squares.  I’ve decided that I’m going to use up my old vintage, circa 80’s, Christmas prints, hoping that I won’t need to purchase any new fabric.  The project for fall retreat is to bring a pattern and other fabrics needed to use with your cookies.

Speaking of fabric.  Donna came by the other day and I sent her home with another trash bag full of fabric.  We were talking and she mentioned suiting, which reminded me that I had a bunch of suitings in the cedar chest that I had inherited from a friend that worked at a menswear factory.  I even, although it nearly killed me to do it, gave up some corduroy yardage that I had been hanging on to.  The corduroy has a nice hand and is the most beautiful deep shade of ruby.  Oh well, at least I know Donna will use it and she loves corduroy as much as I do.  My fabric stash is shrinking.

Not sure how long it will last, but the creative part of my brain is actually in gear.  I’ve already decided on the next motif for A Crazy World and have ideas for a couple more.  I’m also thinking that it is about time to attach the world to the sky/space background.  Which means sorting through the tubs of fancies and picking out blue fabrics that range from very light to very dark.

Not much going on with knitting.  I usually knit in the evenings while watching TV and lately Bill’s been watching a lot of the Discovery and National Geographic channels, especially during shark week, which means that I have been dozing off a few minutes after sitting down.  Don’t get me wrong I like a lot of the programs on those channels, but in the evening when I’m tired, the calm voices of the narrators put me to sleep.,

Well I’m off to the sewing room for more Super Secret Skrappy Stitching.

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I’m still working on the Skrappy Panel Mystery Challenge, so no pics.  It won’t be much longer until the reveal at fall retreat in October.  Then I will post pics of all the finished challenges, and prove that I have actually been sewing and stitching.

My quilting fabrics never got sorted out after our move, so whenever I needed a fabric I had to dig through tubs and boxes.  After gifting a friend with 2 shelves of clothing fabrics I decided that it was time to get the quilting fabrics sorted, folded and put neatly on shelves in the closet.  Only problem was that I needed 2 more shelves.  I reported the shelving needs to the home’s chief carpenter and then hit the road for Tulsa to go with Kerry to see “Wicked”, which I highly recommend.  I arrived home on Sunday to this sight:

Sewing room chaos

Sewing room chaos


I do have to say that the piles of fabric on the floor are my doing, but everything else is all out in the middle of the floor because of this:

New Shelves

New Shelves

New shelves, and see, I’ve already gotten some of the fabrics folded.  Of course this won’t be all of my fabrics because I do have others that are sorted by type, such as the batiks, reproductions and orientals.

While sorting through the closet I stumbled across a block that I used to teach a dimensional applique class, it doesn’t need much more work, guess I should finish it.
Dimensional Applique

Dimensional Applique


It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I just wasn’t feeling well and had a hard time adjusting to new meds.  Thanks to new pain meds and NSAID gels, the arthritis and muscle pains are pretty much under control.  Can’t do a lot for the muscle weakness, but I’m feeling much better.  Still having knee problems, but when it gets bad I just use my cane, to prevent falling down if the knees decide not to work.


After the panel challenge is over I will be getting back to Dear Jane and especially “A Crazy World”.  The crazy quilting group on Yahoo has started a “CQ by 2012” challenge.  The group members are challenged to make a  crazy quilt project by 2012 with the prospect of a large CQ display at a major quilt show.  I added my name to the list with the intent of finishing up crazy world by 2012.

I’m off to the quilt shop to find fabric for the latest panel project, then need to hurry back home and get busy.

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