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Okay, week 4 has come and gone and I only have 2 projects and a partially finished journal spread.  Also have an in progress pic of “The Crazy World”.

First off I was inspired by ladyoflosttimes to try my hand at making a doll with copper embossing powder.  It turned out OK, but I did learn that the next time I want to poke holes in something that is embossed, I should heat the awl first.

The next project is one that I kept putting off because I knew it would be difficult.  It’s a colored pencil drawing of Ginger and it was hard to do justice to all of the colors in her tortoiseshell colored fur.  I will need to keep practicing.  Ginger is a whole lot cuter in real life.

Ginger - Prismacolors on Bristol


As many of you know, I have been working on a project I call “The Crazy World”.  Well I finally finished the background and appliqued the world to the center.  To give you perspective, the center circle is 18″ in diameter.  As always, click on the images for a larger picture.


A Crazy World


That is it for this edition, I have a bad cold so keeping this post short.  Hopefully I will have more to share next week.


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UIU – 1/23 update

Just dropping in to update my UIU (Use It Up) projects.  Haven’t done a lot but have gotten a few things done.

First I made a postcard using a paper cocktail napkin, lace, ribbon, trim and a rubber stamp.

click on image for larger version

click on image for larger version

Then I played around with making a tag using another paper napkin, card stock, pearl cotton and rick rack.

One night on Stickam, ladyoflosttimes was making an art doll using a tag and beads.  It turned out so cute than I had to try my hand at it too.  Luckily there was a face bead in my stash along with loads of beads and findings.

click on image for larger version

I will leave you with a view of my craft supplies. 🙂

Miss Ginger

except for miss ginger 🙂

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2012 is starting off with lots of new challenges.  Challenges to UIU (use it up), to travel around the world with the Postcard Challenge,  and the Idea Collector Project.  So far the only challenge I have been able to keep up with is the UIU, but will be playing catch up with the others.

So to show what I have made by using it up, I’ll start with an ATC (artist trading card) I made using an adorable image of a bossy looking little girl.  I made a set of 9 ATC’s and have traded or gifted all but 5 in case anyone is interested in a trade.  As always click on image for larger view.


Miss Priss


Another journal spread.

Time is and illusion

Seekingforart  has been streaming about her melted crayon technique and inspiring me and others to haul out our crayons and play along.  My first attempt was a card with a stamped and colored front and then I made a tag.  This technique is very addictive and has many possible uses.

So even if I haven’t been blogging, I have been busy arting and hanging out till all hours with great friends in the Stickam chat room. I hope to not be so neglectful of this blog and since we are supposed to post how we are UIU I will  hopefully be blogging regularly.

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Can’t believe I have neglected the blog for more than two months.  Guess I should catch everyone up on what’s been going on since October. 🙂

I’ve become more active with a group of wonderful and very supportive arting friends that I discovered on Ustream.  Lately I have been playing more with paper and paints.

The Nest

The next project was inspired by a Ustream video by Barb of “Creating Faces”.

Paper Applique

A decorated tag.

Another journal spread.

Love is ....

For Christmas I received a set of 48 Prismacolor pencils.  For my first attempt with them I worked on a portrait of Grandfurkid Josie as a gift for Steven and Jessica.

Josie - Prismacolor pencils

As always, for a larger view, click on the images.

To close out 2011 and end on a humorous note, I leave you with a picture of our laundry. 🙂

Kitty Laundry

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