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The Oklahoma City record for 100° or higher days in one year is 50.  That was in 1980 and I remember it well, we were living in Ft. Sill Army housing and were without air conditioning for 2 weeks with daily temps averaging 104°.  While hanging out laundry as soon as I finished hanging a load, I could go back and start taking down the first things.  They dried that fast.  This year we are well on the way to breaking the 50 day record and it is only the beginning of August.

I haven’t accomplished much more than catching up on the Criminal Minds series, which I just now discovered.  Guess I’ve been hiding under a rock.  Too hot to do much of anything and since I can only hobble around it limits my options.

About a year ago I twisted my knee and was told by rheumotology Drs that I should just use anti-inflammatories and exercises, that there was arthritis in my knees and not much could be done about it.  I did get one steroid injection, but it only lasted about 3 weeks.  Finally last month after my hip, ankle and foot started hurting too, I talked to my primary care doctor about it and asked for a referral to an orthopedist, the next week I was at the ortho clinic and the Dr is telling me that I probably tore the medial meniscus in my knee and was sent for MRI.  The MRI showed not only the meniscus tear but I have bursitis with a lot of fluid under my kneecap, along with the already known arthritis.  So in a couple of weeks I will be having arthroscopic surgery on my knee and am told I will be walking later the same day.  Looking forward to that, I’m tired of the pain and limping.

On to better and brighter things.  I have managed to finish 3 pages in my Journal.  The first page is about the Passages exhibit at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.  The exhibit was extremely interesting, Bill and I both enjoyed it.  Of course it would have been a lot better if I wasn’t constantly looking for a chair to sit in.  The exhibit starts with examples of the Torah and then the exhibit shows how the Bible has progressively changed through the centuries.  I highly recommend the exhibit and it is here in OKC until October when it will move on to the Vatican and then New York.  Click on images to enlarge.


Passages - Journal Pages


The next journal pages were inspired by Japanese woodblock prints.  Those of you who know me well, know that I love oriental things.  It’s kind of hard to tell but there are a lot of gold accents, but they don’t show up in the photo.


Japanese woodblock prints inspired


I don’t know, but I think the next journal pages may be a little too subtle in conveying the message. 😉   I was in the midst of a Fibro flare.


PAIN - Fibro flare

Hope everyone is keeping cool and well hydrated during this especially hot summer.
Carol B.


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