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Back when the Skrappy Ladies did the Progressive Block Challenge, Sharron one of our members, had a lot on her plate at the time and decided to opt out.  So we got together and made her some blocks in the theme that she had chosen.  Well when Sharron announced that she would be moving to Amarillo, the Skrappies enlisted her daughters’ help in retrieving the blocks, to be assembled into a quilt.  With a secret workday and Carol J’s lightning quick machine quilting, the quilt was presented to Sharron at Saturday’s workday, along with a salad luncheon in her honor and Cindy’s awesome lemon cake.

Sharron opening her surprise.


Quilt Label


Sharron's surprised face.


Stars of Oklahoma for Sharron


While Sharron had been packing she was watching for the star blocks, and couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t come across them yet.  Below is and excerpt from the email she sent out on Sunday.

“You gals really surprised me today.   I found the Fons and Porter magazine with the pattern.  I had  not been able to find my star blocks. I kept watching  on every shelf as  I packed,  but no  star blocks.  I didn’t even have them here in the house anymore.  What a sneaky bunch you are.”

The Skrappies will miss seeing Sharron on a regular basis, but she will still be coming to our spring and fall retreats. 

At Saturday’s workday, Melissa was working on her Southwestern Row by Row Challenge.  I like the braids on the women.

Melissa's Southwestern Row by Row


 Below is part of an email from Marilyn, after the secret workday.

“And the other revelation we had was that this was a great way to complete a UFO.  For those of you who do not know, or who have forgotten, we were able to “pull back” (doesn’t that sound so much nicer than stole?) the progressive challenge star blocks that we made for Sharron,  they were off white and blues.  Her daughter brought them to us and yesterday we arranged them, filled in the blanks and finished the top in under 3 hours.  5 of us were there and we were not working the entire time.  So…. a great idea was born.   What if we had a lottery and pulled a name for the Saturday Sew In or the Friday of our retreats and the winner could bring a UFO.  We would all help finish it and they would have something that was done!  Sometimes our UFO’s are just blocks that need ideas on how to arrange them, sometimes they are just not completed and we need inspiration.  Toss this around in your heads and give us feedback.  Pam actually wants to create a UFO so she can qualify.  I kept thinking about birthday blocks and friendship blocks and how I need an idea to create a quilt top that is just not a row!   Some of the things we came up with were if you won the lottery you could send a photo with all your blocks so we could think ahead.  Using the design wall was amazing and that is why we want to limit it to Sew In or Retreat since it does take some time.  But it really gave credence to “many hands make light work”. 

 For the Finish the UFO project, everyone will put their name in the pot for a chance to have their UFO completed.  Saturday was the first drawing for the Finish the UFO project, and I was the lucky winner.  So at our next Saturday workday,  in July, we will be assembling the  blue and white blocks I received as outgoing President of the Wichita Mountains Quilt Guild in 1995 (yes, they’ve been around awhile).   Everyone will be bringing assorted red fabrics cut in 2½” squares to be sewn into setting  strips.  I’m looking foward to seeing these blocks made into a quilt top.

I’m closing today’s post with a picture of Toby’s impersonation of a doorstop.

Toby the doorstop

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