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My Lucky Day

I hadn’t been wearing my nightguard like I was supposed to, and Sunday night I paid the price by chipping a tooth while I slept.  Yes, I’m a teeth grinder.  So today I went to see the dentist visualising a long procedure and a monstrous dental bill.  I was in and out of the office in about 15 minutes.  Luckily the chip wasn’t as big as it felt and only had to be smoothed out.

Since the dentist office is just down the street from the thrift shop, I stopped by.  It just must have been my lucky day. 

 First off, we are always needing more hangers and they had a bundle of 14 tubular plastic ones for .50¢. 

One of my all time favorite books, “Hannah Fowler”, they had in hardback (it’s not available for Kindle). 

Also found 6 little dessert/bread plates for $1 that will be nice for my shabby chic tea party collection.  Wednesday is senior day, so with my discount, the cost of all my thrifting treasures came to $2.85.  Not bad.

When I got home I decided to check online and see when the little dessert plates were made.  They were made by Homer Laughlin China as part of their Virginia Rose collection.  The pattern is Meadow Goldenrod and was made between 1937 – 1953.  Also the plates are worth between $6 – $8 a piece.  

A platter with the same pattern as my plates.

A platter with the same pattern as my plates.

 The pink flowers are actually a dustier pink.

After I picked up Donna at the Dr’s, we stopped by another thrift shop and I bought 3, heavy cotton, white, commercial kitchen type aprons, for .85¢ a piece.

Like I said, it must be my lucky day.


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Today is  Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. 

Chronic widespread body pain is the primary symptom of fibromyalgia.  Most people with fibromyalgia also experience moderate to extreme fatigue, sleep disturbances, sensitivity to touch, light, and sound, and cognitive difficulties. Fibromyalgia is a complex and sometimes misunderstood syndrome.  There are still Doctors today that don’t believe it even exists, that the patients are imagining it or faking.  Then there is the, “but you don’t look like there is anything wrong?”.  It’s hard to explain that sometimes even the slightest touch or a hug can be extremely painful, along with your brain being so foggy that it’s hard to get anything done. 

Luckily, my family practitioner listened to me and I was referred to a Rheumotologist that diagnosed my Fibromyalgia on the very first visit, after reviewing my records and giving me a physical exam that bordered on torture.

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Yesterday was wild and wooly, weatherwise.   I was born and raised in Oklahoma and yesterday’s storms were the strangest I’ve ever seen.   Tornadoes just kept popping up every where.  I’m not sure there will ever be a count of exactly how many there were. 

We were luckier than a lot of others.  We had no damage and no one hurt.  There was a small tornado that touched down less than a half mile south of us, one that was a mile and half south,  and another a mile and half northeast.  That’s enough exciting weather to last me for a while.

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After  a helpful comment from Colleen, I have matched a few more quilter’s with their projects in the post of May 6.   I have retitled the pics.

 Also Colleen sent a pic of the finished bib apron she was working on a retreat.  She got lots of feedback from everyone during the construction.  Skrappies always have lots of suggestions and opinions.  LOL

Colleen's "kickin' up our heels" apron

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April 16 – 18 was the Skrappy Ladies Spring Retreat at Canyon Camp and it rained all weekend.  Not the hard gully washer type rain that is usually the norm in Oklahoma, this was a gentle soaking rain, but it rained non stop until early Sunday afternoon.  Of course since we were there to quilt, the weather didn’t really affect us.

The project chosen for this retreat was The One Block Wonder, or there were some of us that worked on slimming down our UFO piles.  I didn’t work on a One Block Wonder, but would like to do one in the future. 

I’m having a hard time matching quilter’s with quilts in some of the photos, so if I make a mistake or don’t name a quilter, leave a comment  and I will correct the error.  As always, clicking on a photo will open a larger image in another window.

Skrappies and friends at work

 It is always hard to get a pic with everyone in the room at the same time,  there were 14 of us at this retreat.

First we will be starting off with the show and tell quilts.

Carol J's Sock Monkey - progressive challenge blocks

Diane's Stars

Marilyn's Cruise Project


Cathy's B&W Quilt

Carol C. made the apron won by Judy H. and loaned to Colleen for inspiration.

 Colleen was working on a bib type apron made from overalls. 

Melissa's Seven Sisters

Melissa's Zig Zag

Now for the One Block Wonders.  It is really interesting to see the different designs that come from one piece of fabric.  I wish that I had thought to take pictures of what the fabric looks like before cutting.

Carol J's One Block Wonder Blocks

Cindy's One Block Wonder Blocks

Jo Ann's One Block Wonder

Melissa's One Block Wonder Blocks

Melissa's OBW with a little visuall interest added

Shirley's One Block Wonder Blocks

 After seeing the picture of Shirley’s blocks I was wondering how they would look arranged with the golds in the center, radiating out with the lights, pinks into the greens.  Sort of like a large flower.

Now moving on to the the various other projects being worked on over the weekend.

Jan was finishing up a string type quilt. Picture doesn't do it justice.

Patsy's Scripture Quilt

I finished the snowball blocks for my Tennessee Waltz

There were othe projects being worked on, but didn’t get pics of all of them.

We had a good time and while I was loading my car, the goats came down off of the rim into the canyon.

Bruce and family (inside joke)

 Okay! Are you ready?  Are you sitting down?  I finished a knitting project.  Using the 198 yds of Heaven shawlette pattern, I knit a shawl for Kerry.  I did 2 extra full repeats of the pattern which made the finished shawl 33″ x 70″ and used 2 full skeins of Cascade 220 wool with about 5 to 10 yds left over from another project.

Ta Da!

Kerry's 440+ yds of Heaven

And in conclusion, the ruler of the roost.

The Man and his(my) cat

Toby Tv

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