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I’m still working on SSSS * but between doing that, a fibro flare, and running out of spoons **,  I managed to make 7 pints of Bread & Butter jalapenos, one pint that was ½ jalapenos and ½ okra, and one pint with just okra.  Now the torture of waiting 6 weeks to see how they turned out.

Last weekend I traveled down to Lawton for Skrappy workday, had a nice visit with friends, ate a wonderful salad & dessert potluck, and managed to almost finish an applique Dear Jane block.  That now makes two in progress DJ blocks that will have to wait until I’m finished with all of this panel challenge, retreat stuff.

*- Super Secret Skrappy Stuff
** – Spoon Theory

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It’s becoming a habit to stop in at the thrift store, before going to the grocery store.  They are only a mile apart so it’s very convenient.  Most days I walk out empty handed, but lately I’ve been fairly lucky.

At the thrift store yesterday, while rummaging through a bunch of cross stitch kits, I found two small kits for Battenberg lace projects.  I don’t particularly care for the 80’s type projects, but I wanted the supplies.  So since yesterday was senior day, with my discount, I got a total of 6 yds of Battenberg tape and over 30 yds of linen lace thread for $1.85 including tax.  Now I just have to learn how to make Battenberg lace.

36 days until Skrappy Ladies Fall Retreat.

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