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Long time gone.

Hadn’t realized how long it had been since my last post.  There has been a lot going on around here but either it wasn’t blog worthy or was secret Skrappy stuff.  Dug out some of my older cd’s and have been listening to old favorites like Crosby, Stills, Nash, and later to join, Young.  Thus the post title “Long Time Gone”.

This weekend is the Skrappy Ladies spring retreat, down in a canyon, away from the distractions of the outside world.  No television and no cell phones.  Emergency contact is through the office or pay phone.  A weekend of quilting, laughter, and food.  The camp supplies our meals, but we must be afraid they will forget because we always have a table over flowing with snacks and drinks.  We usually have a project that everyone works on, but this time I’ve decided not to participate and to work on finishing my mystery quilt that we started at fall retreat.   

This year instead of having door prizes we are going to play Bunco/Bunko.  I have never played this before so I don’t know anything about the game.  Anyway, everyone is supposed to bring a quilting/sewing related gift with value of approx. $10.  I always have trouble picking out something that I think everyone might like, so I usually make needlebooks or handmade items.  My contribution for a Bunco prize will be this beehive pincushion.

Beehive pincushion

At the winter quilt show a vendor was demonstrating how to make bowls and bags out of fabric wrapped cotton cord.  I bought some of the cotton cording and had planned to make a bag, then I had the idea of making a pincushion instead.

The yard on one side of our house is very narrow, with little to no sun, and nothing but a few weeds will grow there.  So eventually we plan on laying down a weed barrier and covering it with small stones.  A relative was removing stones from part of the yard at his new house so Bill brought them all over here, where they are sitting on one side of the back porch until being moved to the side yard.  There are quite a few doves that visit the yard and they love to sit on the rock pile in the afternoon where they have a very interested audience.

Toby, dove watching.

It’s amusing to watch Toby while he’s watching the doves.  He tries so hard to be still, but keeps twitching until it finally gets the best of him and he jumps, which scares off the doves.

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February Lady Sweater for Jessica

February Lady Sweater for Jessica

I finished the February Lady Sweater that I was knitting for Jessica.  I took the picture before it was washed and blocked.  The above picture is pretty true to the color, but in the picture below the color variations show up better, especially when you click on the image and then on to the large size on Flickr.

February Lady Sweater - detail

February Lady Sweater - detail

I haven’t done much of anything lately.  Still can’t quite shake this blue funk I’m in.  Wish all of the pollen levels would drop and the wind would die down so that I could venture outside for some fresh air and sunshine.  The Skrappies Spring Retreat is coming up in about 3 weeks, so I have that to look forward to.  Even though I’m no where near being prepared.

Have worked on the panel mystery round robin.  I thought this round robin would be easy because we would pick an envelope with the instructions of what we were to do next on the panel.  Well let’s just say that the first 2 clues I got were really vague, which means I actually had to use my poor little brain.  When I opened the clue envelope for the panel I have now, I knew exactly what I would do and set right in to finish it.  Then I put it on the design wall, stood back, and realized that I had sewn it on upside down.  So now I have to take it out and redo it. 

No progress has been made on A Crazy World, I haven’t decided on the motif that I will stitch next. 

Toby has recovered from his reaction to the antibiotics and the stress of the trip to the vet.  Poor thing cried all the way, he was sure that we were taking him back to the shelter.  Although he did actually like the vet’s office.  I took him to a cat’s only clinic and they had a bird cage containing 3 parakeets at the end of the examining table.  Toby just layed there watching the birds while they examined him, even when they took his temperature.  Toby says “Thank you” to Ginger and Mocha for their get well wishes.

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