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No Excuse

Actually I could bore you with tales of woe and a multitude of excuses for not posting to the blog, but I won’t. 

I drove down to Lawton last week for WMQG‘s quilt show.  It was a really nice show with a small but good variety of vendors.  I didn’t come away with great inspiration for future works but I got to see a lot of old friends and catch up on the news.  Melissa, Sharron and I then had a nice visit over lunch at Anna’s German Quick Stop.  The food was like being back in Germany, which I miss and would return for a visit at the drop of a hat.

Today Bill and I are celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary by going to lunch and paying a visit to the zoo since the weather is unusually nice for February and will get up to 78°.  Looking forward to fresh air and sunshine because tomorrow the cold weather returns.

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My State of Mind

 lethargic – deficient in alertness or activity; dazed, foggy, groggy, stuporous, dreamy, lackadaisical, languid, languorous, listless.

There has been very little stitching, knitting, reading or much of anything else.  The first few weeks after lowering my Prednisone dosage are always the worst, but hopefully this will be the last time.  I should stay at this level from now on, barring any future  breathless episodes.

Many, many more french knots have been added to the jungle motif.  In response to Judy and Marihette, thank you for your comments, and although there are times that it can get boring, actually making all of those knots can be a sort of meditation. 

The February Lady sweater for Jessica now has the body and one sleeve, maybe it will be finished in time for her to wear it at least once before warm weather.

The Wichita Mountains Quilt Guild will be holding their biennial quilt show in Lawton on Friday and Saturday.  I’ll be going down to Lawton on Friday to see the show and visit.  Hoping that seeing all of the creativity will help me escape the doldrums.

Toby was adopted from the shelter in November and has settled in very well, along with deciding that he will let us stick around to take care of his needs.  Like the times he lets us know we are failing in the attention department.


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Just popping in to give proof that there is stitching being done.  Still a lot more jungle to stitch and a little more work on the house, before this section of “A Crazy World” will be finished.

Jungle house - still in progress

It may be hard to see in the picture, but I added a window to the house.  It is two layers of silver organdy fabric fused together with black Misty Fuse and then stitched in place.

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Why?  Is what my family will be wondering when they come across the gazillion sets of bamboo chopsticks in my sewing room, after I’ve gone to needlework heaven. 

I have a nice set of lacquered chopsticks that I use for eating, but whenever there is chinese take-out it comes with chopsticks.  Also whenever I buy the bowls of ramen at the store they have loose chopsticks by the bowls, so I pick up a set for each bowl that I buy, after all they are included in the price of the ramen.  This means that I have accumulated quite a few sets of chopsticks.

They come in handy for stirring dyes and paints or use a pencil sharpener to get a point to make a stiletto or hair-stick.  Even with all of the uses that chopsticks can be applied to, I’m sure that there will still be many, many more that keep amassing.  Then after I’m gone, the family will scratch their heads and wonder, Why???   Unless I can come up with a way to use more of them.

No pics.  Still making lots of french knots during the day and knitting on February Lady sweater at night.  Also using the exercise bike every day, but definitely not breaking any speed or endurance records.

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