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What if… I say no to myself.

What if… I learn that due to health and time issues I can’t participate in everything that sparks my interest.

What if… I realize that my crazy quilting started veering away from traditional a long while ago.

Jude on her “what if..” blog offered a challenge to her readers to redefine crazy quilting.  The results from the CQR (crazy quilt revisited) group have been interesting and inspiring.  All of the goings on of the past month or so haven’t been conducive to participating in this challenge and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to cut back on new projects and concentrate on current ones. 

I need local stitch buddies.  Other people that I can bounce ideas off of and to personally view their work, thus relieving me of the need to try every new technique just so I can see first hand what it looks like.  Since moving a couple of years ago and leaving the Skrappy Ladies, small stitch/quilt group, I haven’t met any local stitchers.  I don’t want to join a quilt guild because my interests have changed directions from most quilt groups and I’m not really up to dealing with the politics.

The Skrappies are having their fall retreat in a couple of weeks and I’m way behind on getting fabric ready for the mystery quilt we will be working on.  Also hindering the preparation for the retreat is that “A Crazy World” commands my attention everytime I enter the sewing room.  My time on the plains is almost done and I will soon be moving to another part of the world.
The plains of "A Crazy World".

The plains of


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Sun and mountains

In a Crazy World the sun rose over the mountains revealing a winding river flowing down into the plains.

Sorry for the bad pic.  Had to scan it due to the weave of the silk background causing the camera to take wonky pictures.

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All of the house guests have gone home.  Even with Donna in a lot of pain from her surgery we still managed to have a good time on the one night that we were all together before Donna went back home.  Eve said it almost felt like the sleepovers we used to have.  Donna wasn’t able to be on the go with us, needing lots of rest, but we kept in touch by phone and made it by one day for a visit. 

While Eve was here we took a trip to Bricktown, rode the water taxi on the canal, visited Bass Pro to see the giant aquarium and saw the Land Run Monument.  The monument isn’t complete but is still amazing, click on the “Land Run Monument” link for more info on this incredible work.

As always, click on the photos for a larger image.

Oklahoma Land Run Monument

A view of the monument from the water taxi.

Eve standing by one of land run statues

Eve standing next to one of the monument pieces gives you the idea of size.

While we were already on the northside we decided to head for Route 66.
Route 66 marker

Stopped at POP’S for a soda and souvenirs then headed further east to the Round Barn in Arcadia.
Round Barn

Eve Inside the RoundBarn

Eve was standing on the opposite side of the barn and we could hear her when she whispered.

Round Barn - Ceiling

Eve at the Round Barn

We also visited the Oklahoma City Art Museum during Eve’s visit to see the Roman Art From the Louvre exhibit.  It was awesome.  Sorry no pics were allowed.  It was also Eve’s first time viewing the museum’s large Chihuly glass collection.

The rest of her visit wasn’t very exciting, blogwise.  We checked out a bookstore and took in a movie.  I enjoyed her visit and as always it was way too short.  Bill and I did our best at promoting OKC but Eve said she’s not ready to move back to Oklahoma from Florida.

While taking the dreaded “P” (steroid) I have good days and few bad days.  During the past couple of weeks I was enjoying being with friends and guess I was running on adrenalin.  The day after the visit was spent catching up on household things, then the next was grocery shopping.  Then on Tuesday I crashed….hard.  Today is a better energy day, may actually make it out of my recliner and into the den of good intentions.  As bad as running on empty is, I would do it all over again for the chance of spending time with best friends.

The garden isn’t waiting on anyone, it is producing lots of eggplant, bell peppers and jalapenos.  The tomatoes are getting ready to start another round and the jalapenos are producing like crazy.

Did I mention jalapenos?  I put up 10½ pints (Donna helped with the slicing) and there are probably enough waiting to be picked to do that much again. This year I tried something new and made a few jars of Bread and Butter Jalapenos. Have to wait a few more weeks before I can tell how they turned out.

While she was here Eve mentioned the quilted wallhanging that I had promised her, years ago.  So I dug it out and decided to try and finish the hand quilting.  I had quit hand quilting because of my hands bothering me so much.  But during the years that the wallhanging has been languishing in the UFO pile, I came across these Leather Thimble Pads.  I’ve always had a problem with wearing a thimble and these aren’t a problem for me.  My hands don’t bother me now while quilting, but I’m also careful not to overdo it.  The adhesive on the pads is strong enough to hold multiple times.  I just stick it on my OTT light between uses.
Below is a picture of the wallhanging. It was made as part of a border challenge round robin. I made the center medallion by filling an appliqued vase with flowers that were cut from the same fabric as the outer border (broderie perse) then each member of the round robin added a border.

Round Robin Wallhanging

A Crazy World had been put on hold for the past few weeks, but will be getting back to it in the next few days.  Here is a bad picture of the progress on the whole “world” that will eventually be appliqued onto a crazy patched “sky” background.

A Crazy World - background

This is a long post and has taken me a couple of days to get it written and edited, but now the blog is up to date with everything that has been going on in the last couple of weeks.

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Just checking in.

Wanted to let everyone know that I’m still around.  A friend had surgery and has been recuperating here since Saturday.  Another friend is arriving tomorrow from Florida and will be here until the 13th.  The three of us have been best friends since moving to the same street while in junior high school.  Hard to believe it’s been 43 years.  We don’t see or talk to each other often, but when we do get together it’s like we’ve never been apart.  So there probably won’t be much stitching or blogging going on for the next week or so while we catch up.

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