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Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. – Twyla Tharp   

Island girl - Upper left

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It’s sweltering hot outside. 

My medication leaves me with little to no energy and my face is puffed up like a full moon. 

Out of the 10 jillion spools of thread in my possesion none of them match the blouse that I’m altering, if it wasn’t topstitching it wouldn’t matter.  So I have to venture out in the heat to buy a spool of thread which means when I get home I’ll be totally worn out.  

I lost my health insurance card and the powers that be are taking their sweet time sending a letter of eligibility, it’s too soon to complain about not yet receiving a replacement card. 

My creative muse has evidently gone on vacation, because she sure hasn’t been around here this past week.  I spent a couple of hours yesterday just staring at my current project, nothing accomplished.

A good thing from this week, Kerry, Jason and the boys were in town and took me to see The Dark Knight. 

Last night I decided it was time to visit an old friend:

To Kill a Mockingbird

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The title of this blog post pretty much sums up my style of needlework.  No matter how much I design and plan ahead of time, when it comes right down to stitching, something takes over and I’m just along for the ride.  As an example: The two circular motifs of the chevron stitch that I did for week 5 of the TAST stitchalong.  Originally I just planned to do the two motifs without the faces but the blank centers just didn’t look right.  Then I just started doing chevron stitches in the centers that turned into faces.  I think the face on the pink and blue one looks a little sinister and I can’t decide whether the “sun” looks more scared or constipated. 🙂  Maybe chevron faces aren’t the way to go.


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I’ve been looking for some summer tops lately with no success.  Between the summer heat and the prednisone sweats, I need something lightweight and cool but I don’t want to dress like a teenager.  Everything in the stores is either very young looking, a large hideous print or 100% polyester which is definitely not something to wear when you are trying to keep cool.  So I ventured out to the fabric store yesterday since their patterns were on sale.  Guess what?  All of the patterns are for the same styles you see in the stores, don’t they make “classic” patterns anymore?  I did find one pattern and some turquoise embroidered gauze fabric that was on sale.  I can use the same pattern and some of the stash from my fabric closet to make more tops  Yes, working in a fabric store for so many years does mean that I accumulated a large amount of fabric.

Then while I was digging through the clearance bins, you never know what goodies you will find, I came across an Ott-Lite Task Lamp Magnifier Conversion Kit it regularly sold for $49.99 and since it was a clearance item and the package had been opened and taped shut again they had marked it down to $5.00.  I figured for five bucks it would be worth trying, since the other table magnifier I bought can be a little awkward sometimes.  Looks like it will be easier to use and having the swivel base under the lamp is nice.  I do wish that the magnification part extended across the whole area instead of just a smallish circle in the center, but I really can’t complain and the price was right.

The next stop on my shopping excursion was to try and find a frame for this:

Celtic Cross - Steven

Celtic Cross - Steven

 My son’s computer designed work.  I found a frame that looked good and brought out the color of the amber beads but couldn’t find a background.  Guess I’ll have to quit being cheap and break down and have it custom framed.  At least now I have an idea of what type of frame I want.

I’m off to the studio to try out my new magnifier and take my idea for using the chevron stitch a little further.

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I’ve fallen behind on the TAST stitchalong.  Yesterday I did get in a little stitching and worked on week 4’s Cretan Stitch.  I get bored just stitching a simple line of stitches unless it is on a crazy quilt project, so I tend to start playing which is how it went yesterday.

cretan stitch

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Thank you for bearing with me.  I finally finished the pattern for the boot needlebook and converted it to a pdf file.  The pattern is located on the Pattern page (click on the tab at the top of this blog). 

I would be interested in seeing any needlebooks made by others using my pattern.

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The stores in my area don’t carry #8 perle cotton in a very wide range of colors.  So this morning I decided to check online and found that Joann’s was having a sale on DMC #8 perle cotton with prices ranging from $1.83 to $1.99 a ball.  I found 10 colors that I either don’t have or weren’t close in color to ones already in my stash, sadly only one was $1.83 but it was still a good bargain.  Now comes the worst part, waiting for the package to arrive.

Last week during my visit with Kerry we attended the production of “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Tulsa PAC.  It was very well done and we had a good time, but the best and worst part was the costumes, they were gorgeous and the designs and embellishing, incredible.  I really wanted to get an up close look and it was killing me that I couldn’t.  Kerry laughingly said that she could feel the tension radiating from me and knew that I wanted so badly to run down to the stage.

The next day we went to the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa, which has some great art pieces, but I thought the architecture of the building was most interesting.  While the other visitors were looking straight ahead at the art, Kerry and I were getting cricks in our necks from looking up at the ceilings and admiring the stone and iron works.  Due to the heat we didn’t get to explore the gardens as much as we would have liked.

Philbrook Museum garden

The next two days were spent with Steven and Jess.  We watched the july 4th fireworks at the ballpark from lawn chairs in the Target parking lot across the street.  The people watching before the show was as much fun as watching the fireworks.

The trip wore me out, but it was good spending time with my kids I don’t get to see them nearly often enough.

Some good news, my Dad has a day pass from the hospital today and then will be totally released tomorrow.  I know he is ready to go home.

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