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Most of Sunday afternoon was spent working on the new CQ project.  I really need to come up with a name for it, instead of always calling it the “world”.  For as much time as I spent working on it, there’s not a whole lot to show.  Between steroids and not breathing well, everything from thought process to execution proceeds like cold molasses.

I added some lazy daisies to the tops of the dk. blue chevron stitches.  On the wavy silk, I emphasized the waves with running stitches in a variegated perle cotton the same colors as the background.  Then attached a piece of  hand dyed rick rack left over from a seascape challenge with friend Marsha.  While rummaging through the bead boxes I came across the tiny lavender flowers and thought they would add a little more interest.

The blue satin was begging for something of interest in between the two feathery designs, so I added a glass fish bead.  Will probably add bubbles also, either in beads or french knots.


Also good news on Dad’s recovery.  He is off of oxygen and will be moved to the rehab ward soon.

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What does one do when talking, laughing or just walking across the room makes you short of breath?  In my case, I’ve been retreating to the den of good intentions and stitching on the new “world” CQ project.  The most exertion in the process is sorting through the multitudes of threads and beads for just the right ones.  I’m not stitching fast and the ideas are slow in forming but progress has been made.

Below is the “world” with the in progress alteration of that long strip that was across the top.


I used the scanner for the below image.  Couldn’t get a decent pic with the camera.  
Close up of the stitching so far.



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In my previous post I mentioned that work had begun on a new project, but that progress would probably be slow for a while due to medication.  While trying to work on the background for the “world” applique, it really hit home how that I have had to adjust my creative process due to being under the influence.  First of all Prednisone affects everyone differently.  The only universal effect is that Prednisone may work miracles, but the side effects are terrible.  In my case, while on higher doses of Prednisone my brain gets foggy and I have trouble concentrating, remembering things and following through with things.  Sort of like a zoned out Zombie.  This causes problems during the process of creating, because I can forget, in just a few minutes, the ideas that I have.  Or wake up in the morning, walk into the “den of good intentions” , look at what I was working on the day before, and not have a clue as to what I was doing or had planned.  So I have had to resort to recording, in a small notebook, step by step the planning and execution process.  I note every little change, or idea.  This has reined in my create on the fly style quite a bit, but allows me to still be able to make slow progress.

To give an example of not following through and trouble concentrating.  Yesterday I started marking the background for fabric placement.  Then got distracted by the need to find blue fabrics for the sky background, which led to sorting all of my fancy fabrics, cleaning and sorting the fabric closet, and on to rearranging and sorting the room.  I still haven’t finished marking the muslin backing for the background.  The fabric is sorted and the room neatened, so I did accomplish something.  Just not what I had intended.

Below is the CQ stash sorted by colors.


And here is the CQ pieced world.  After studying the picture I have decided that I will follow through with my idea of redoing the large green piece on the top.  It looks too large to me, so will have to be broken up with other fabric.  The finished world will be approx. 16 inches in diameter.  Two seams have already been embellished but don’t show up well in the picture.  All of the seam treatments will be done in colors that blend, not much contrast.


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A Crazy World.

During one of my forays into following links on blogs, I came across this french needlework blog.  While viewing the post “Voyage Autour du Monde” (Voyage Around the World)  I was inspired to start a new crazy quilt project.  So I have pieced a world, embroidered a couple of seams and prepared the muslin to start piecing a background for the world to be appliqued on.

Then life stepped in and I find out that the “DIP” is back and I’m back on higher doses of Prednisone, so the next week or so may not be very creative.  I promise to get pictures posted soon.

With the new project, the knitting has been relegated to a couple of hours in the evening.  Which means that at the speed I knit not much progress has been made on anything.

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Good News.

Dad is off of the ventilator and has been moved out of ICU, he gets real food instead of IV.  Looks a lot better, is talking even though his throat is sore.  If he keeps improving, he may get to go home in a week or so.

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Our Skrappy retreats run from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.  This time I left the retreat on Saturday evening due to Dad being in the hospital.  Even with leaving early I still managed to get a lot done (for me) and see lots of quilt candy.  I finished sewing together the blocks for the center part of The Rancher’s Daughter started at a previous retreat.  Now I need to start on the pieced border.  Then my California Cruisin’ top finally got borders, I love how this turned out, haven’t come up with a name for it yet.  Wish I had more of the green border fabric.

Quilt with no name.


Other Skrappies brought quilts from other challenges or retreat projects.
First is a top brought by Sharron that is made up of blocks she won in a fall block raffle.


Sharron also finished the top of her String quilt.


For one challenge the Skrappies each picked a block pattern, then a month was assigned to each person.  Each month you made your chosen block pattern using the fabrics supplied by that month’s person.  Melissa and Carol Ann got their blocks put together.

This is Melissa’s 


And Carol Ann’s


They’ve inspired me to search out my blocks and try to piece them together.

Cathy finished her table runner.


Diane brought a beautiful sampler quilt top that she finished.


At retreat she was also working on these blocks made using templates. 


Jan got her wedding ring baby quilt pinned and ready for machine quilting.


Melissa brought a top, but I forgot to write down the pattern name or the designer.  Maybe someone can post the info in comments.


And just to show you that Skrappies aren’t just at retreat to work.


Saturday afternoon we had a spa party.  I happened to snap a pic of two Skrappies during a lip treatment.


The names are withheld to protect the innocent.


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The Skrappy Ladies held their spring retreat the weekend of April 25-27 down in a beautiful canyon, out of reach from cell phones and other distractions.  We always comment on how it feels reentering the world after being away from phones, tv, radio and newspapers, wondering about what went on while we were in “isolation”.

Because of so many pictures, I’ve decided to divide the retreat into 2 separate posts.  The first will be the Progressive Block Challenge, with the Show ‘n Tell and misc. pictures to follow.

For the Progressive Block Challenge we were divided into two groups.  In each group the individuals picked a theme, color scheme or other idea for the blocks they wished to receive.  Then the project was passed from member to member until each person had made the equivalent of 2, 12″ blocks for each participant.  The reveal was held at retreat with the participants receiving the blocks made for them.  Now everyone will have to decide how their blocks will be set together.

The first set of blocks were made for Carol Ann her theme “Sock Monkey”.


Blocks made for Cathy.  I think hers was a color theme with some fabric supplied.


Cindy sent an applique block of an eagle as inspiration for her blocks.


Colleen sent a collection of floral prints as her inspiration.


Jean’s theme was snowmen.


Marilyn sent a fabric panel to inspire her group.


Melissa chose a western, cowgirl theme for her blocks.


Ann chose her collection of reproduction prints for inspiration.


Diane sent some fabrics and wanted a “woodsy” theme.


Pam likes western things so her theme was no surprise and she requested “no flowers”.


For mine, I requested blocks made from the colors of thistles.  For inspiration I sent along color cards from the paint store.  Because I sent along snow colored fabric for the background, the blocks tend to blend together in the picture, they are all gorgeous.


All of the Progressive Challenge blocks are great.  The Skrappies are a pretty talented bunch of quilters.

Tomorrow, the rest of the story.




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