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For the Progressive Challenge I was working on another block for Colleen, when I had a lapse in sanity.  I decided that an appliqued fantasy flower I was working on needed polka dots.  Not just 2 or 3 polka dots, but 5 of them.  And not just 5 polka dots but dots that were 3/8″ in diameter.  Thankfully the insanity has passed.  Leaving this in it’s wake.


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Yesterday I headed south to Lawton.  It just happened to be Ann’s birthday and Skrappy meeting night.  Arrived in Lawton early so I headed over to Quilt ‘N Bee.  Visited with Beverly, found some fabrics for applique, and purchased some new straight pins to replace the ones that always seem to disappear into thin air.

I was treating Ann to dinner for her birthday.  We met at Olive Garden and surprisingly got seated right away.  Of course everything went downhill from there.  Our drinks arrived after we had finished our salad, then we waited an unusually long time for our pizzas.  We start eating, and I mention that my pizza is really salty.  The more bites I took the saltier it got.  Then we noticed all the salt on the serving platters, so when the waitress came by we told her that she might want to mention to the cook that he was a little heavy handed with the salt.  Waitress returns and says that manager is sorry and to make it up to us we could have free dessert.  Then the manager comes by, talks to us about the salty pizza, sees all the salt and also that we didn’t just make a complaint and still eat the pizzas, but that we didn’t eat much of it.  So he doesn’t charge us for our meals and we still got free dessert.  Geez Ann, you’re a cheap date.

After dinner we headed off to the Skrappies meeting, it sure was good to see everyone there.  I really needed to be with old friends that share the same interests.   The super secret sewing room project was unveiled.  You know, I kept mentioning all the time I was spending in the sewing room and didn’t have anything to show for it.  I was assembling all of the farewell friendship blocks that the Skrappies made for Ann, who is moving to Tennessee.

Ann with her friendship blocks.

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I have been craving fruit and fresh veggies lately.  More than ready for spring and summer and all of the fresh foods that were grown in real soil with lots of sunshine.  At the commissary’s sushi display I spied a tray of fresh Spring Rolls chock full of veggies accompanied by a sweet chili sauce, and it jumped in our cart.  Yummm!!  
Too bad they don’t keep and have to be purchased fresh, or I would have bought more.

Been wanting to cook some stir fries, but all of the bok choy in the stores is limp and unappealing.  I know I could use chinese cabbage, but it’s not quite the same. 
Beets and radishes have been planted in the garden boxes.  Absolutely love sandwiches made with radishes and cream cheese on rye bread.

A lot of time has been spent trying to find a sock pattern that will show off the Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn in my stash.  The color is Yellowstone.  Three different patterns have been started and frogged, either because the pattern didn’t stand out enough, or the pattern instructions were incomprehensible (at least to my feeble brain).  This morning I found a pattern, Nutkin, that I think will work and will be casting on this evening.  Ravelry users can find the info here.

Just about every day I’ve been working in my den of good intentions.  Have finished two quilt blocks for the Skrappie’s Progressive Challenge.  These are for Colleen, still working on a couple more blocks for her.  She likes florals and pastels, which is usually a challenge for me. But since I’m suffering from spring fever the ideas are just pouring out.



About the book posted above.  Just started reading it and I’m almost finished.  Will be dashing to the bookstore to purchase the other two in the series.  Thanks Eve, for the recommendation.

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Got milk?

I ran out of half and half along with a few other things, between our twice monthly trips to the commissary.  At the local grocer they were out of the usual brand of half and half that I buy, so ended up with Bordens.  Upon arriving home and putting up the purchased items, I noticed a message in the upper corner of the carton.  “Produced from cows not treated with rBST.”  Wondering, what the heck is rBST?  I went in search on the internet.  Let it be known, I have never been a milk drinker (it’s a consistency, texture thing), but I cook with it and occasionally eat a bowl of cereal.  After my internet search, I will probably be purchasing milk that is either organic or from non treated cows.  If you would like to learn more about rBST, I’ve included a couple of links.  Be prepared to be grossed out.



Good news.  I usually buy Hiland Dairy products and checked out their website.  Effective February 1, 2008, Hiland Dairy will only use milk from dairy farmers who have pledged to not treat their cows with artificial growth hormones.

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I received an email this morning informing me that my Webshots album of needlebook pics had been chosen as the member’s choice album for today.  The featured photo is the needlebook that I made for Sharron’s retirement.  I had noticed increased activity in the album stats, but didn’t think anything about it.

Sharron's Needlebook
Sharron’s needlebook

Today I was going to drive down to Lawton, visit friends, and then go to the Skrappies meeting tonight.  The weather has conspired against me.  Forecasters can’t make up their minds about where, when and how much snow is expected.  If it’s just snow it wouldn’t bother me, but driving home late at night on roads with possible slick spots, doesn’t appeal to me.  It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya!  Everytime I plan on going to Lawton, something happens to change my plans.

The Celtic Tote is finally, totally, finished.  I removed the knit handles that had started breaking and unraveling after only using once.  The leather jacket that I bought from the Goodwill for three bucks, was cut up and fashioned into new sturdier handles.  Also lined it with a grey cotton fabric.

CelticTote with leather straps

and a closeup.

CelticTote - detail


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