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I need some Zzzzzzzzz.

I spend 9 to 10 hrs in bed at night.  I’m not going to say sleeping, because there’s a lot of waking, tossing and turning going on.  Then I force myself to get up and out of bed.  While up during the day I don’t have any energy and if I sit still for very long, I’ll doze off.  My attention span lasts a millisecond, have to force myself to work on promised projects.  At the moment, life sucks.

I went for my sleep study.  I didn’t feel like I went to sleep at all.  But, within an hour or so, they came trotting in and hooked me up to a CPAP.  Even connected to all of the straps and wires, and a strange CPAP mask contraption, I did get a little restful sleep.  They let me sleep longer than all of the other study participants, just as they were coming in to wake me up, I dropped into REM sleep.  So they waited till that was over.  Now I just have to wait for an appointment with my Dr. for the test results, and find out what will be next.  I possibly see a CPAP in my future.  I just want a restful night’s sleep, so I can function again.  I want my creativity back.

Yesterday, Bill and I went to the Home & Garden Show at the fairgrounds.  Made our way through 4 buildings of exhibits and vendors.  The thing I was most impressed with was the stone coated metal shingles.  They look like asphalt shingles, but they have a lifetime guarantee.  There was a vendor selling artwork, so friends and family will be happy to know that there is now a large piece of artwork covering the large expanse of wall over the couch.  When we arrived back home I sat in my chair and immediately fell asleep.

A little knitting going on occasionally, but nothing to post about.  I just don’t have the energy.

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Today, friend Ann and I went to the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show.  We saw all of the quilts and made our way through the vendors in less than an hour and a half.  Seems like it takes less time every year.  Are there fewer quilts every year, or is it my imagination? 

I don’t have a specific quilt project at the present and no plans in the works, so the vendors didn’t get rich off of me this year.  I bought a Clover White Marking Pen (fine), and some “Everything Balm”.  Woohoo! Big spender.

There were some great quilts and, “The Skrappy Ladies” own Cindy Squyres, had two quilts entered.  First off I took a picture of a quilt that I thought would interest Donna.  Since her dear son just gifted her with lots of Crown Royal bags, and wants a quilt made from them.  So for Donna, look here.

Crown Royal

Crown Royal - detail

I don’t have the information about the maker of this quilt.

I want to apologize for the wonky pictures of the quilts.  It’s hard to get back far enough to include the whole quilt, and not include all of the other show attendees.

Then there are the two quilts made by Cindy Squyres.  She’s still a Skrappy Lady, even though she now resides in Tennessee.  I remember when she first started quilting, she would only work on one project at a time.  When she finished, then she would start on another.  We told her that we would soon break her of that habit. 

Hawaiian Star by Cindy Squyres

Hawaiian StarCindy Squyres  quilted by Judy Snider


Woodland Creatures by Cindy Squyres

Woodland CreaturesCindy Squyres  quilted by Pam Heavrin


I also have pics of quilts that I really liked and found interesting.

Dancing Circle by Mayumi Mochizuki

Dancing Circle — by Mayumi Mochizuki    Yamanashi, Japan
She made this quilt using antique silk kimonos that were worn by her mother, relatives, and friends.


Thanks Suzanne by Nancy Hahn

Thanks, Suzanne! — by Kathy L. Charval
I liked the way the bright colors “popped” against the navy and midnight blue.



I don’t have the information about the maker of this quilt.  I liked the use of the various blocks used in the making of this quilt.

Overall it was a good quilt show, it just seems that the shows are coming around so often that there aren’t enough quilts.

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“La Tête”. 

Donnas Cap Karma Hat

La Tête is modeling the third and latest of the unintentional red hat series.  This is the gift I couldn’t post a pic of the other day.  The hat was made for Donna and is knit using Cascade 220 and the Smariek Knits pattern, Cap Karma Hat.  I also used the Brooklyn Tweed modifications in the crown decreases.  I did one more pattern repeat in the body of the hat because it looked like it would be too short.  Turns out it wasn’t needed, but now D has the option of wearing the hat pulled down lower over her ears or a little shorter by rolling up the ribbing section.

Donnas Cap Karma Hat - crown


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In the past year, that I’ve been listening, there have been several knitting podcasts that have come and gone.  Now there are only two knitting related podcasts that I listen to, and they are as different as night and day.  One podcast is boisterous, upbeat and funny.  While the other is slower paced and calmer.

Lime & Violet is the podcast that I can’t do anything else while listening.  It is so upbeat, and they are having such fun while broadcasting, that if I don’t pay close attention I get totally lost and have to hit replay.  The shows are full of yarn, shop, and online site reviews, current projects and just happenings in their daily lives.  Both knitting and non-knitting related.

The other show Cast On, is totally opposite of L & V.  Brenda, the podcaster has a soft and soothing voice.  Her show is slower paced, but still has reviews and interviews like the others.  She also includes musical breaks into the show.  I particularly liked a bit from her last podcast #59.  It was a short little tale, as told by the small little balls of yarn leftover from larger projects. 

I haven’t gone searching for other knitting related podcasts, so the above two are the only ones I listen to.  If anyone has another podcast to recommend, please leave a comment.


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There was a whirlwind of holiday get togethers this year.  Which means days spent in preparation and then the actual event.  So from Friday the 21st until Christmas day it was go, go, go.  Saturday we went to Dad’s then Steven and Jessica came for the weekend and Sunday we had another Christmas dinner.  Monday evening was a party at an Aunt of Bill’s.  More food and a fun time playing dirty santa.  Cousins can be so mean to each other.  Christmas day, Kerry, Jason and the boys came for another Christmas dinner and an always too short visit. 

The day after Christmas I had an appointment with my pulmonologist, for a check up and med change.  He kept getting called out of the office on code blues, five, just while I was waiting.  Finally after 2 hours, when it was obvious he wasn’t going to make all of his appts.  mine was rescheduled. 

Then the bug hit, or maybe it was just exhaustion.  I felt awful for a few days, not really sick, just didn’t feel good.  My rescheduled appointment with Dr. was day after new year’s.  He is stepping down the steroids again, and he is scheduling me for a sleep study.  It seems that some of my concentration and memory problems, may actually be due to sleep apnea, instead of just the prednisone.  So lucky me, who doesn’t sleep well in strange places, gets to try and sleep in a hospital bed while attached to all kinds of strange straps and wires.

There has been a little sock knitting, some stitches worked on the celtic tote and another project started and finished.  No pictures yet of the new project because it is a belated Christmas gift. 

On New Year’s Eve, I always work on a jigsaw puzzle.  This year I worked on an unopened 1000 piece puzzle that I discovered while unpacking from the move.  Just to show you how long this unopened box has been hanging around.  The price sticker was $1.79 and it wasn’t from a discount store.  Only got about a third of it finished Mon. night.  Must be getting old, I had trouble seeing the pieces and got sleepy a lot earlier than usual.
Yesterday I stopped in “The Dollar Tree”, just to see if there was anything for a dollar that I couldn’t live without.  They had 504 piece jigsaw puzzles with pretty scenes.  There were 5 that I liked, also found a 2008/2009 pocket planner.  So for a little over $6.00 I have enough puzzles for 5 new years, and a calendar/planner for my purse.  Also stopped in the beauty supply shop to purchase a model for my hat knitting.  You will be meeting “la tête” in future posts.

Hope everyone has survived the holiday season and are looking forward to a great new year.


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