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I normally don’t make it to Gourmet Yarn Co. very often.  It’s way on the other side of town and there are 2 other shops that are closer to home.  So usually I will just stop in if I happen to be on that side of town, like when I have a Drs. appointment.

Saturday, I met friend Ann for lunch close to GYC so we stopped in to pick yarn for projects we had planned.  I didn’t have the pattern for the Celtic Tote with me, but was sure I could get what I needed.  That’s where my trouble began.  There was some Plymouth Tweed in a charcoal color that I really liked.

Plymouth Tweed

I think the tweed will look really good when it is felted.  It was about the right guage and there was 109 yds per skein, which sounded right.  So I bought 3 skeins.  Also found some di.ve Autunno in a pink/orange colorway that would go with the reddish brown one I already have, and a set of HiyaHiya stainless double points.

di.ve Autunno

When I got home I went in to check the tote pattern and discovered that the yarn they used had 190 yards, not 109.  So I got on the phone real fast and asked if they would please hold 2 more skeins for me.  Needless to say I made another trip across town on Sunday to pick up the yarn that was being held and an extra skein for good measure.  So I went to Gourmet Yarn Co. twice in two days.  A new record for me.

Sunday afternoon I cast on for the Celtic Tote, from the winter issue of Interweave Knits.  It took a couple of tries before I got it right, but the third time was the charm.  Here is my progress so far.  I’m a slow knitter and the cables are pretty intricate which makes for a slow knit also.  Lots of counting.

Celtic Tote

I really need to get some quilt work done, but since Thanksgiving, my back has been in spasms.  For the most part it is just annoying, but I can’t sit at the sewing machine and use the foot pedal.  I’m supposed to be passing Ann’s blocks on to Colleen.  Hopefully I can finish them soon.

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Kerry came down for a visit yesterday.  We had planned on going to a mexican restaurant for lunch, but after talking about things we would like to someday do and see, we ended up here.

Pops, on Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma

Pops carries a selection of 400+ ice-cold sodas and sparkling waters from around the world.  The food in the restaurant is good, but seating is limited.  So I would recommend visiting in the off hours if you’re in the area.  Of course you can shop the bottled sodas and souvenirs anytime.

Inside Pops - front Inside Pops - back

We had a good time and will definitely visit again.

Just down Rt 66  from Pops, is the historic Round Barn of Arcadia.


The round barn was built in 1898.  It is the only truly “round” barn (most are actually hexagonal or octagonal), the Barn is 60′ in diameter, 45′ in height and is two stories high. The upstairs loft has a wooden floor and an architecturally impressive ceiling. The structure was designed with the notion that being round would help it withstand Oklahoma’s tornadic conditions. Not sure if it is scientifically accurate, but the barn has been standing for almost 110 years.

I’ve been working on various projects but don’t have anything to really show for it.  I do have a progress pic of the September Woods socks.  I’ve turned the heel and now I’m doing the gusset decreases.

September Woods sock

I am hosting the Thanksgiving meal tomorrow, so I better get busy straightening the house and baking pie.

For those that are celebrating, “Happy Thanksgiving.”

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I don’t have anything to blog about.  Just wanted to post a better picture of the stitch pattern in the September Woods socks.  I used my homemade sock stretcher to open up the stitches on the cuff so they can be seen better.

September Woods - pattern detail

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I can’t believe I’ve been blogging and boring a few people for an entire year.  Time does fly by.

There has been some knitting done around here.  I finished the “Coronet” hat.  It was an easy knit.  The only problem was with casting on the hat body stitches around the band.  The instructions weren’t clear which stitches you were to be casting on through.  I tried it a couple of different ways and wasn’t entirely happy with either of them.  If I make another hat I may try slipping the first stitch on the right side of the band and see if that makes it easier to pick up the stitches.

Red Coronet Hat

Pattern – Coronet by Alexandra Virgiel
Yarn – Cascade 220 Superwash
Needles – Size 8 circulars and dpns.

Then I found a sock pattern that I thought would knit up well with self striping yarn.  The design will give a little interest to the socks without getting totally lost.  I’m calling them “September Woods”, because the yarn reminds me of the woods and the color name is “September”.

September Woods Socks

September Woods Socks
Pattern – Moss Beaded Rib and Mini Cable Socks by Anne Clement
Yarn – Jawoll Color Aktion – color September
Needles – Size 2

I went to Lawton last Saturday for Skrappies Workday.  I didn’t accomplish much besides talking, eating and frogging a sock, casting back on and knitting the cuff ribbing.  My friend Sharron invited me over afterward to relieve her of some “inherited” needlework supplies.  She was really generous and a great big THANK YOU goes out to her.  I am now the owner of probably every color of DMC floss ever produced, 2 or 3 times over plus lots of perle cotton.  Mill Hill beads and treasures, there’s even a tiny sheep.  Going through the boxes I brought home is like a little treasure hunt.  There were a lot of knitting needles, but they were all aluminum so I didn’t take any of those, they make my hands ache.  I did get several stitch holders and enough white, pink and burgundy Bernat acrylic yarn to knit an afghan.  From the swatch in with the yarn it looks like the previous owner was starting a Feather and Fan afghan.

The weather lately has been strange.  Here it is November 13 and we haven’t had a freeze yet.  I have a Hosta that decided to bloom, even though it’s leaves are yellowing from the cool weather.  My geraniums think it’s spring.  The tomatoes plants are loaded and I need to pick the ripe ones, also have 4 little baby eggplants. 


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But unlike the song, they aren’t jingling or jangling.  I’ve been having a lot of heel pain for a while, stretching helped a little, but it just kept getting worse.  So yesterday I saw the Dr., got my flu shot and asked him about my heel.  Dr. said he thought I had a heel spur and sent me for xrays.  Now I’m equipped with special shoe inserts and instructed to keep up stretching exercises.  Also to roll my foot back and forth over a frozen juice can to reduce inflammation. 

Medical folks always say that flu shots don’t make you sick.  Well I don’t get “sick”, but I always feel a little off after getting flu shots.  So there was no knitting or much of anything else yesterday, except napping and early to bed.

It’s definitely the beginning of serious knitting season.  There are just too many new patterns coming out that I want to do.  I don’t have enough hands or hours in a day.  Just out on Knitty is “Oblique“- a cardigan, and “Juno Regina” – a lace wrap.  Then there’s also the new issue of Interweave Knits that I mentioned in a previous post with the “Celtic Tote” that I will be knitting soon.

Since my Secret of the Stole went by the wayside for the time being, I think I will use the yarn for the Juno Regina wrap.  It’s very pretty, but the pattern is simple enough for even my counting impaired brain.

A question for knitter’s.  “Have you bought yarn just because you had to have it and then don’t know what to do with it when you get it home?”
Answer – Ravelry.  I love the feature on ravelry where you can search for projects using a specific yarn.  It’s also a great way to waste time that could be used for knitting.

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I’ve made a little more progress on the Coronet hat.  I’ve knit the body of the hat up to the decreases.  In the pic below the hat is turned inside out to show the cable band, which folds up when worn.


I would have more progress to show on the hat, but I went and cast on another sock.  So far I’ve knit the cuff.  Now I just have to decide on the pattern of the leg.

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No birds.

Where have all the birds gone?  I’ve noticed for the past week that there are very few birds in our neighborhood.  I haven’t seen any at my feeders.  Curious.

The Coronet hat.  I finished knitting the cable band, joined ends and cast on stitches for the body of the hat.  Knit approximately ½ of the body of the hat.  I had to Kitchener the two ends of the cable band together and did it in the cable pattern.  I’m proud to say that except for one small spot on the edge (I got a knot) it’s hard to tell where the join is.  Below is a very bad picture of the band in progress.  I hope to have a good pic tomorrow of the hat knitting so far.


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Last night Bill worked security for a concert, so left to my own devices I spent my evening knitting and watching movies.  A strange mix of movies I have to admit, Sense and Sensibility and Spiderman 3.  An old favorite and a new action movie. 
The knitting was a hat that I cast on late yesterday afternoon, Coronet by Alexandra Virgiel.  I’m using Cascade 220 Superwash in a bright red.  So far I’ve knit 15 of the 17 repeats of the cabled band.  I have pics of my progress so far, but the camera and computer aren’t playing nice today.  Maybe tomorrow, and by then I may have made more progress.

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I’m crying Uncle on the Secret of the Stole KAL.  My poor steroid altered brain just can’t count and keep the numbers straight.  Knitting each row takes forever because I’m counting and recounting and then frogging and counting some more.  I’ll keep up with the pattern posts and save them for later when my brain is functioning normally.  Or at least functioning as normal as it ever did.

I can’t wait until Nov. 13 for the winter issue of Interweave Knits, because I want to make this Celtic Tote.   It is everything I like and need.  It’s has cables, it’s celtic (always a plus), it’s felted, and it looks large enough to carry all of my stuff and my knitting. 

Grandpuppy Josie got dressed up as Dorothy for Halloween, complete with pigtails.  Jess says that now Josie is mad at her but was rewarded with milk bones after the photo shoot.

Josie says, “But Mom, I don’t want to play dress up.”

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