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Yesterday I felt a little down, like I was trying to come down with something.  Brain was a little fuzzy, so I decided not to work on the Secret of the Stole, didn’t want to make any mistakes.  Someone asked me about the size of my stole since I changed to size 2 needles.  The stole may not end up as large as the pattern states, but it will still make a beautiful soft scarf.

Since there was no stole knitting, I worked on the mindless knitting of the foot of my second Tidal Wave sock while watching last weeks episodes of Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy and Dexter that I recorded on the DVR.  I love the dry humor on Dexter.  Although sometimes it seems a bit odd to be chuckling while watching a show about a serial killer.

Today I’m sniffling, so I’m dosing with cold medicine and going back to bed for a while.

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I was so proud of myself for making it to row 40 and adding a lifeline.  Then I looked at what I had knit so far and there’s a big glaring mistake way back at the beginning.  So everything got frogged again.  I guess all the knitting and frogging finally paid off, because this time I knit straight through the first point and am now halfway through the second point.  Don’t want to jinx myself, but I may actually make it through hint 2 and possibly, dare I dream, even through hint 3 before the 5th hint comes out on Friday.

I’m on a roll now. 


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I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve knit and frogged on the Secret of the Stole.  It’s not a hard pattern, but it’s my first time knitting with sewing thread laceweight yarn and for some reason I’ve forgotten how to count.  I should be able to knit 50 rows without trouble, but noooo, I finally had to put in a lifeline on row 40.  And that’s only the first point.  I’m knitting the points separately and then I will join before starting the body of the stole.  Besides losing the ability to count, some of my frogging reasons are:
Changed needle size – from Addi Lace 4 to Addi Natura (bamboo) 2.
Changed beads – from tigereye to size 8 Antique Bronze.

When I stopped knitting last night, I was back to row 40.  It’s beginning to feel like I’m living the movie “Groundhog Day” only with a knitting project.

I Shall Persevere!  


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For the few that may be interested in our trip, here are some of the details.
We left OKC Sunday morning, stopped for the night just oustside Baton Rouge, and then finished the drive on Monday.  We arrived at Eve’s that evening.


Tuesday morning we all just sat around in our jammies and visited.  Then headed off to the Butterfly Rainforest.  The Rainforest is located in a section of the Florida Museum of Natural History.  The first thing that you see upon wallking into the museum, are the jaws of a Megladon shark.  Of course Bill was just thrilled,  he loves to watch any of the shark programs on TV.  We went through part of the museum and then decided to find the museum cafe.  If you are ever at the Natural History Museum or the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art on the Univ. of Fla. campus, I highly recommend the cafe.  The food is very good.  After lunch we finished viewing the museum exhibits and headed to the Butterfly Rainforest.  The rainforest exhibit has approximately 65 different species of butterflies from all over the world.  You walk through and the butterflies are flying around everywhere. Plus there are more than 300 plant species represented by more than 2000 plants.  We spent quite a while in with the butterflies.  Before leaving the museum complex we stopped in the gift shop so Bill could buy a shark’s tooth.


After the museum we stopped by to see Eve’s sister Vicki and her husband.  Had a nice but short visit. 

Ichetucknee Springs – The irridescent blue is the spring.

Wednesday we headed out to visit some of the springs in the area.  First we went to Ichetucknee Springs.  Nice area and only charge $5 per car.  There are several trails that take you to different areas in the park.  We picked the shortest, approx ½ mile.  The humidity made breathing a little harder than usual, but I just took it slow and easy.  Seeing the spring was worth it.  The water is crystal clear.  Since this park area was so rustic and I wasn’t up to much more hiking we decided to visit another spot called Ginnie Springs. 

At Ginnie Springs, unless you are planning to scuba dive, swim or spend the day picnicking I can’t recommend this place.  We just wanted to go and look at the springs.  Probably would have spent a maximum of 30 minutes, since you can drive to the springs.  They were going to charge us $12 per person.  We could have gotten a time stamped pass by paying full price and then if we were back in 15 min. we got our money refunded.   But the 15 min. included the time it took to get in your car, drive to the spring and back and then walking back into the lodge.  Eve had been scuba diving there before and knew that there was no way you were going to be back in 15 min. so we left.

The next spot we visited was Poe Springs Park.  The admission here was $5 per person and well worth it.  There are nice walking paths and a boardwalk system.  Nice picnic areas and pavilions.  Poe Springs is the largest spring in Alachua county, with a daily flow of 45 million gallons of water.

After a quick stop to freshen up we headed out to eat seafood and visit Lake Alice and hope to see an alligator.  Univ. of Fla. has a beautiful campus and the Lake Alice area is especially nice.  We were walking along the banks of the lake and didn’t see any alligators, but across the street a crowd was forming just outside a fenced area.  In the middle of this fenced off area there was a structure that resembled the roof area of a house on stilts.  The sign on the side read “Bat House”.  Then Eve remembered hearing about people gathering to watch the bats come out at night.  It was too dark to take pictures, but this was one of the highlights of the trip.  When the sun had gone down the bats started flying out there were hundreds of them.  We were standing right under their flight path.  The smell was overwheming.  I don’t care for bats much, but this was a really awesome experience.

Thursday we were just plain lazy and spent the time relaxing and visiting.  Went to lunch and then stopped back by Lake Alice, hoping to see an alligator.  Which we did find one sunning on the edge of the lake.  Also saw lots of Alligator Snapping Turtles.  People must feed them because when they see you on the waters edge they swim right up close. 


Instead of eating out, Eve took us to this market that she had been raving about since we had arrived.  It reminds me of a Whole Foods store, only smaller and better.  It is “The Fresh Market” and I was in love at first sight.  I saw the most gorgeous fresh fruits and vegetables.  A fantastic bakery.  Meat and Seafood counter.  Teas, Coffees, spices.  It was heaven.  To top it off they have a prepared food section.  You can get just about anything and it’s ready to eat.  Bill picked BBQ Spareribs with potato salad.  Eve and I splurged on 3 different kinds of Sushi and some Oriental Sesame Noodle salad. There were so many different cheeses to choose from.  I could have spent hours just looking around the store.  Too bad there aren’t any of these stores in OKC and none coming soon.  They are mostly in the Southeastern US.

We left later in the evening to start the drive back to OKC.  Since we took the scenic route and stopped along the way, I’ll post that part tomorrow.

To see more pictures from our trip, butterflies, springs, etc…. 
Go to Flickr and click on Florida Trip.

Finished Eve’s socks except for grafting the toe on the second sock.  So tonight I will finally be casting on for the Secret of the Stole.  Hints 1 – 3 have already been sent out and #4 comes out tomorrow.  So I am way behind.

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We got back from our Florida trip late Saturday night.  Had a good time, but that is a long drive.  On the way to Gainesville we drove straight through, only stopping for the night outside Baton Rouge,

We had a very nice visit with Eve, saw a few sights, but mostly just visited and took it easy.  On the way home we stopped in Mobile at the Battleship Memorial Park.  Got to go aboard the battleship USS Alabama and the submarine USS Drum.  Then we took Hwy 90 along the gulf coast from Pascagoula to the Mississippi border.  We didn’t go on down to New Orleans.  It was really sad driving by all of the destruction of Hurricane Katrina.  Seems like the commercial properties are returning first.  The only thing left of a lot of the homes are the foundations, with a lot of the property up for sale.  Some people are living in small trailers on their lots.  The hardest hit, had to be Gulfport, Mississippi.  The old Live Oak trees lost all of their branches, except for a few of the larger limbs, but are still growing and hopefully will survive.  There were some homes that had been repaired or rebuilt.  It was interesting to see how many were going up on stilts.

On the trip, I discovered that knitting in the truck makes me sleepy.  I can knit in the car with no problems.  I didn’t finish Eve’s socks, but hopefully tonight I’ll finish the toe of the last sock.  Then tomorrow I can finally cast on for the Secret of the Stole KAL.  I’ve seen pics of some of the other participant stoles and like the pattern so far.

Xanga is not letting me post any pictures today because they are doing maintenance.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have some pictures to show you.

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Oh, The humidity.

We are having a good time here in Florida.  The humidity makes it a little difficult to breathe sometimes, but I just slow down.  Saw hundreds of bats coming out of the “bat house” last night on the University of Florida’s campus.  Also alligators in the campus lake. 

 I’ll have a lot to blog about when we get back next week, and lots of pics.

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Have made progress on the reknitting of Eve’s second sock. (See previous post)  Still have a ways to go, but I think they will be done on time.

After ditching the applique block, I made 7 blocks for Diane’s Progressive Challenge.  There are a 12″ framed leaf block, an 8″ evening star with focus fabric center, and 5  4″ flying geese blocks.


After my post about possibly getting a new puppy, I received news that the new litter didn’t survive.  I was pretty down and then received and email saying that her other momma pom had just had puppies.  There are 3 and they seem healthy and are eating well.  I knew that Pomeranian puppies were small and delicate, but I guess I didn’t realize just how delicate.  Martha says the first 2 weeks are the most critical, and if they make it that far they should be fine.  She said right now they are the size of a mouse.

Kerry came down from Okmulgee to spend time with me as part of my birthday present.  She took me to lunch and gave me a beautiful box of Godiva chocolates.  I’ve hidden the chocolates from Bill and I’m rationing myself to 2 pieces a day.  Which isn’t too hard since they are almost too pretty to eat.  I just sit and look at the pictures and read the candy descriptions.  Instead of saying milk chocolate with butterscotch center they write “Flowing butterscotch caramel in a milk chocolate shell.”  Which would you rather eat?

We’ve decided to definitely make the trip to see Eve.  So if I don’t post again before Sunday it may be a while.  But then I’ll have news and pics from the trip.


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