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So far we’re keeping dry, but thinking that investing in a rowboat might not be a bad idea.  The back raised garden bed has become a pond all by itself, now it just needs fish.

Hoping the native pecan tree survives the transplanting and flooding.

 Didn’t know that cantaloupe was an aquatic plant, did you?



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Today is the 16th consecutive day that we have received rain.  Only lack 4″ of receiving the average yearly total.  I’m beginning to think it might be a good idea to turn the back raised garden bed into a Koi pond.   
Bill added 12 bags of topsoil last week and it still flooded.  The cantaloupe plants were swimming.  We are having a cookout on the 4th of July.  It would be nice if the sun came out and dried things up a bit.

Haven’t been doing much.  Friend Ann was on call last weekend so she stayed in the city.  Saturday we checked out the new yarn shop in Norman, it’s called Yarn & Loops.  They have a lot of really nice yarn, but sock and lace yarns were limited.  I did find some mottled grey sock yarn that pleaded to come home with me.  Then we went to Patchwork Place where I found the perfect fabric for the snowball blocks of my Tennessee Waltz quilt.  We checked out a scrapbook store and then to a nursery/landscape place.  I finally found some Rosemary to replace the one that drowned.  Oh, we fit Hobby Lobby in there somewhere too.

Yesterday I made a tablecloth for the 4th cookout.  Mindless sewing, just serged the edges and then topstitched.  Haven’t knit much in the past few days, joint pain in my fingers and wrists.  Also why I haven’t posted much either. 

I’m off to put the new Rosemary plant in a pot.  There’s no way I’m going to put it in the “swampy” herb garden.  At least, not for a while.


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Josie is “The Daily Puppy” for June 20, 2007.

Josie the Beagle / Jack Russell Mix Puppy
                                 The Daily Puppy

Stayed up late last night due to heavy, severe thunderstorms.  Seems they pretty much cleared the atmosphere, because we have lots of sunny weather in the forecast.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I’ve been bad.  There was some Regia Silk – Mocha in my stash that kept calling my name.  I haven’t finished the 2nd pink sock and I [gasp] cast on the Dream Twister socks using the mocha Regia.  When you go to the site, the pattern is on the right sidebar. This won’t be mindless knitting, the pattern has lots of charts.

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I’m about to decide that rain is a 4-letter word.  Just when the wet feet of the garden plants are drying out, we get rain, rain and another week of predicted rain.  We aren’t far behind our yearly total, and it’s only June.

Remember the back raised bed with the black stumps that used to be onions?  Well, there was one jalapeno plant that ended up as just a dark stick.  After a few days of sunshine, it sprouted leaves and started growing.  I decided that if it was so determined to live, that it deserved a chance.  So I transferred it to a pot and just in time, I don’t think it could have made it through more drenching rain.

Pepper plant before transferring to a pot.  You can see how wet the ground was.  All the salts came to the surface.

On Thursday we managed to make it to Okmulgee between rain showers, with the old table and chairs for Kerry and Jason.   They had asked if I would also bring them a loaf of Foccacia.  I ate a piece of the bread before giving it to them.  Now I’m wanting more, so guess I will have to break down and make some for myself.

The Skrappy Ladies (stitch group) are starting a new round robin next month.  We are doing the  Progressive Blocks Quilt from  M’liss Rae Hawley’s Round Robin RenaissanceI received my copy of the book yesterday.  Now I’m really looking forward to getting started.  I need a structured project with a deadline, to get me motivated.  Maybe this will be the kick in the behind that I need to get me creating again.  For this round robin the guidelines are: 

Basically, you take the packet from the person passing to you and add blocks, made by you, that are the equivalent of 2 – 12″ (finished)blocks. 
That can be:
2 – 12 inch blocks,
8 blocks – 6 inches each,
18 blocks – 4 inches,
32 blocks – 3 inches,
or a combination of the above.
The owner is responsible for setting the blocks together, anyway they choose.

Friday was Josie’s 1st birthday.  She had a hat, bandana and a cake.  Jessica said she wasn’t sure how Josie would handle wearing a hat.  But it seems the hat was forgotten as soon as she saw the cake.  (I’m sure it’s a no-chocolate doggie cake)



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Woke up this morning and started opening the window blinds to let the light in, when I spotted a strange looking bird on the fence.  The tail feathers reminded me of a dove but the body was chunkier with speckled feathers.  The head was sitting on a short almost non-existant neck with big eyes and a short beak.  I grabbed the digital camera and got a quick pic.  Can’t see the bird very well.  Then I ran to get my Sibley’s bird book and found out it was a Common Nighthawk.  Book says it’s not unusual to see them in the daytime.  I wanted better pictures so I drug out my 35mm with the BIG Zoom lens, now just have to get the film developed.

Bad pic of Nighthawk, but you get size compared to bird on the right.

As I posted yesterday, Josie spent most of the weekend keeping the yard safe from birds.

Here she is chillin’, but always on the lookout for invaders.

I didn’t get any knitting done, everytime I started to knit, Josie would jump up and get on my chest.  When I put the knitting down she would lay in the floor and chew on her bone, until I picked up the knitting, then she’s back on top of me.  Even if I wasn’t paying attention to her, I had to be READY to pay attention to her at all times.
Or was she protecting me from the evil knitting? 



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Puppy Sitting

Steven & Jessica went to Lawton this weekend for his high school reunion.  On their way through town they dropped Miss Josie off to spend some time with me.  We are spending a lot of time outside so that she can protect the backyard from any birds that may want to invade.  She also saved us from the guardian of the herb garden. 

I found this quiz on another blog.  Haven’t posted a quiz in a while, so here goes, “What finger are you?”


You Are a Ring Finger
You are romantic, expressive, and hopeful. You see the best in everything.
You are very artistic, and you see the world as your canvas. You are also drawn to the written word.
Inventive and unique, you are often away in your own inner world.

You get along well with: The Pinky

Stay away from: The Index Finger

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 There has been a new type of bird showing up at the feeder.  He likes to sit in the middle of the dish.


This is what too much rain and soggy beds looks like.  In the back bed the onions are just black stumps and one poor jalapeno plant trying it’s hardest to hang on.  The front bed is in a little bit better shape.  The tomatoes are producing.  The bell peppers are a little yellow and water logged but hanging in there.  The tiny eggplants probably won’t make it.  We’ve bought 2 new jalapeno plants, 2 new eggplants and a cherry tomato.  But I’m not planting these until the rains stop.  The grass is even yellow from too much rain.


The herb garden is on a little higher ground, but is still too wet.  As soon as the sun returns for a few days the herbs should really do well.  It also has the African angel totem to watch over it.  The angel was a piece of original african art from the store I worked in, there was always something about it that spoke to me.  The original price was $86.00, I kept watching as the price kept going down.  It didn’t even sell at 75% off.  Then it got marked $5 and I grabbed it.  Everyone just laughed and asked me what I was going to do with it.  I told them it was going to be the guardian of my herb garden.  It has been doing a very good job for about 4 years.


Here is a pic of our new Pub table without the leaf extension.  We are supposed to have 6 chairs, but the warehouse messed up and sent 4 of the wrong chairs.  The four correct chairs are being delivered later today.  I’ll have to re-cover the chair seats, which means fabric shopping.


On the knitting front, I have about 1/3 of the leg of the second pink sock done, I need to hurry and finish them.  Still have to get started on Eve’s socks so they will be finished before our trip to see her in October.

7 Days til’ Josie’s visit.



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