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Withdrawal is a terrible thing.  The next Dr that tries to put me on 60mg of Prednisone daily, for 6 months is going to have to do an awful lot of convincing first.  The lower the doses go the worse the side effects get.

The sun came out late last week and through the weekend.  Got started on yardwork and new plantings.  Now it’s raining again and the 7 day forecast is rain, rain and more rain.  At least all the herbs are in the ground now.  Besides the usual lavender, rosemary, oregano, thyme, marjoram, sage and basils, I’m trying out a new one this year.  I bought a Curry plant just because of the smell, everytime I get close to it, it reminds me of an Indian restaurant, and no it’s not where curry seasoning comes from.

Had a knitting accident today.  I was almost to the end of the 1½” k2p2 ribbing on the second pink sock when I reached for the free dpn and grabbed one with stitches on it instead.  Of course since I’m a tight knitter and using size 0 dpns there was no way to pick up the loose stitches.  Since it was just the ribbing, it got frogged and now I will be starting over.  Yuck!  Casting on and ribbing are my least favorite parts of sock knitting.

We went shopping today for a table and chairs set for our new small dining area.  The old table is just too darn big, it was fine when we actually had a seperate dining room, but in this new house it doesnt fit.  The new set is a Pub table with cushioned bar stool/chairs.  It has clean lines and the veneer looks like burled wood. I think the colors in the wood will tie our dark cherry kitchen cabinets and oak hutch together.  Hopefully it will be delivered next week.

Almost forgot!  I finally got 2 of the Hostas moved.  Those things are heavy.

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Spotted the first hummingbird of the season.  Yesterday, before the latest deluge of rain, I decided to take advantage of the cool, breezy weather and sit on the patio.  While I was out there a hummingbird came around 3 times.  Twice were quick little visits and the last one he was stocking up like there was no tomorrow.  Then he never came back, must have just been passing through.  Then the rains came and stayed the rest of the day.  At one point the front flower bed flooded and the poor frog that lives there had to evacuate to the front porch.  Finally, it looks like the front has finished with us and we will get a few days of drying out.  YEA!

Since receiving the lace books in the mail, I’ve been itching to start a lace project.  But decided that I need to at least get the second pink sock cast on and started first.  Then I will have a travel project and SSS (second sock syndrome) is less likely.  So I’ve cast on and knitted the cuff top ribbing.  Back before I got really sick I had started a Soft Cables Moebius with Baby Silk in an ivory color, didn’t get very far and then it ended up in the bottom of my knitting basket.  So I’ve frogged the moebius and think I will use the yarn for a lace scarf.  That should satisfy the lace knitting urge, while I search for the perfect yarn to knit the North Star Tam and Scarf.

I discovered a picture of Josie, on DDIL’s myspace that I hadn’t seen before.  Can’t decide if she looks like she’s listening intently or just wishing the photo shoot was over.  Steven asked me if I noticed which album she was sitting on.  Snoop Dogg, of course.

DJ Josie

                               DJ Josie

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The sun actually came out for a while yesterday.  Then after a little more rain last night the sun is peeking out again today.  Weatherman is predicting an end to the rain Sun or Mon, I can’t wait.  My pepper plants are drooping sadly, poor things are drowning.  The bottom thirds of the tomato plants are turning yellow.  We’ve had over 4.5 inches of rain in the past 3 days (avg. for May is 3.2), which puts our 2007 total at around 18 inches.  The yearly average is 33. 

And just when all the gloomy weather was getting me down, I received a Mother’s Day package from Kerry.  Enclosed were these 2 books from my Amazon wish list.

Victorian Lace TodayArctic Lace: Knitting Projects and Stories Inspired by Alaska's Native Knitters
Now I want to get started on this, which most likely unfortunately means a trip to the LYS.
North Star Tam and Scarf
I’m finally beginning to adjust to the latest prednisone cut and with the predicted end of the rain, next week promises to be a pretty good week.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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I know that here in Oklahoma we were at or near drought conditions for quite a while and needed the rain.  But enough is enough.  The clay can’t hold anymore water and we are getting permanent puddles in the backyard.  Besides the fact that I wouldn’t mind seeing the sun a little more.  The weather man is predicting more rain in the future.

The herbs that I ordered finally arrived, and can’t be planted for fear that they will drown.  Also need to board up small openings in the fence.  The bunny visitor has been sampling some of the potted plants on the patio.  Don’t want him eating my herbs.  The Summerlong Basil didn’t travel well in the mail.  Hopefully it will perk up.

On Tuesday I stepped down to 5mg. of Prednisone.  Can already tell that the next week or so aren’t going to be much fun.

I know this has been a really down blog post.  Maybe when the sun decides to come and stick around for a while, things will brighten up.


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